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how do you attatch DSLR to a pst


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The only success(?) that I've had with a DSLR on a PST is by afocal projection. I made a connection sleeve to fit an eyepiece on one side and a filter ring on the other to screw into the camera lens(Canon 400D).

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On visual eyepieces for the PST, I have found that little internal reflection has been the most important factor. I don't think the Hyperion is necessarily the best for the photo job. It's just that I have one, and a camera adapter to make a rigid coupling. With other eyepieces Messrs Heath and Robinson would have to be consulted.

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I have seen your 'wanted' ad for a Hyperion 10mm. Don't forget you will need the camera adapter. If you buy the 'tuning rings' you will have choice of FL from the one eyepiece. This is better than using a barlow or reducer as you don't introduce extra glass to reflect/scatter. The Baader website shows the permutations on FL with different rings.

Whenever I have seen a Hyperion on sale, it has been for around £20/25 less than the new price from FLO and got snapped up quickly. This high price is despite (as I have seen) missing a dustcap, having a dodgy filter thread, or no leather storage bag. It may be better to just spend £95ish on new. Don't let the summer pass you by!

The Hyperions I have (10mm, 5mm, 3.5mm) are (in my view anyway) really good eyepieces for the money. They give good performance on bright objects (planets) and are sharp to the edge for looking at clusters, etc. Eye relief is also very good, which was one reason for buying in short FL.

The only reason I can see for not buying a Hyperion is that it is a BIG and heavy eyepiece. On my scope setup weight is not a problem. But it might be for some.

At some point (when funds have recovered from recent purchases) I will be buying a longer FL Hyperion to replace one or more of my plossls.

Hope all this helps.


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There is an excellent article on solar imaging with a PST in Sky at Night Magazine (July 2011) that recommends 'taking the front lens of a 2x barlow' to put between the scope and a dslr. I haven't tried this yet due to lack of Sun but I did manage to get reasonable shots afocally lass week (first go) using my Hyperion Zoom attached to a Nikon D200.

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