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Saturn + 4 moons "movie"


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Monday evening was clear and I took 40 short movies (2 min) of Saturn.

Time between movies is 15 seconds just enough to change the exposure setting.

So I ended up with 20 images of Saturn and 20 images of Saturn moons (Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Enceladus)

The movie shows the first 20 images first, then the other 20 showing the moons movement.

Last but not least I used Photoshop to clone the moons onto the Saturn images and I got a nice movie showing both Saturn spin and moons movement

And a small taste of the movie below

All done with an SPC900 and 8" Newtonian

If you have advice on how to improve please share :D

Clear Skies




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Hi All,

Thanks for all your responses.

It's been a long processing work but I think the worst thing is that it is not long enough :-)

Next time I'll try to take a longer time window (more movies) to see more of the moons movement



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