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  1. love the animation Stuat, excellent processing. What tool are you using to create the animated gif? Dror
  2. Thanks for the comment James, I am using the ASI120MM with an RGB filter wheel. The old SPC is now retried for well more than a year
  3. I haven't been here for very long time when I was waiting for my new 12" scope as the first one had a problem. Got the new one few days ago and with the first clear skies went out to try it out. All in all this scope looks much better, I still have some issues one with the collimation and one with the tripod. Nevertheless I was able to come out with the following little animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_tC2mLrLF8 I also tried for Saturn and Mars and need to process these if they'll be any good I'll post later. Thanks for watching Dror
  4. Thanks Steve for the efforts you invested into this problem. I'll try to re-image when sky condition allows, will update. Thanks Dror
  5. Sorry for the late reply, here is a link to the video (on Google drive): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_Iu7PP54GWLSDJMdFBFSmlkNkk&authuser=0 I am working to create myself a DIY SCT cooling fan. Thanks Dror
  6. Steve, thanks for the PIPP advice I am using PIPP it is improving the image by very little unfortunately Darryl thanks for the collimation tips they are great help, I hope the weekend will bring some cloudless night to work on it (will update of course) Luis, thanks for the advice, I usually image about an hour after taking the scope outside. nevertheless it is "closed" when it is out (no cup but the back where the cam goes) is shut. How do you cool your SCT? do you use a fan/cooler? do you leave the back open? Thanks Dror
  7. Hi Steve thanks I watched this video and worked according to it :-) Thanks Dror
  8. I captured the collimation at highest ROI 1280×960 so this is actual size. My worst fear is that since the issue is very consistent there is a basic problem I am missing... Could it be due to the LX850 focuser? I am using the built in focuser. can this impact the collimation? should the mirror be locked somehow? BTW I think I knew the trick once but I wanted to answer you quickly :-) I'll look around for it. Thanks Dror
  9. Hi, I am ashamed to say that I used AS!2 with surface for the above :-) As I said I am very new to the collimation by star procedure so thanks for all the detailed tips. Here is the output from Registax 5 (for some reason Registax 6 will not allow to press the align button when the center of gravity is selected) with center of gravity selected: Thanks Dror
  10. Hi Darryl, I used a different method to remove the APs, I pressed the clear button when the analysis was completed. Nevertheless I did download an older version to see how it will work ( as .15 was not available in Emil's download site.) and now did it your way :-) the final result is the same (and the best frame shows a double Cassini...) Darryl what do you think about the collimation? can such a duplication occur with the above collimation? Thanks again for the help Dror
  11. Jake, I have used 2 different barlows and no barlow at all and the result is the same. Darryl, sorry to hear everything you wrote was lost... I really wanted to read your opinion on the collimation (BTW to avoid this I usually press the preview post once in a while to avoid page expiration). As for the AS!2 screen capture here it is: Thanks again for all the help Dror
  12. Hi All, first thank you for assisting me with this issue. Adam I am using the standard (out of the box) tripod of the EQ6. Darryl, yes I remembered you were mounted on an EQ6 with the C14, that was one of the reasons I closed the deal as I trusted the EQ 6 will be o.k. As for the fire capture .txt file for the above please find it attached. I also followed your lead on the collimation, I am not trained yet with star collimation (used to do it with a collimator on the 8") here is a shot of the collimation after I played with it a bit tonight: as can be seen it looks o.k. except for the outer ring that is a bit larger at the bottom. This I was unable to get rid of.... After doing this I re-captured Saturn with similar results...: BTW for the collimation I am turning only the front inner screws, is there a need to touch the outer screws as well? Thanks Dror Sat_010615_000118_G.txt
  13. Hi Stuart, thanks for the quick reply, I am not using a fan... as for the video at first glance it looks like something that will come out great with the 8" However looking at it more carefully this morning I think I can see a "double image" in many of the frames. here is one that shows the Cassini ring effect in a single frame: Thanks Dror
  14. Hi, After a long time I got my new Meade LX850 12" F8. I mounted it on my EQ 6 and got to work I have now spent more than 2 weeks and the result is the same: I am getting a "double image". Collimation seems o.k. and I have changed every possible optic in the path to the camera (including bringing the old SPC900) Anyone has any idea? The only two ideas I have and will check as soon as the clouds go away are: 1. the EQ6 is not up to the weight (will use a friends ASA mount) 2. (I thought of this only this morning) maybe my exposures are too long for a 12" thus creating an image with movement in it (kind of like a man walking in a still image) thus making the AS!2 stacking confused. Thanks Dror
  15. Fantastic images Darryl. hopefully I will get my new 12" in the next few days and aim for Saturn as well. Thanks Dror
  16. excellent detail for this aperture. Try longer videos and the WinJUPOS de-rotate function it might help to bring out even more details. Dror
  17. looks like an excellent result for a ED80. you might want to play a bit with the gain to increase the FPS, but I think you achieved a great result already. Dror
  18. Wow, congrats on the new website. What a collection! Have a good "hunting" with the new Cam. Dror
  19. excellent animation, I really like the way the moon shadow goes over the other moon came out Thanks Dror
  20. indeed Stuart this seems to work nicely, very nice capture as well. Dror
  21. wow, so many details on those, great captures Freddy Dror
  22. Really good image for the conditions you described. I am completely shut down here due to a huge sand storm, I literally breath dust. Dror
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