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Imaging rig complete... almost


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Hey guys. Just finished fitting the QHY5 and sorting out the wiring, which is now tidy and snag free in both axis. I'm using the EP Dew-not for the guide scope, which fits nicely.

The only thing left to get is a better imaging scope, but the Mak will do for now. I'm ready and raring to go for my first go at guided AP! Just need to sus out the QHY5 and get it focused, which I'm a little worried about (need to have a read).

Just thought I'd share :D


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Cheers guys :D

I've just been out to check it's all OK. I managed to get everything working and confirm the guide image is in focus (phew!) and the self-align is working, just in time for the cloud to roll in. Meh, at least I managed that :(

Looking forward to testing long exposure times... 'cause I'm gonna need 'em :p

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I received the new 8" GSO/TS f/4 Newt yesterday :(, and I've godda say I'm impressed. This is the upgraded version without the baffles and with the wider tube (to reduce vignetting) and an improved focuser.

It came with a very nice 2" ext. tube, 2"-1.25" adapter, both with brass bits, and an 8x50 finder. It is a bit of a mix and match scope. The tube and finder are GSO. The monorail focuser and adapters are TS. But it's a very nice package at a very reasonable £449.

I was waiting for the Quattro's to arrive, but with the ETA unknown, I didn't want to wait. Also, the Quattro's have the basic SW 10:1 focuser with really aren't up to imaging IMO (I've got one on my Dob).

So there you go! Just need to get out and do some imaging! :) I'll post a 1st fight report and images when I can.






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