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Canon 300D camera


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Hi Chap's,

I am looking to buy a Canon 300D DSLR in a few week's and was wondering if you know of any really good shop's online that sell these for a decent price muct inc a len's. Not to bothered if it's secondhand or new(there discontiued) my budget will be around the 350gbp mark so prob secondhand is best.

I see you can get remote's for the Camera really cheap (5.99gbp) not sure if there any good so if you know please let me know?. Also there's a remote cord you can get to link to your pc/laptop does this allow longer exposures than the 30secs you only supposed to get?..


James :clouds1:

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I might be able to obtain a genuine (not grey import) refurbished Canon 300D for you. 

The IR r/c is a very simple device; I am not aware of problems with any of them.

Remote Capture allows you to use the 300D tethered to a PC.  This enables you to control the camera from the PC, program time-lapse routines and have the image transferred straight to the PC.  I think it also enables longer exposures thru automated control of the cameras B setting. 

Hope that helps,


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If you want a lead to controll the 300D from a laptop then have a word with Andy Ellis - he made a couple for me and they are like works of art.

Also I've got the IR remote - never had any problems with it (except it doesn't work standing begind the camera :clouds1: )


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