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cleaning mak mirror

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ok here goes,

I really need to clean the mirror on my mak, i have had a sort of half hearted go at taking it apart, but it dont want to so how would i clean mirror using badder cloth and fluid, with out trying to squeeze hand down ota tube, the mirror does need a clean dont think its ever been done before

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If it is the OMC 140 Mak in your signature, how about contacting

Orion Optics to have it serviced ?

It would cost you, but perhaps the best option ?

Best regards, Ed.

Ha, i would rather hack my leg of with a rusty pen knife than contact them again!

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I'm not 100% sure but I don't think it's safe to touch the mirror. I've read they should be cleaned using a gentle stream of lukewarm water with a very small amount of detergent, then rinsed with just lukewarm distilled water. Dry with cotton balls applying no pressure. Set mirror on edge to fully dry.

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Unlike the coatings on refractor lenses, mirror coatings are quite soft and scratch easily.

If you are determined to DIY, then keep it simple would be my advice.

You can spray it with pressurised Nitrogen, but this needs a little skill, so unless you've got a "practice" mirror I wouldn't.

IMO (I'm SURE you'll get others :) ) the following produces the best results with the least chance of effing it up!

Immerse the mirror in a bath of distilled / de-mineralised water, let it sit a few minutes (or hours-doesn't matter). Give the water a swirl to get any crud off. Remove the mirror as gently as possible and immerse in another bath of distilled water.


All the gunk should be off. If not, then while the mirror is still under water, give it very gentle dabs with the aforementioned cotton balls. Try not to impart and lateral or radial motion JIC.

Another dip in a clean bath and leave on edge to dry or blow the water away with a CLEAN hairdryer on low heat.

It's really dusty here in the summer and I have to clean my newt at least once a year or potatos start growing on it.

So far, this method hasn't failed me.

A wee nip beforehand helps! :D

Good luck!!!

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the other week i flicked a piece of dust/must from the mirror with corner of baader cloth and it left a smear type mark, makes me think it has gained a bit of a build up over the years, it was made in 2001 and to my knowledge not been cleaned, but after all the comments on here starting to think i will leave well alone

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Um, why do you need to clean mirror?

Dust may be annoying but it doesnt really affect the quality of the view.

Welllll....to a point.

Given enough time it WILL affect the view.


Dust is rarely just 'dust'.

It often contains fungal spores, pollen, oxidised minerals, cow-**** ,in my case :) , or other nasty organics that can eat away at your coatings.

I had a GSO 10" that I left uncleaned for only two years. When I finally got round to it, the surface had been more or less destroyed.

It cost almost as much to re-coat it as to buy a new mirror.

Careful cleaning is definately worth it.

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