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Skyliner Flextube Dob - manual or driven?

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A friend of mine is considering the Skyliner Flextube (10" or 12") and asked if it were me, would I choose the manual or tracking/GOTO version. As I have no experience of either, I thought I'd open it for some feedback.

As a bit of novice, I'm sure their viewing will mainly be moon & planets (at least to begin with), so a tracking/GOTO version would help with these fast-moving objects. However, with this much aperture, it probably would not be too long before they cast their gaze to DSO's. I believe I'm right in thinking that the Flextube tracking/GOTO versions have motors that still allow manual pushing/pulling - so perhaps the best of both worlds, but with the motors, does this make them more difficult to point manually?:)

Anyone care to offer some opinions?

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The motors provide tracking and slewing - but also allow for the scope to be nudged at the same time - it keeps track of the nudges as well. It doesn't make any difference nor add any difficulty to pointing - what will make a difference is wether or not the axes are smoothed and with the correct amount of friction.

There's a little bit of backlash on the delivered scope so slight adjustments may be required. The syscan goto hand control will improve accuracy. Hope that helps :D

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Given the choice of tracking or aperture, I'd take aperture every time. If he can afford both and is just wondering if paying for tracking is worth it then it definitely is. In fact looking at the FLO site they seem to have an offer on the auto ones - personally, I'd not bother with the GOTO though.

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Help! on the flo site the quote says that looking at saturn with the non goto was great. I am about to buy the non goto,does this mean I wont be able to look at the moon, or planets as they will whizz across the scope?


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