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  1. Ordered a Skytee 2 mount last week via FLO, which came straight from the importer. The mount had a few issues that needed sorting and FLO were excellent, doing everything they could (and more) to rush through a replacement by return. Just goes to show that first class customer service does still exist. Thanks Martin & co...
  2. Thanks to all of you for your informed replies. Think I'm going to opt for a couple of BST Explorers. Was tempted by the Hyperion Zoom, but was just that more expensive than my budget.
  3. I have acquired a 115mm f7 triplet, with a 2" diagonal (it will also take 1.25" EP's) and am interested to hear what makes of EP are considered to be reasonabe, i.e. good value that don't break the bank. I am starting all over again with EP's and with a f7 scope being a little less forgiving with EP's than my previous f10 SCT, I don't want to rush in and make an expensive mistake. I have up to £150 to spend and I would hope to get at least 3 EP's (high, medium, low) for this amount. I wear glasses, so I suppose ones with longer eye relief might be useful. Any other commented, gratefully accept
  4. Hi Olly, The timing of this review is very helpful and follows up on the very useful comments you made generally about this scope the other week. Am still weighing up against the Meade 5000 127, but customer service is just as important as the product itself and I want to be sure that the supplier is reliable and is there if/when they are most needed. With that in mind, I'm almost praying that FLO take this on and take that concern away!
  5. Hi Graham, I use the Horizon 8115 for my Skymaster 15 x 70's and I have no problems at all. The mount is nice and stable with those and extends to more than enough height - I'm 185 cm (6 foot 1 inch).
  6. Thanks Olly for the comments and I'm reassured that your preferences seem to apply only (or mainly) to imaging. I had a look recently through a friend's Meade 5000 127mm on what was a pretty good night for viewing and was extremely taken with it - to such an extent that it has been top and/or second on my "to get" list now that I have decided that an apo refractor is what I wish to spend some money left to me. Coincidentally, it has been swapping top and second place on my list with the Altair Astro 115 and although I haven't had a chance to see that scope in the flesh, or view through it, it
  7. However, things are moving fast and I would rate the Altair Astro 115 significantly above the 127 as things stand. This is a good time to buy a refractor! Olly Olly, would be very interested to hear what, specifically, are the aspects of the Altair 115 that place it ahead of the Meade 127, in your opinion. Is the predominantly from an imaging perspective or visual as well?
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    Hi Cervesca and welcome to SGL.
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    Hi Raymond and welcome to SGL.
  10. Hi Mark, I agree that such a site would be really useful. However, I think this would represent a significant move away for terrestrial weather-based sites, but would be interested to hear if there are such sites.
  11. Hi Andy and welcome to SGL. I'm a relative novice myself and since joining this year, I've found SGL to be an incredibly friendly site with loads of useful advice.
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    Hi Ramya and welcome to the forum.
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    Hi Dan & welcome
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