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  1. Sorry just read you equip signature, thought it was a dedicated cak scope!
  2. Lovely shot, what can you see through the eyepiece of these scopes are they as good as a PST? They seem hard to come by these days.
  3. Tilt adapter? How much do they cost?
  4. Thanks, rings did appear when I tuned the PST a certain amount. The ASI120 didn't focus in the PST will need to machine more off the eyepiece holder.
  5. Just downloaded fire capture it's abit clear as mud to operate compared to sharp cap, where abouts is this option for reducing the USB traffic?? Can seem to find it?
  6. Thanks for the advice will try that, had it down to the smallest window, was getting 170 odd frames per sec, impressive stuff!
  7. Just tried it on my 2 year old desk top it runs flawlessly, my laptop has a 1.7Ghz processor I thought this would fast enough?
  8. Also looked at the playback it's freezes a lot, looks very jumpy?
  9. Iv just received my ASI120mm mono cam, just trying it out and the playback through sharp cap seems to break up every so many frames? Anyone have a similar problem?? It's like I get interference flash up every few seconds?
  10. Stunning images as per usual olly, I've got the micro focuser rings filters etc and TS filter drawer I'm just shortening a dual mount bar to fit my finder guider at the moment and clamp for the lens no use using a giant dual mount bar for such a light set up, interested in the mask though. How did you make it?
  11. Hello, im just getting my rig togeather for using my Atik 314L+ with my canon 200mm F2.8 lens, i see many lovely narrowband images taken with this set up, im just wandering what image i might expect from normal LRGB filters using this set up? Anyone tried?
  12. i have an sw80ed , and have ordered a upgrade crayford focuser for it, is it just a matter of unscrewing the bolts and fitting then refitting the bolts? or is there alignment issues?
  13. Hmm sounds too much hassle to me, the dmk I had never had any such problems, you just plugged it in and off it went no rings etc,
  14. I removed my PST focuser and machined 1-2mm off it, focused with a dmk 21 anyway, can these Newton rings be removed with flats or processing?
  15. Was toying with the idea of getting an ASI120, would be into doing abit of Ha solar imaging with it, just wandering if it comes to focus in the PST?
  16. I charged the battery most of the day, when checking the voltage across it only 12v, so I think it's definitely goosed. Will go for an 88a/h battery, as it will never be discharged too much.
  17. I do lunar/solar(Ha)/ and planetary. I've just seen quite afew solar shots with lines and rings?
  18. The ASI120 gets decent reviews. want to do solar with a PST but ive heard afew people having issues with lines in the image?
  19. Hello How do H Alpha images from the ASI120 mono come out when used with a PST? From some of the images i see alot seem to have lines and banding interference? Dont seem to get that prob from my Firewire DMK?
  20. Hello I want to upgrade my dmk 21 FireWire camera been looking at the dmk 31 or ASI120 which would be better??
  21. Does anyone know where i can pick up one of these?, i want to try run it from the mains if possible.
  22. will try charge it longer, my maplin 12v 17A/h battery instructions say to charge it for 24 hours, surely a 2-3 hour charge wont fully charge my 50A/h battery?
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