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  1. Hello i currently have an iphone which i use the app Polar Align (which i find great) to set up my mount for imaging, im now thinking about getting a samsung phone, are there any apps similar so i can set up my HEQ5 for imaging?
  2. Ok thanks for the comments, will save a lot of space in the house!
  3. Hello iv recently bought a new house with a outhouse/shed (no leaks in roof) iv always stored my scopes in aluminium cases indoors under the spare bed, I'm just wandering if keeping them outside in the shed in the cold will be ok? They all have aluminium cases.
  4. fantastic images they have 3D quality to them.
  5. yes in the latest issue, it offers 1 month free use of a robotic telescope.
  6. Hello iv been trying to figure out how to start getting images with the one month free offer, i put in the website address stated in the magazine then create an account, then it goes through to a home page but i have no idea what to do next to start aquiring images, does anyone know how to proceed?
  7. nice pelican! wish i could get subs that long with out cloud coming!
  8. we only have about 3 hours semi darkness up here in scotland at the moment, so good to get out with it not being freezing. Plan to add more data when i get the chance.
  9. Iv alot to learn about this malarky. got about 1 hour Ha and 1h 10 mins OIII with a atik 314L+ and canon F2.8 200mm lens. Its definately not brilliant but cant be too unhappy since its my first go. horrible stars! also attached is the Ha on its own. the Ha is so strong is it better to bin the OIII and SII 2X2??
  10. Iv got photoshop cs3, I got loads of Ha signal not so strong on OIII, but will try your technique as described. Thanks.
  11. I got 1 hour of Ha and 1 hour 10 mins OIII on the pelican, with a 200mm F2.8 lens and atik 314 can't seem to get that blue colour I see in other peoples images.
  12. can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial to do this im having getting a final result.
  13. hmm its got the dovetail under it the finder is bolted from underneath.
  14. Iv just tried my new set using the atik 314l+ with a 200mm lens, got it doubled up on a dual mount bar with a finder guider, iv got a red dot finder with shoe only not sure where I can put it, want it to be mounted permanently, rather than taking it on and off, any suggestions with the set up iv got?
  15. stunning image, so crisp one of the best full moon images iv seen in ages.
  16. Got afew solar images (thursday) only had a chance to add the prominences today.
  17. Just read that link. Very interesting is this a cheaper option than a PST mod?
  18. Iv already taken about 2mm of it, but I didn't want to take any more off it as I would have to then drill and tap a new thread for the focuser retaining screw.
  19. Lovely image! Surprised you got so much in. Hard to get a image showing too much of the milky way up here in Scotland.
  20. Brilliant images! If you don't mind me asking what is a quark??
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