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  1. This is mine made from a mark4 escort xr3i flywheel whitch i mounted the wedge for my cpc800 on.
  2. When i have my cpc800 on wedge guideing I notice that it seems to send say a guide command east and then usually sends one west straight after,what would be causeing this correction surely it should be mostly west commands,when calibrating I have a backlash of 3,so don't think that's a problem,ra agr is 80 and ra hys 10 I have max ra at 1000 and mx dec at 1500,any body any idears I could try?.
  3. Hi Dave dose the time match pc time or is their hour difference when u have +1 in box?
  4. Hi on buying the full copy of alignmaster and setting it up when i open the program it always displays ut:30/03/2014 and time, but time is always behind by 1 hour to the correct time and in the time box always a 1 if i zero that it shows correct time,shouldn't this automatically set with computer time?.Also when selecting read gps device i select com port but longitude and latitude dont seem to update from mount just stays lit yellow until clicking on it then allows you to continue,so whats causeing it not to read my cpc800 gps?
  5. Just by looking at the moon I can see conditions are poor here their is a haze thin layer cloud around,hope it moves on when the moon goes lower down.
  6. Also I have tried the off axis guider route with the Orion delux off axis guider and qhy5 and could never find a star in the area of imageing.
  7. Yep 2 differnt types of adapters for the celestron cpc800 finderscope the first I had from bern was wroung one mine was not the common 1 so returned and was sent correct one.
  8. In the planner options for ezcap v3.23 software it has a option to select (capture darkframe) and says shutter will not open when exposure is taken,dos'e this mean i don't have to cover the front ccd chip to stop any light getting in?. Also i am getting amp glow in 1 corner of my light images and darks of 300sec i have to use flats of 230ms on my earlsman panal,and bias of 0 sec with 4 second pauses between exposures,is this correct?.
  9. Quick question for those with the qhy8l I set mine up in house last night room temp about 20c set camera to cool to -20 and it would only cool to -15 and running 100% power,is this normal if inviroment to warm,yet to try out side to verify this.
  10. How well we all take to her way of presenting the show.
  11. Well the sgl forum will be the answer to that question.
  12. Yep maggy I think her name is,how did she get the job for sky at night?,I will go nuts if I got listen to her for half hour.
  13. Just don't leave your scopes unattended as u can bet your get a quick shower.forcast says clear but good chance of showers.
  14. Also how many ball bearings would I need?
  15. Hi faulksy,I'm going to tackle the bearing mod soon,what company did you use for the ball bearings can't seem find any on eBay?
  16. That full moon dos'e my head in,its surely been 3 months or more since I've had good clear sky's,and that's when I can see satalites going overhead clearly,was looking good to start tonight then a blanket of moisture seemed to rise up and phd guideing just would not play ball even though I could see the stars.
  17. If your with Barclays bank they give away a 12months one from kerspersky,I got no complaints with it works well.
  18. Well job done now for a clear night to test flocking size of flocking used was 119mm wide by 254mm long.
  19. It seems well spread out,only noticed it couple times back in the summer one night whilst observing,did startle me the first time,I thought maybe it was a transformer shorting out somewhere.
  20. All i can think of maybe is some kind of static charge releasing in the atmosphere,as its so windy.
  21. Went up on the local hill saw a few,funny thing is seems to be more flashing off the sky for some reason,hole sky flashes for a split second must be some kind off lightning going on but no bang.
  22. H. How have you set the focus in day time?,If i was you id do the darks now at the temp you are going to be imaging at later,then when you have set the focus on a bright star and finished taking the light frames take the flats as the focus will be set to the lights,do not touch the focus or camera after light frames are taken,As for the planner make sure the use box is ticked,exposure time i use .100 with my el panal,repeat box how ever many you wont,delay box say 5secs between each frame,select folder to be saved to and what the file is called.
  23. Happy new year fellow star gazars,just got in half cut as they say,sky's so clear but do I set up to start imageing,would love to but don't think it would go so well,so best sleep,hope new year brings u health and clear nights.
  24. I have the celestron 15x70 ok for looking at the moon and stars no good at all on Jupiter just get glare so maybe my collimation was out from new? Can others make out the bands of Jupiter with there's?
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