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  1. Michael, i don't think that moving tooth by tooth, then testing is worth the test, I already did this for a couple of nights and things remains the same. Like I said I manage to get a "decent" RMS for the first time, and I think that I cannot do better on playing with the gearing. I might considered buying the belt mod, it not only removing the noise but I saw multiple thread about how "crucial" it is to do this mod. Like kens said it will likely improve the mount performance. I'll be imaging tonight if there's no wind. I will post and image and log to see what you guys think. Once again thanks everyone, Theo
  2. I can't do better with the gear mesh. This is by far the best result i could get on PHD2. For sure there still some heavy RA RMS, i'll try to balance East heavy next time, but purchasing the belt mod will be less of a headache to sort all that stuff out. Thanks again kens.
  3. It is actually.. Any idea on how to make it longer/better ?
  4. Greetings everyone, Did some PPEC with PHD2 last night. Things were definitely better but I feel like the mount can do better (i don't know too much about PPEC, still learning). I manage to get less than 1" RMS with wind and some clouds rolling out. PHD2_GuideLog_2021-03-10_200044.txt
  5. Ok so I need to adjust the gear mesh ? I've already followed this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k3zFA4-zWA) to get rid of the grinding noise and the backlash for DEC and RA but might as well take it apart again and take a closer look.
  6. Yes ! This log was with the multistar. Someone suggested me to increase the SNR..
  7. Greetings everyone I hope y'all doing well, For the past few days my guiding is not going well. First let me kick off by saying that my polar alignment is almost perfect (done it with Sharpcap and 00°00'03" PAE) and I did balance very well toward the East to compensate those spikes. I've done the maintenance of the mount (HEQ5 Pro) very recently because there was some play in the RA when the mount was lock tight. I this a series of test and tonight I've done it towards Capella. Things were better from the past few nights ago but i can't get near 1" of RMS. I know that Skywatcher said that the RMS should be around that number but I manage to get 0.70" RMS month ago. I'm using ASCOM and pulse guiding combine with APT. The gears looks great and I've got the mount last year. Notes that i've been using PHD2 for 5 month now and I'm new to it. I try to read and get as much information as I can but I can't manage to get a proper guiding. I hope that some of you will light me up. PS : My mount has not been Belt-modded but I really considered to buy the Rowan Belt mod. Thanks a lot, Theo Attached Files PHD2_GuideLog_2021-03-07_201745.txt
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