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  1. Hi I can't seem to use stellarium scope to operate my skywatcher neq6 anymore do I have to delete any thing or won't this version work?.
  2. When I sent mine was about that price problem was they couldn't find a problem with it so give sensor a clean and returned it think it was about £50 to return,played up again winter time with problem on images so afraid to say it was thrown in cupboard, id wasted so much time and money sending to Bern and qhy that I have gone back to my trusty 450d this camera seems to be so unreliable and don't get used that much with our weather.
  3. Also there is confusion about the offset setting it used to be between 500 and 1000 mine always gave the message offset to low at those vaules using ezcap,In the latest instructions anywhere between 500 and 3000 is ment to be ok.
  4. Well that 73% moon has depressed me already seems to be the norm these days.
  5. Cloud here in Shropshire,forecast way off at the moment.
  6. When i run the guide assistant the results tell me i may only need to guide dec in one direction? how do i no witch direction that should be north or south?.or maybe turn dec off.
  7. Thanks for the link Louise,just need some clear nights to run some tests.
  8. Why has the instruction manual on the qhy site for the qhy8l for setting gain and offset now say anywhere between 500 and 3000 were before it was between 500 and 1000 anybody no the reason?.
  9. I went on Friday this year. last year seemed to be all about the Williams optics star 71 I looked at it at the show and then bought from Flo. I'm happy with mine but after buying found many returning there's with problems and now discontinued,this year seems to be a lot of interest in the zwo asi 1600 cooled I was very tempted to purchase on the day but held back,I own a qhy8l and had nothing but problems with it.As zwo is made in China two I am a bit worried it's not been tested enough so will wait this time for reports,Astophotography is not cheap you buy something new and it will lose half its vaule straight away just to pass it on(that's if u can pass it on).Also I was hoping to start a meteorite collection but looking at the two stands at the show was not impressed would have been better to display in bigger frames with a write up about the item to me just looked Iike rusty stones.The benefit of the show to me was to see the item that was of interest to me up close and then maybe purchase later.seems very quiet from people that have attended this year.As always a big thanks to the people that organise the event for us.
  10. Hi has something happened to last night's show of The Astro Imaging Channel as Utube comes back with the message the scheduled live stream hasn't started yet October 10,2016 2:30 am was going to be the first time watching live early morning as on week off work but the show never started.
  11. Sure is a interesting one,I was mistaken as I see it started and ended through 4 of my images so 20mins, don't won't that to happen to often especially when it goes straight through your imaging target.was imaged through Williams optics star 71 and qhy8l.
  12. Was imagining on the night of 4.10.16,target was the Pleiades and I had 3 300sec images with a satellite traveling across that took 15mins to go through the 3 images,must be one slow satellite.never seen it before.
  13. Thanks all for your help and suggestions,hopefully will all come together on next clear night.
  14. Hi Chris so when eqmod polaralignment routine gets to the part when you have to rotate in Ra till circle is over the star can I slew either east or west as at the moment I am selecting the nine o'clock position and slewing west which is a long way till circle is over star and cables end up wrapped around mount twice?.
  15. Hi.So am I useing eqmod polar alignment correct,first off when mount is switched on and parked in the home position so no way of seeing Polaris through the mount do I swing the telescope to the east or west by hand so I can see Polaris or use the motors.Maybe I should sync on Polaris with camera before useing motors to place mount in right place to see through mounts eyepiece then go through the alignment routine?.Also when rotating mount in Ra to place circle over Polaris can I rotate which ever direction closest to the star?. confused big time.Forgot to say it's a eq6 mount with Williams optics star71 mounted.
  16. Is strange as ezcap never has the problem,it maybe the ascom driver?.The camera was cheaked by qhy few months ago and was all ok,it's the only piece of software that crashes.
  17. Be warned apt and my qhy8l crashes quite often especially when useing live view and positioning the magnifier around the screen,by time I get apt started again the sensor has warmed up not good for the cooler also the live preview is small,yes I like apt but this problem has not been sorted.
  18. Seems to have cleared away now luckly I'm using TeamViewer so I can keep a eye on things from the comfort the house imaging pelican nebula at present,Dont give up its a stressful hobby at times lol
  19. Same thing here,will leave set up hopefully will clear lbefore moon starts to rise.
  20. Thanks very much John78 I shall input the information and see what happens.
  21. Hi John78 hopefully this link will work thanks for your help and time. http://nova.astrometry.net/status/1244856
  22. Hello John78 i just give it a go image solved with index 4111 only thing is astrotortilla use the new index files 4200 up how do i find the file that matches?
  23. Hi all i would like to use Astrotortilla with my Williams optics star 71 and my qyh8l ccd camera,i'm struggling with the calculations needed or maybe confusing myself as my maths skills are not great,I have followed lightvortexastronomy.com calculations best i can.I have the ccd specs image size as 3110 x 2030 and the scope field of view as 3.97 x 2.59 the widest index file i am choosing is 4214 would that be correct? and the narrowest with the 20% off to be index 4210?.The next problem is the scale min and scale max figures if i take my field of view figures 3.97 x 2.59 and divide each by 60 figure i get is 0.0661666 x 0.0431666 so would the figures to enter be 0.04 for min and 0.7 for max scale? astrotortilla don't seem to find a solution with these figures.Please could somebody check my figures out.
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