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  1. As a bit of a side topic on this one, would anyone know what size I would have to draw the three reticles for the Telrad to be in scale with the deep sky watch printouts. Apologies if this is hijacking the thread a little, but it seemed the best place to post it. Was thinking of drawing them on a clear sheet so I could use it with the atlas to star hop.
  2. I've just downloaded this and started printing it. I like something tangible in front of me to use and think this will be better for me than using an app when at the scope. I think app's have their place, but for me this is better.
  3. So I put the scope out to acclimatise at around 1900, hoping that the clouds would clear. I know that I wouldn't get to see much as the moon is waxing to full and it was so bright that any DSO would be nigh on impossible. That wasn't an issue however as tonight was more about getting used to moving the scope and getting to grips with the Telrad. I'd read a little about star hopping with the Telrad and how you could put the reticle on various of the apps to find DSO's so I wanted to spend a little time just 'getting used' to lining it up and getting comfortable with it. So, having previou
  4. This is the start of my modest collection. Housing the Telrad and my modified liveCam up to now. I'm not putting the 'stock' EP's that came with the scope, rather waiting for when I replace them with the BST SkyGuiders, the first two of which should arrive next week.
  5. I can hear my credit card groaning already Thank you so much to you all for your kind replies. I've only been on this site a couple of weeks and I'm constantly amazed by the time everyone takes to reply, and often in great detail so again, thank you. Apologies for the delay in replying, its been a busy few days at work. Taking on board what you have all said, I'm dropping the ND0.6 idea and definitely going to opt for the polarizing filter instead, especially the twin filter option as you said Heather, as my current set-up uses a diagonal, and I like the sound of rotating the EP to a
  6. I've just had a look at the Baader on FLO following your recommendation and it certainly gets some very good write up's. Cheers for that, I've added it to the list.
  7. What would people say would be a good 'basic' set of filters for starting out. (apologies if this has been asked before, I did try searching) I'm probably going to be trying a little bit of everything, Lunar, Planetary and Nebula so was thinking a ND0.6 for lunar and either a UHC or OIII for nebula stuff. Are there any other 'essentials' that you would recommend?
  8. The Telrad arrived today, fabulous service from FLO. Mounted on the scope and I have to say even though I haven't been able to align it yet or even get outside, it fits the scope perfectly. (Even if I don't know what scope I've got, it's the 70/900 not the 70/700). Can't wait for some clear skies now to properly try it out. Again, a massive thank you to everyone for their advice regarding the different options, it is very much appreciated.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their advice and opinions here. After taking it all on board and reading the reviews/comparisons on the Telrad and Rigel, I've opted for the Telrad and ordered one from FLO. Cheers to everyone for your help.
  10. Having just read through all of the posts on this topic, I'm going to raid the cupboards at work for a spare Peli case, I'm sure there's a 1200 kicking around somewhere. I was wondering how to store EP's and now I know
  11. Now that makes sense. I’d have a high likelihood of tripping over the dog, so taking it off between sessions is the better idea.
  12. Just tried this and it gives a very good idea of how it would sit, cheers for that. My only concern is knowing how clumsy I am I’d clatter it and knock it off the scope.
  13. I might mock-up a cardboard model of each one and stick them on the scope, I think it is purely going to come down to size as I don't think there is much else between them. Again, thanks to everyone for the advice, it really has been a big help.
  14. Yeah its a 70-700 refractor. I think that they both have great positives, and don't think that either will look out of place. I'm thinking the Rigel will be around the same height as the basic finderscope that is attached to the Skylux currently. I'll have read on both of them, IIRC the Rigel has pulse built in where the Telrad needs a retro fit kit. Cheers for the advice.
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