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  1. This is fantastic! I love the moons in this too
  2. Wow!!! That is amazing! I'm hoping to pick up a 15mm BST soon actually. I think we have a full moon due soon so looking forward to seeing some more of your snaps!
  3. Thanks Andy! That makes sense, I'm using a 25mm EP which gives me that view without any zoom on the phone so I'll have to do some phone zoom to increase the size. I've just found infinity focus on the procam Android app so I'll try that. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Good evening! After asking lots of questions and bugging everyone, I got myself into a position to take some snaps and thought I'd share as I like to chat and talk about this amazing hobby! I started off with some single snaps, which were OK but I think I must have had some light pollution coming in as there is some glare (maybe it's something else?) https://photos.app.goo.gl/iojohPo5LVTc96Cy5 Then I decided to give stacking a go for a laugh which was a good bit of fun, I really like technology so this was right up my street. I took 4 videos at 20 seconds each, ran those videos through PIPP to get an AVI, then put the AVI through AutoStakkerd3 to get this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fRPtVEpY4enKP2My6 I think it's a bit over-processed and too sharp for my liking, but I have no idea how to control those settings! But it was a good bit of fun for this evening!
  5. Thank you both @PeterStudzand @Stu for the comment. I have a play tonight. I might take my phone case off too and see if that helps! Will keep you posted! Hopefully I'll be posting photos soon enough
  6. Hey there from another Staffordshire person!
  7. Good evening everyone! I've had a go at taken my first ever photos through the telescope this evening, but I ran into some fitting issues. I have a mount which clamps around the EP and holds the phone in place, but what I found was that the phone never really showed the full view of what you see when you look through the EP yourself and wondered if anyone had any tips!
  8. I hope so! My first. I've been trying to line my the phone cam with the lens piece and get it centered, that's a fiddly job! I've got a mount to try too
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