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  1. Hi All, I am looking for a programmable network power switch (with multiple power outlets) for my observatory. I looked at the Digital Loggers kit and this seems to fit the bill but is there a UK solution to this? The specific Digital Loggers product I am interested in (here) is out of stock and I'd prefer to buy locally. Any suggestions on this? Many thanks, Best,
  2. I have the TSA 120mm which I use for lunar and solar imaging. I got it about 6 months ago. Last night, I looked through it for the first time (yes - sacrilege to have left it so long). I was blown away. Super sharp, perfect colour correction - really very very good. I also have an LZOS 152mm which is a great scope, but boy, is the TSA120mm something special. For imaging I would go with an FSQ106 if you are aiming for a "forever" scope. I also have this and it's a joy to use.
  3. Hi All, I am new to this forum (I am active on CN - I used to live in the US but I am back home in the UK now). I have recently moved from a QSI683-FSQ106 combo which is very forgiving to a QHY600-FSQ106 set up and I am having some difficulties. The summary is that, as perhaps I should have expected, my field does not appear to be as flat as I had hoped (as measured in CCD inspector). I just read this thread with great interest I am having great difficulty taming the outer 30% of the image. The combination of small pixels and large sensor are proving to be a sign
  4. Just one more; tonight's shift. I got rid of the Edge and replaced it with an FSQ106. Sorry about the messy observatory - and the pink Dyson hoover :)
  5. I've been blessed - 152 LZOS and a TSA 120mm. To be honest, and I say this cautiously because a lot of folk love SCTs, I barely use the Edge. I am hoping to replace it (with another refractor). A Tak 128mm is on my wish list but they are very difficult to get hold of. The one in the posts above mine is a beauty.
  6. Mine were also getting ready for the night shift. Same again tonight...
  7. Hello All, Although I have been doing AP for several years and visual for decades, this is my second post on SGL. I used to live in the US and so I am more active on CN at the moment. However, I am keen to get some local advice regarding professional observatory builders. I live in Kent. I am aware of Home Observatory UK and by all accounts they seem to have an excellent reputation. I came across Outsideology recently and I have to admit, their designs also look fantastic. I am keen to hear from any SGL members who have used this company? Many thanks for reading, Best,
  8. First post here. Love all the dual set ups. Here is a foursome. I have been working on this for a few weeks. The weather has been pitiful. Its a 152 LZOS, TSA 120mm (for solar although not set up fully yet), Edge 1100 and a WO ZS 73mm for model building. I have subsequently removed the WO as it was creating some unpredictable flexure in the SCT.
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