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  1. Sorry this was a setup error on our website for these new products - now fixed, thanks for pointing it out.
  2. The forecasts look like they match to me You've got the view set to 'Center on Midnight' which when you view before midday means in order to show the morning it actually starts by showing the second half of yesterday. That means in your screenshot the forecast for tonight is actually the first chunk of the second 'Monday' row of data. I don't like the centre on midnight view for this reason and prefer the 'Start at current hour' view because it is much more intuitive to read - you might also want to install the app because this gives a much better experience on mobile devices than the cut down mobile version of the website. Hope that helps
  3. I've had a couple of people mention this but I've not been able to replicate the issues myself. There doesn't seem to be a clear pattern and with many thousands of people using the Android app, it's a very tiny percentage that have reported issues so it doesn't seem to be a widespread thing. I'll do some testing and see if I can figure out why it might be slow in Marshmallow in particular.
  4. Hi Mogster, Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback You are the third person in the last couple of months to contact us about colour blindness - I have to hold my hands up here, it isn't something that crossed my mind when we build Clear Outside but, it is definitely something I will be looking at when I get an opportunity to work on the next update for it. My intention is to build a settings panel where people can use the unit of measures used (our most requested feature!) as well as choosing the colour scheme to use that way people with colourblindness can use a colour scheme that works better for them. The mismatch between rain and cloud cover could be how the data is provided to us - the cloud data doesn't have any probability associated with it, where as the rain data has a probability and amount so it could simply be that it's either a very low probability of rain or, that it's 0% cloud on average over the course of the hour but, there could be a few minutes where there is cloud. We pay for commercial weather data but profess to not being weather modelling experts ourselves so must rely on the data we get provided. Clear sky alerts is something still on my todo list but without a clear idea of how we are going to implement it - I am currently leaning towards a flexible system that would tie in with the settings panel I mention above - I suspect the tolerances at which people would want to be alerts, the frequency of those alerts and the quantity of alerts wanted will be different for everybody so I think we need to build a flexible system where people can choose the thresholds that matter for them in the locations they want to monitor, this will make it much more complex to build than the simple notifications I've seen on other apps but ultimately, it should be much more flexible and powerful which can only be a better thing for the people who use it. No ETA yet and the unit of measure and colour scheme settings will come first as these are requested more (and simpler to build!) - I also have a few other updates up my sleeve I want to get out soon too. Definitely, watch this space!
  5. We couldn't resist adding another to our range Canyon Diablo Meteorites We have just restocked across the range - these are proving very popular Christmas presents for some lucky people!
  6. The new Japanese-made Vixen SSW 83° Eyepieces have arrived with VIxen UK and should be hitting our shelves in the next few days. Priced at £249 each these can be ordered now More information is available at our website and in the previous announcement thread. Some other news: Vixen LVW 65º eyepieces are going to be continued and all focal lengths are available again. The Vixen SLV eyepiece range have dropped in price and are now £99 each
  7. The Atik Infinity camera is now available to buy from our website priced at £795. We expect the first units to ship later this month so if you would like to be first in the queue, please pre-order as we expect these to sell very well Of course with all our pre-orders, should the pricing shift in the interim any savings will be passed on
  8. The timezone is taken from the forecast location itself and should already take into account DST - if you check the line at the top of the forecast it will show you the timezone and also the time the forecast was generated. If the forecast has just been generated assuming you are looking at a forecast for your current location, the generated time should pretty much match the current time. Hope that helps Cheers, Grant
  9. We are pleased to introduce a new range of tripods with smooth 2-way heads that are perfect for use with observation binoculars and spotting scopes. The build quality and maximum payloads are surprisingly good for their price and every model is covered by our 30-day return policy so you can buy with confidence. More information can be found in the Fotomate Tripods area of our website. These are available to buy now
  10. We have some received some additional information about the camera as well as some draft specs and some example images. We have added these to our site as well as an interactive FOV calculator so you can have a play :-) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/atik-cameras/atik-infinity-monocolour-video-astronomy-guiding-imaging-camera.html Alternatively, jump straight to the FOV calculator by clicking below:
  11. New Ultrastar imaging/guide camera from Starlight Xpress available towards the end of the month. Pricing to be confirmed but expected to be around £800. More information available on our website. The new camera uses the same compact body as the Lodestar X2 so it will drop straight into your 1.25" eyepiece holder without the need for any additional adaptors. Powered via USB from your computer so no additional power supplies either. Can be used with the new 'Starlight Live' software which offers live stacking - perfect for public outreach, schools and societies. Features the new incredibly sensitive, low noise 2/4" format ExView II CCD from Sony - nearly doubles the imaging area and a progressive scan CCD makes the Ultrastar a formidable guide camera. This has been added to the FOV calculator @ astronomy.tools - you can see a preview here or click to have a play yourself:
  12. Steve grabbed some shots of these before they went off to John: Some additional shots, including a 360º tour are available at our website
  13. The new Baader Morpheus eyepieces are creating quite a stir! They are scheduled for launch September but we have a set here for assessment and have just finished photographing them for our website (including a 360º tour) Baader have a reputation for clever design (please see our website for features and specification) but what most impresses us is the thought and enthusiasm that has gone into the viewing experience. Baader clearly don’t want their Morpheus range to be just another super-wide-angle eyepiece. In particular, they have concluded the subjective 'spacewalk' feeling is not only a function of field of view. Some wide-field eyepieces, they say, with fields of 82 degrees fail to deliver the same viewing experience as others with similar fields, or even some with smaller fields! Eye-relief (and the related large eye lens size) and ease of viewing (a combination of long eye relief and control of aberrations) also play a part. With this in mind Baader have designed the Morpheus series. They are confident they will offer a more 'immersive' viewing experience than any other SWA eyepiece, and even some UWA models.
  14. We've posted the details we have of this up here: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/249345-new-atik-camera-dedicated-to-video-astronomy/ We will continue to post updates in that thread as we receive further information, availability and pricing This looks like a great product! Looking forward to giving it a try
  15. Atik have announced details of their new 'Infinity' camera due to be released later this year. We will update this thread with further details as they are released. The announcement from Atik is below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We’d like to introduce you to the Atik Infinity – our first camera dedicated to video astronomy. Development is currently in the final testing stages, but after a successful first light, we thought it’s about time we let you in on what this camera can do. It features the same incredible Sony ICX825 sensor with EXview HAD CCD II™ technology as the Atik 414EX for outstanding sensitivity and low noise, but uses custom control electronics engineered for optimum near-live view display. This combination brings the wonders of the deep sky closer to the observer than ever, making objects that would normally be too faint for an eyepiece appear in outstanding detail. Why video astronomy? It’s always been our goal to make astrophotography accessible to as many people as possible, bringing quality without compromise to the novice and professional alike. We also believe in the power of astrophotography to provide incredible insights into the night-sky that just aren’t possible with visual observation. But we also recognise that a lot of people want to see the wonders of the deep sky without the long exposures and post-processing involved with astrophotography. The Infinity makes these objects observable in near real-time, and allows this experience to be shared with family and friends. Although objects in our solar system can be observed using webcams, deep sky video astronomy still faces a number of challenges, from the detection of incredibly faint signals to reducing background noise. We’ve taken our experience of meeting these challenges in astrophotography and adapted them for video astronomy. As well as seeing objects too faint for an eyepiece, a huge benefit of video astronomy is that it can show you those objects in colour. We’ll be releasing the Infinity with the option of either a mono or a one-shot colour sensor. Mono is ideal for those whose ultimate priority is sensitivity, while the OSC option allows you to see colours that the human eye alone isn’t sensitive enough to detect. A New Design This is a very different type of camera for us. It still features a standard 12V power requirement and USB connection, but we’ve moved to a slim rectangular design to keep the body close to the scope. The Infinity also features an ST4 guider port so it can double up as a high-end guide camera. Another notable different with the Infinity is that it is uncooled. The thermal noise from the ICX825 sensor is so low at short exposures that it can be successfully managed through our custom control software. Custom Software To get the absolute best performance from the Infinity, we’ve created a custom software application designed and optimised specifically for video astronomy. Our favourite features include continuous live-stacking, intelligent histogram function and mode selection to switch easily between finding and viewing objects. We’re still in the process of testing the camera and developing our software, but we’ll be releasing the results of our initial sessions with the Infinity over the coming weeks so you can see first-hand why we’re so excited about it. The Atik Infinity will go on sale this Autumn.
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