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  1. You should be over here! Puffing up to the line of fraud, unconscionable pricing and take it or leave it are routine.
  2. Try posting on the cloudy nights forum in the US-I think ive seen several solutions for the 6. The belt driven version allows manual focus as well, which I find invaluable.
  3. One of my four scopes is a Celestron 127slt. The scope produces beautiful images, and the mount tracks very, very well. The tripod is pure d crap-it shakes like jelly. I bought a used 4/5se tripod, and using a bolt and three neoprene washers, cured the shakes. It is an absolutely wonderful little scope and alignments are quite easy.
  4. Our bankruptcy statutes allow the debtor (here, a debtor in possession, meaning no trustee) to sell any property deemed “unduly burdensome” to reorganization, and to discharge or disaffirm executory (not yet fully performed) contracts, and general creditors claims-so, pending or potential warranties can be disaffirmed should the debtor wish BUT I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE of whether or if Meade has or will do so-again, the greater probability is that it will successfully reorganize, should our country last that long....
  5. I’m a retired attorney, with some experience in this field. The majority of US chapter 11 reorganizations are successful. If not, the assets are liquidated and executory contracts, like warranties, are discharged. I strongly suspect Meade will shed burdensome contracts and come out of Chapter 11 as a lean but solvent company.
  6. I believe your starsense is defective. I have two, one used on both a 127slt and 4se, and another on a 60th anniversary evolution. Both work perfectly.
  7. I have two scopes, and my travel scope is a Celestron 4se, a little mak with very nice optics AND A VERY STABLE TRIPOD. The go to is very accurate and it can be used with Celestron’s auto align starsense should you wish.
  8. New guy here, in Seattle, and I really enjoy the site.
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