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  1. Hi, Thank you Mark for you helpful reply! I tried what you suggested with no luck However I woke up to a reply from Celestron support who suggested plugging the camera into the handset port and the handset into the AUX port and it WORKED. They have said that they do not know why it happens but sometimes the mount does not present the right amperage or voltage. Its not the best fix as i would like the HC to sit where its suppose to go but Im just happy to be able to get out observing again (its been over a year!) Hopefully I will be posting here more! Thanks Adz
  2. Hi, I am hoping someone here may be able to offer some help or advice. I have submitted a support ticket with Celestron but I am still waiting for a reply and would really like to get this working ready for the next clear sky! I recently brought a starsense but have not been able to use it because it comes up with the following errors, Err: Model Num The telescope model could not be read and initialization cannot proceed. Critical error! File: ..\source\mo Line: 1468 An unexpected error occurred that may cause the HC to not opperate normally. When updating the
  3. Thanks thats really useful. Do you have any tips when using a ccd?
  4. Thanks, I'm thinking i will stick to planetary imaging for now. Would you suggest anything other accessories for such imaging to help me improve?
  5. So a ccd would be useless with my scope? What scope would you suggest? Thanks
  6. I was thinking colour, but if you would recommend otherwise.
  7. Hi, So i been doing some astrophotography with my Canon and would like to progress onto a CCD. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to advise on the best on for my budget, scope. Budget - £250 - £300 Scope - Skywatcher skymax 127 on the syncscan az goto mount. Hardware - Macbook Air running El Capitain Thank you Adz
  8. Thanks James that makes a lot of sense. I imagined having to do a whole song and dance for polar alignment.
  9. If I were to get the EQ mount are the motors easy to attach? I dont wanna end up breaking the mount. I also found on another thread about the kit to make the mount goto compatible AstroEQ its called. Also when browsing other threads on here I read about people having difficulty with polar alignment. Is it hard? and whats the purpose of it? Would i still do the 3 star alignment like i do at the mo? Sorry for all the silly questions.
  10. Thanks for your replies so far. Cheers, I totaly forgot about looking on ebay. That might be the way. Looks good and a nice price too. I had looked at eq mounts after reading up on astrophotography but didn't really know what to go for.
  11. Hi all, So I dropped my mount off with one of the guys from Altair Astro (he lives in the same village as me) something was up with the motors i think. This is the old scope. Anyway Im preparing for the worst, that I will need to get a new one. But Im in a bit of a dilemma.......... Do i replace it with the same one or upgrade ready for future scopes? I haven't had to much experience with the scope as i only got my first one 4 months ago and the mount started going wrong not long after (it was second hand). Although Im new at this i have taken my first steps towards photography (pics in a prev
  12. Thanks for everyones feed back. i found out i can connect the camera directly to my mac for a live feed of what Im imaging which should make things easier. I plan to get back out there when i get my mount sorted out.
  13. HI Sorry for not reply for the last few days but i managed to take a look inside the mount couldn't see anything stuck so i took a short video of what the gear is doing. Not sure where to upload to so you can have a look. Any suggestions? Thanks Adam
  14. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes Thats the one....... I cant turn the mount left and right but i can move the scope up and down.
  15. Hi, Well i noticed this the last couple of times when using my scope. When using the hand controller to point the scope the mount struggles to move and lets out a low whining sound. There has also been times that it has stopped working altogether, but other time when it works like normal. Now i have check the powertank and that is all charged, i have also checked to make sure the scope is properly balanced on the mount, which it is. I got the scope for christmas secondhand ,i believe the mount is a AZ GoTo Computerised Alt-Azimuth HD Go-To Mount. Does anyone know what is wrong? Is my mount dy
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