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  1. I'm interested in the 22mm. I'll PM you. thanks Stuart
  2. Wow, stunning, a real sense of drama in the winning image.
  3. Thanks Russ. I've done that myself many times, it's REALLY annoying!
  4. I've recently acquired an Altair Starwave 80ED-R. It's on an skywatcher AZ-GTI mount and the whole setup is light and surprisingly stable. I was looking at jupiter last night at about 160x without even aligning the mount and it was tracking really well.
  5. I know I'm late to this thread but I had exactly the same problem with the current version of this finder (red anodised trim). Your suggestion worked a treat. I can now get the crosshairs and the sky in focus at the same time. Thanks! Stuart
  6. I've recently bought a used AZ-GTI mount and was having problems connecting to my android phone via wifi. Thanks to suggestions on this thread I downloaded a wifi analyser app and identified the problem as wifi channel 6 conflicting with my home wifi router. Turning my home router off allowed me to connect to the mount and change the wifi channel to 13. I turned my home router back on and everything is still fine, I can connect my phone to the mount on channel 13. I decided to update the firmware and this is where the fun starts: You can't load new firmware using android! I thought I would try my old laptop running XP, but you can't download the files from the Skywatcher site because of an SSL certificate incompatibility. I had to use my win 10 desktop, and put the firmware update files on a memory stick. I can now run those on my laptop, which connects to the mount and starts the firmware update but it keeps stopping at around 15% complete, telling me to cycle the power on the mount and try again, only for it to fail again. It turns out the mount reverts to wifi channel 6 when it goes into firmware update mode! Turning my home router off again allowed me to complete the firmware update, reconnect using my phone and change the wifi channel back to 13. I hope this information is of help to anyone else having problems. Stuart
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