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  1. Hi, as has been said the issue could by batteries but also have you updated the firmware? Even though the hc may be new to you the hc may not be up to date with firmware.
  2. Hi I have the ASIAIR pro and a tplink but even though I’m about 15’ from my home broadband router the connection keeps dropping I have tried various settings on the tplink but it does not seem to make any difference so I’m thinking of running an Ethernet cable from the home router to the ASIAIR. Anyone having the same problem and can you advise on the Ethernet cable, I’m thinking of getting a cat8 20 m cable.
  3. Thanks for the replies and advice. I have been looking at both WiFi extenders and mesh extenders but which is the best. All I want to do is get the best most reliable connection to my ASIAIR.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I aim to hook up my ASIAIR to the WiFi extender in , I hope, Order to have a better WiFi connection. Power to the ASIAIR will come from my battery. My telescope on which will be the ASIAIR will be in the garden about 20’ from the house. That is why I have been thinking about an extender. The extender I am looking at is a Rangextd.
  5. Do I need to connect my router to my extender with a cable or will it work wirelessly? Please help.
  6. I have ZWO cameras that I use for solar imaging and the Pointgrey Grasshopper 174 but there is a program that I need the download to get the camera working but for the life of meI can’t remember the name of it, something like spinnaker, does anyone know which software I need?
  7. Yes Stellarium works with the mount but only if I use the rs232 cable and adapter. I always check which com port and put that into the configuration in Stellarium . I plug the cable directly into the hc port on the mount whereas the other cable fits into the bottom of the hc, it seems that when the hc is not used, nothing works, I also have Cartes du Ciel on my laptop (Dell 15000) the reticule moves on the screen but the mount does not move. Stranger than fiction.
  8. Hi Andy, unless I plug in the cable First there is no port identified. I have taken a couple more images, you can tell I am not a computer expert or anything near, I hit the update latest drivers in the relevant window just to make sure.thanks for your help..
  9. Hi Andy just finished taking images Etc. When I plug in my cable it is not shown, I did step by step as you suggested and below are two images, one of the cable and the other is after double clicking on ‘ports’ in device manager. Any ideas?
  10. Hi Andy, my operating system is windows 10 and my laptop is a Dell 1500. I plug the cable directly into the hc port on the mount with the other end into my laptop. I have tried the cable ( RS232) that fits into the bottom of the hc which connects into an adapter that fits into a USB port and it works fine but with the Hitech Astro cable nothing. I have downloaded several drivers. It has never worked since the day I got it, I think it must be drivers. I check which com port then put that into Stellarium. Could it be some setting I need to do or is it a driver thing?
  11. I have an AVX mount and a Hitech Astro cable to enable me to control my mount from the laptop using Stellarium, could someone please tell me which driver I need. Thank you in advance. Cheers
  12. Hi, I tried again today with a camera ( asi zwo 120 mm) attached but the program did not recognise I had the camera turned on, it worked fine in Sharpcap, so I have uninstalled JAVA and FireCapture. Tried again to download from the FireCapture site but all I got was a page of files but no FireCapture.exe.
  13. I have again been trying to download the program and I think I have achived it but I had to download Java first. As I did not have a camera attachedthe scree I got was White and not the Red screen as can be seen in the various videos, maybe tomorrow I will attach a camera and see what I get. Didn’t do it today as Ihave been recording through Sharpcap and my head is about to explode, what with recording videos then trying to download FireCapture, I don’t think I can take anymore today, I’ll try tomorrow. Thanks for your help everyone.
  14. Davy thanks but as I said I am posting this on my iPad as I have no other way of receiving email. Cornelious, no that is not the page I get.
  15. Hi Cornelius, I am trying to download onto my Dell 1500 laptop. Tomorrow I will try to get a screen grab but don’t hold your breath.
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