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  1. Hi Dave sorry I am not able to provide a link, me and computers are like oil and water but if you speak to your Astro retailer Imsure they will help.
  2. Hi, I have just been watching the TJ Connolly video and noticed he attached the am5 to the zwo tripod using the silver round adapter which is supplied with the zwo carbon tripod, I’ve not got one of those, will I need to purchase one of those adapters to fit the am5 to my Celestron AVX tripod? And at the bottom end of the pier will I be able to attach myBerlebach adapter to fit onto my Celestron AVX tripod. Anyone help please.
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help please. I have a Belerbach adapter which allows me to attach my am5 to my Celestron AVX tripod so to, avoid any meridian flip issue , I’m considering getting a Zwo pier but, the adapter currently attaches to the bottom of the am5 and then fits into the hole on top of my AVX. If I get a pier will it attach onto the bottom of the am5 and then allow me to fit the adapter to the bottom of the pier, therefore allowing me to attach the whole to my AVX tripod? Anyone advise please.
  4. Hi Phil, yes the weight of the mount makes it extremely portable, I have to consider the weight of things as I cannot carry heavy items due to very weak knees. If you have a tripod where you can take off the post, as you can with the Celestron AVX mount, you will save yourself a few hundred quid, you will need to buy an adapter but they are a lot cheaper than the zwo tripod.
  5. Hello Admiral, my scope is an Explore Scientific ed80apo. I have weighed everything and it comes to about 6 kilos. As you say the ASIAIR makes everything more enjoyable especially once one has Polar aligned. I want to image ic1396 the elephant trunk so I can follow along, step by step, a video regarding processing in Pixinsight. I have watched hours and hours of videos about PI but it seems to go in one ear and out the other. The said video is by Enteringintospace. Sorry don’t know his name. I’ve signed up for Adam Blocks Fundamentals course regarding PI, he’s very knowledgable and explains things for each process in great depth.
  6. Hi, I have an ASIAIR pro along with an asi 249mc camera. To guide with I have a skywatcher evo 50. I use my apple iPad with the relevant apps on therefore I control polar alignment, camera functions Etc. The skies here in Leicestershire have not been kind but as soon as I have something I’ll post it.
  7. Hi, I have just received my am5 mount but did not bother to buy the tripod as I will use my Celestron AVX tripod, I have purchased an adapter that fits onto the bottom of the am5 and the bolt on the AVX fits into the bottom of the adapter. One has to be careful here as there are, I believe, different sizes of adapter, my AVX tripod measured about 63mm, measure yours to be sure and do it using a vernier or similar. I have not had the chance of trying the mount due to clouds. I attached everything to the scope then found the centre by putting a piece of doweling under the scope and marked the vixen bar where the centre is therefore giving me, hopefully, the best balance. Can’t wait to try things out. My previous mount was a skywatcher 3-2 but, even though, with everything balanced, I got star trailing if I imaged 40-60seconds, I’m sure that mount is not up to it and I’m hoping the am5 will give me better results.
  8. Hi, I’ve just fitted a Berlebach adapter I purchased from an astronomy dealer and it fits both the am5 and my Celestron AVX. There is another one made by a German manufacturer which is slightly dearer but I’m sure will do the same job. Now I can get on with some longer exposures and hopefully my data will be better. I know I could have gotten a skywatcher mount but I have to consider weight.
  9. Hi everI have purchased an adapter but I’m not sure of the spelling of both adapter and manufacturers but I will when it comes and I’ve tested to make sure things fit as they should.
  10. Thanks for the link. I have tried screwing the bolt of the AVX tripod into the bottom of the am5 but it only goes in less than one turn so to me it doesn’t feel secure.
  11. hi, I have an am5 that I want to put onto my AVX tripod which I’m told is possible but how and what extra fittings do I need. Anyone advise please.
  12. Thanks for the replies, my scope is an explore scientific ed80apo, or a Radian Raptor 61, again using the ASIAIR along with an electronic focuser ( EAF) I also use the zwo ASIAIR pro to control things. I have looked on second hand sites but am always wary .
  13. hi everyone, I’m contemplating upgrading my mount but weight has a big say as I have problems so I no longer go to our dark site. I currently have a skywatcher eq3-2 and am looking at the skywatcher Heq5. I do a bit of astrophography and very little visual. Would it be worth spending upwards of £1000 to get the Heq5? And would I see an appreciable difference in my images? Anyone advise please.
  14. Hello everyone, the above guide scope has a helical focusser and I was wondering if anyone has changed that focusser four another one such as a moonlight Etc. I am thinking of putting an electronic focusser on the alternative focusser unit. What do you think?
  15. Thanks guys for the replies. Powerlord, I like method A but I need an idiots guide to do it, how and where do I set the Vonets in extender mode?your drawing is good but where do I input the ssid and password, also where will I find them? I will be using the AAP at home always due to medical reasons, that is why I got the AAP so I can sit inside in the warm.
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