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  1. Yes definitely worth considering the skywatcher 150ED if it was my money most probably would especially if you considered the higher end refractors  have money left over for a nice imaging set up also 

  2. Hi stargazer 33 supernova 74 here how ironic I’m thinking of veiwing this comet tonight quite bright regarding comets are concerned when would you say the best time is to veiw and is it in Auriga!? Or as I’ve heard from an Astro friend it was just below the moon around 10:30 last night and what kind of kit are you useing 

    1. Stargazer33


      Hi, I'm not too sure where the comet is at the moment. I run all my imaging through a laptop, using Stellarium, Stellarium Scope, APT, PHD2 and either Sharpcap or Firecapture. I just search on the objects name in Stellarium and slew to wherever it is.

      At the moment I have got a Celestron x0.63 FR on my C9.25 giving a focal length of 1480mm and using either my modified Canon 1100D or my Zwo ASI385 osc.

      I'm still struggling to get everything working together; sometimes APT will platesolve, sometimes it won't; sometimes Firecapture/Sharpcap will work, sometimes they freeze!  I think I need to get a faster laptop!

      Sorry I can't be of any more help. 

    2. Supernova74


      Hi yes I managed to view comet C/2019 Y4 ATLAS  it’s in Camelopardalis initially it just looks like a star however after training my eye I’m sure I could see some tale debry I’m useing a Meade 12” ACF the moon was also great night previous to last and managed to rank the power up to £609 x which is rare last night when was observing two meteorites passed in the field of veiw which was nice to see 


  3. Hi John nice to here from you my scope is an Meade 12” ACF and it’s the ES24mm 82 degrees yes it’s very annoying to be honest deep sky seems to be not an issue however on the moon and brighter objects sticks out like a sore thumb

  4. Oh ok Jeremy anyway I use an ironing perch chair personally only cost me £52 there seems to be not a lot on the market not a bad night tonight lol not to happy with one of my ES 24mm 82 degrees 

  5. Hi Jeremy did you get my thread ie observing chair yesterday 

    yes venus in M45 seems surreal 



  6. Yes the moon was good to night just came in after around 4 hrs deep sky a bit of a pain observed the Eskimo nebula also some nice clusters in Auriga and of course Venus not much detail but some nice shadows with the crescent on the planet 

  7. Hi mick yes just come in my self I observed the moon for around an 1hr at. High powers hardly any atmosphereic turbulence a few clusters in Auriga also I take it back thinking Venus is a boring planet to observe 

    1. Mick H

      Mick H

      Nice one, glad you also had a good evening.

  8. Hi I,m considering in purchasing an APO myself however are the TAK! Really worth the premium price tag I be mainly useing for visual maybe somewhere down the line imagining or video Astronomy at some point the only reason I ask is in some reviews and testing against cheaper brands the under seems not to be that far behind ie in quality

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    2. Supernova74


      Well my current set up is a Meade LX90 12”ACF have a sky bortale rating of 6 not to bad for outside London on good nights and seeing conditions the scope can shine however I’ve heard that people have looked through an 14”Sct side by side with an 6” APO and preferred the APO that’s under even worse sky conditions then mine I think however in dark sky conditions the sct,s would come up trumps I think as aperture rules so I’m considering the Skywatcher Evostar 150ED what I’m trying to achieve is what I can see would like to see in more image detail and contrast I suppose sometimes in life quality can be better than quantity?

    3. JeremyS


      I think your 12-inch SCT will give better results all round visually on both planets and certainly deep sky.

      If it were mine, I would not swap it for a 6-inch refractor.

      I have a C9.25 and it gives fantastic results visually. And my C11 is great for faint CCD imaging.

    4. Supernova74


      Yes I used to have an CPC 9.25 good scope however got that little thing called aperture fever unfortunately deep sky can be a little more differcult around my neck of the woods however I’ve found Astronomy can be a little bit like fishing wait years for that good catch similar to Astronomy just the same.even tho the planets are still quite low in the horizon at moment I still had pleasant views of Saturn at around 380x I think tho in a few years time if I cannot bring darker sky’s to me I have to go to it 

  9. Yes apologies new to this forum yes I’ve come up with an very easy upgrade so to speak if you can call it an upgrade that is more of a perk as if you got an goto mount in alignment procedure instead of useing a cross hair illuminated eyepiece which can be tricky at times I’ve drilled a small 3-5 mm hole in eyepiece dust cap and you still can see star clearly this saves eye balling the object in centre of eyepiece and I’ve found in goto the object is defiantly closer towards the centre of field of veiw

    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      Please post that reply on the thread you started


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