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  1. Not sure really at the moment I would probably say visual but I am starting to get into imaging and I can see myself spending more time imaging as and when I get better equipment.
  2. the problem with the multi scope options are that I won't get away with buying more than one scope the budget will be slashed to the value of the one that is the best all rounder The £1800 is an absolute max for which I will have to earn a significant amount of brownie points.
  3. I may ( the wifes good nature willing) be in a position to buy a new scope in the next few months. My budget can probably stretch to about £1800. I have spoken to Steve at FLO about the LX90 8" GPS, I'm very tempted! I have been looking round on the forum and the online shops and I'm a bit unsure now as I've read some excellent reviews of the Skywatcher pro ED80 on a HEQ5 Pro mount. Here's what I see are necessary for my needs, so you know what I'm thinking and what I'm going to be using it for. 1 Goto - I think this is necessary to find and view more objects (My sky knowledge isn't what it sh
  4. Thanks Steve, very nice of you I will probably take you up on that offer I will give you a call when I'm next in my office. I was drawn to the skywatcher because it was available on you website. P.S. Can I also have an LX90 on approval I'm sure her indoors will let me pay for it sometime
  5. I need to by a camera bracket for afocal imaging with my Sony DSC-W1. It looks as though I have to options the first is the Skywatcher Universal Camera Adapter or ULTRA Afocal Camera Support. I can't seem to find any revues or comments on either of these and would like some input from users or suppliers. Thanks Darren
  6. Clear night up here in Manchester. I set up my little scope and had a crack at my first DSO. I used my Sony DSC-W1 on a photographers tripod staring into the 25mm eyepiece of my scope to these 15 second exposures at iso400. They're a bit blury it think that is for a couple of reasons, 1 My scope could do with colimating & 2 Having the camera set Afocally on a seperate tripod means the the RA Drive is moving the eyepiece away from the camera during the exposure, hence only 15 seconds not 30. I really need to get a mounting bracket for my camera. Anyway here are the pics, please be kind the
  7. Had another crack at Orion tonight this time mounted on my telescope for a 30 second exposure at iso400 with the RA motor on for tracking.
  8. I might have to try a modification. I can't change anything on the camera though, its also the family holiday camera.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Steve. I was just about to pull the trigger on this and a Baader Neodymium Filter off your web site I still may buy the filter as I could do with it on my scope. But I would really like to be able to use filters with my camera as I like to take wide field images. Darren
  10. really nice, great picture.
  11. It is very orange here is the unprocessed image
  12. I have a Sony DSC-W1. I have found the correct adapter "Sony VAD-WA " on amazon. My question is, the information say it will take 30mm filters, are these special Sony 30mm filters or will it take the standard 31.75mm (1.25") astro filters? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-VADWA-AE-VAD-WA/dp/tech-data/B0002XOY9I/ref=de_a_smtd/203-0836511-3722342 Thanks for your help Darren
  13. This is a wide field image of Orion taken on Saturday using my Sony DSC-W1 with a five second exposure at iso 400 at f7.9. This is the processed version done in iPhoto. I have recently posted this image and the unprocessed image Here http://stargazerslounge.co.uk/index.php?topic=10101.0
  14. Here are two images of Orion taken from my back garden last night. I think these images show what a problem light polution has become. The first image is the raw unprocessed image taken using my sony DSC-W1 with a 5 second exposure the second image is the processed version of the first image. I processed it using iPhoto. The sky glow is caused by two things about 3/4 of a mile to the south west of my garden. The first is the Trafford Center Shopping complex which leaves most of its lights on all night. The second and by far the worst is the PlayGolf Driving Range which has so many floodlights
  15. No begging I'm just going to tell her I'm having it then run away quickly and hide
  16. Dark skies chance would be nice I have a great blue and orange sky glow in the south west of my garden thanks to the trafford center. Its not to bad really but on a 30 second exposure with my sony DSC-w1 digital camera the sky is very orange in that direction. As for my other equiptment I have had a small skywatcher skyhawk 114m which is quite good when we get a clear night. But I am trying to get my wife to let me upgrade to an LX90 8" GPS. I'm sure she will let me get one eventually but it may take some time. As for cameras I have a Sony DSC-W1 which is really good for the money as it will
  17. Just wanted to say hello now that I have finally become a member. I have been reading this forum for quite a few months and a must say it seems to be a very friendly and helpful place, Lots of members willing to give advice to beginners and more advanced users alike. Wishing everybody clear skies Darren
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