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  1. For sale is my ts optics triplet fpl53 apo. Kept in a foam lined travel case. The focuser has been upgraded to the 3.7" version with 100mm of travel for heavy equipment. Tsred field flattener included. Finderscope/guidescope with helical focuser included. All in excellent condition. £1000 Inc del to mainland UK.
  2. I'm about to go down the serious imaging route after around 10 years of visual astronomy, I have quite a good idea of what's required and how to image. I'm ok with the equipment I've got at the minute regarding guide cameras, guidescopes and software, I have a good mount in the az-Eq6 gt with plenty of payload capacity. I currently own a 150 esprit and a meade 10 inch sct. I'm looking for the best imaging scope and camera I can get for my money which is around £1800. I have been looking at the esprit 80 or 100 with field flattener for the scope but not sure about
  3. Hi, interested in just the finder without bracket, could you pm me a price please if wanderingeye wants just the bracket.
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