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  1. How much for the type 6 7mm?
  2. MBJ

    SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    I dont kiss and tell.....sorry
  3. MBJ

    SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    I know it wouldnt,im merely stating what i was told by a very well known astro shop that it plugs into the bottom of the handset and this seems to be backed up by the presence of 2 cables in the adaptor box to plug into the handset or direct into the mount.
  4. MBJ

    SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    On an eq6 pro or az eq6 the wifi adaptor plugs straight into the mount using the original supplied handset cable,it wont power the wifi adaptor up if plugged into the bottom of the handset.
  5. Well,after owning numerous different scopes and mounts..too many to count ive broke the bank and aqcuired hopefully what i think will do for my visual needs and hopefully with a few accessories some imaging. Ive had numerous eq goto mounts and an heq5 but still thought something was missing.3 x 200p,s 2 x ed100,s an ed 120,2 skymax 127s and a cpc800.....but....something was missing..... and i couldnt put my finger on it but i think ive finally found it!. I recently bought an az-eq6 gt which has surpassed all my expectations and only yesterday aqcuired what i consider to be a real bargain as it is in pristine condition for a fraction of the new cost. Although i had never really heard of them i was told by a very reliable source that they were up there with the best. An APM 152 ED Doublet. I havent had chance to look through it yet so cant comment on it but will write a review when i do. My friend has just bought an esprit 150 and wants to get together one night so we can do a side by side comparison which im looking forward to. Has anyone had any experience of one of these scopes and if so what are your thoughts.
  6. Ive got a synscan az mount that will take your 90mm frac or 127. No handset but works perfect...£70 inc del.
  7. MBJ

    Absolute newbie from Doncaster, UK

    Hi matt and welcome.im not far from you(maltby). Enjoy and have fun.
  8. MBJ

    Clear out

    Skywatcher skymax 127 ota.£170 inc del.couple of very minor marks which dont affect it visually.pics on request. Celestron 9 x 50 finder inc bracket.£45 inc del.*SOLD* Celestron nexstar+ handset £70 inc del. *SOLD* Celestron skyQlink 2 wifi adaptor boxed mint. £70 inc del. Skywatcher 10mm 25mm and 2x barlow boxed new £30 inc del all 3. Skywatcher synscan az goto mount.no handset or spreader plate works perfect. £60 inc del. Pics on request for all.
  9. MBJ


    pm sent
  10. MBJ


    Hi is this still for sale?
  11. MBJ

    Few items.

    Its just the handset john.

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