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  1. i use the 8" version with starsense and yes..it really is that easy.
  2. You dont have to let it align itself.....i use manual alignment everytime....lets you chose where it points to take the images.
  3. Your issues with polar alignment still dont make goto bad for everyone else. There are lots of goto mounts that dont need polar alignment. Celestrons starsense is easy....3 minutes and ready to view all night....all objects in fov everytime. Im sorry but No one can tell me that goto is bad for visual.
  4. ive had both the 200p and a skymax 127....both goto for visual use. never had a problem with either. i dont know why anyone would say avoid goto for visual as it is a lot better than trying to follow an object manually. people have different opinions on these things but from my personal experience i wouldnt use a telescope now for visual without goto. as for the views....the 200p gives a nice bright wide view and although the view through the skymax 127 is smaller and a tad darker,with the aid of a reducer you can open the fov up slightly. i loved both of these scopes and have since moved onto an 8" sct.
  5. As im onto 2" eyepieces i have 2 baader 1"25 filters for sale. Baader UV/IR-Cut/L excellent condition boxed. £28 delivered. Baader UHC-S Filter excellent condition boxed . (Visual and photographic)£32 delivered. If anyone wants both i will sell them for £57 delivered.
  6. for sale is my skywatcher dual speed focuser for sct,s. in excellent condition. no box but will be well packaged. £80 inc postage to uk.
  7. Hello from Rotherham

    welcome....fellow rotherhamite here .
  8. will the dual speed focuser fit an st120? cheers mick
  9. depending on your eyepice collection wether 2" or 1 25" you can buy a 0.5 reducer that screws onto the eyepiece
  10. yeah just read up on that. my bad lol the other solution is to buy one that screws onto the eyepiece.
  11. you can definitely get cheaper reducers for celestron 8" sct,s as i have one. the standard f6.3 celestron reducer should fit and a fraction of the price. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reducersflatteners/celestron-f63-focal-reducer.html
  12. yeah cheers brantuk i had already done the steel bearing upgrade and what a difference it made.a few of the nylon bearings had flat spots. so mucxh smoother now with the steel bearings.
  13. cheap DSLR

    i never had enough inward travel on the focuser to achieve focus,i actually ended up loosening the screws that hold the mirror cell in place and adjusting it as far up the tube as it would go to achive focus.mine was a year old when i bought it in 2012
  14. cheap DSLR

    just as an afterthought,i used to have exactly the same telescope you have and went the same route as a dslr for imaging. i bought a canon 450d but found that when i set it all up i couldnt achieve focus. i had to buy an adaptor from bernard at modern astronomy. this extra adaptor was combined with a self centring adaptor aswell and cost me in the region of £80.
  15. just want to get opinions on my idea to mount an st120 onto my cpc800. it would be fitted using a long plate designed for 8"scts with tube rings attached. also i would use an adm counterweight to balance it. can anyone see any issues if its all balanced correctly.