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  1. Hi all. Instead of starting a new topic, I thought I would hijack this one, with a related enquiry. I’m also thinking of dipping my toe in the water from wildlife to Astro. I however am a Nikon shooter and have an unmodded D800, the holy trinity f2.8’s; 14-24mm. 24-70mm, and 70-200mm plus an f4 500mm. I was considering just going with something like an iOptron Skyguider Pro initially on my Gitzo cf tripod, possibly down the track throwing on a small QhyCCD guider to learn how to use PHD2. The thinking being that not using a go-to mount would help me learn the skies better and give me the portability to take the rig out to the desert (I live most of the year in Saudi Arabia). Given above, I think i have widefield covered (within the restrictions of photo optics) but was wondering if the 500mm would be too large for the Skyguider Pro? I’m presuming so and therefore thought about the William Optics 61mm, which gives me an increased FL over my 70-200mm. Thoughts, recommendations? Regards Alan Schenk Dhahran (and Oxfordshire)
  2. If your budget can stretch, you could also consider Polemaster. There is a video on YouTube that shows how to use it for a Southern Hemisphere PA.
  3. Many thanks Rob....yes...I can see great value in the goto EQ mount....especially for an astro newbie like me...
  4. Blimey Stuart...just looked at your website. Firstly, your birding shots are fabulous....well done. Your Astro images are incredible...I had no idea the 500mm could do this....even if it is a Canon ...but obviously this is as much about your skill as a photographer and in PP...you have given me great hope and ambition...many thanks indeed. I may PM you if you don't mind to ask you some specific questions....
  5. Hi all, first post and probably a really silly question, but here we go; I'm an avid wildlife photographer and have some Nikon equipment, including a D800 and various lenses. What I would like to know, is what astrophotography I can expect to do with the equipment I have connected to an Astrotrac on a Gitzo tripod for example, as opposed to having to purchase more dedicated scopes and mounts? In my ignorance, I was hoping my 14-24mm F2.8 would be good for wide field photography (milky way etc). If so, would my 500mm F4 be useful for DSO, or would I need to purchase more dedicated equipment like a Newtonian or an RC on an EQ6 or something, along with guide scope, camera etc. Apologies if I have not used the correct terminology. I would like to do both wide field and nebulae, so any advice greatly received. regards
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