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  1. I have a spare 6kg counterweight for a 10 Micron GM100HPS available. It is essentially unused. New with a mount they are about £140, I would like £90 please. Gus
  2. Sara, I would love that OTA. The trouble is that here in Blighty there simply isn't enough clear-sky time for me to justify that kind of additional expense. I don't get enough use out of the £15k I've already spent. Of course, out in Spain you can really get the value out of it so have you ever thought of setting it up so that you can sell imaging time on it? I have just looked at your website..... Unbelievable. I feel wholly inadequate, sick in fact. Gus
  3. Although I don't have any experience of guiding it would be useful for my longer focal length OTA when it comes to narrow band imaging, so I am tempted to give this a go. I already have a 70mm APO which sits piggyback and that should be ideal for guiding. As I understand it I just need a guide camera, cabling and software. Can you give me a price for the camera? Gus
  4. I might take the guider. Having a 10 micron mount I am not completely up to speed with guiding. Please confirm any other requirements to set this up. I assume it is just a USB from Guider to computer which powers the guider and connects to PHD and then an RJ connector from the guider to the mount guider port? Gus
  5. Hi, The large format Trius and filter wheel might interest me. What price? Gus
  6. Depending on price I might be persuaded to take the Narrowbands! Gus
  7. Yes, that does look about right; the track is correct anyway. May I asked what database you have used to find that out? Gus
  8. Evening folks, I am imaging the Flaming Star Nebula and am currently taking 30 minute frames through a Luminance filter. Seeing is pretty good. On order to check for drift on the mount I have just overlayed two images that are 120 minutes apart. (Delighted to be able to say there was no discernible drift) As I toggled between the two overlayed images I noticed one contact that was moving - only one. When I zoom in on the image it is clearly a streak but the other stars are perfectly round. I have checked the intervening images and it is also there, moving slowly across the image at a rate of about 18" of arc every 30 minute exposure. I cannot find any reference in Stellarium, or on the Internet to a comet or asteroid currently in this location, RA 05.16.48 DEC 34.32.06 . Anybody got any idea what it could be? Surely too slow for a satellite? Gus
  9. Hi Jules, I am potentially letting my SW Esprit 120ED pro go . Brand new this year when I was have trouble collimating an RC250 and frustration drove me to buy it but I really didn't want to spend the money. Murphy's Law - I then got the RC sorted and so didn't mount the SW for 4 months. It is in mint condition, just done one job. I also have the flattener for it, the adapters for CCD to get the focal plane at the right distance and a Bhatinov mask; standard focuser. In truth, I would really like to keep it because along with my other two OTAs it gives me a great number of f/l options but it has tied up over £2,000 that I didn't plan on spending. Are you interested in an Esprit? Gus
  10. Well in that case £90 is an absolute bargain and I am underselling it! Gus
  11. Yes, that's a fair point! Ian King has them for £120 supplied with a mount, no idea what they are stand-alone. For all intents an purposes it's unused, brand new so let's say £90. Gus
  12. I have a stainless steel 6kg counter weight for sale. In A1 condition; originally supplied by Ian King for my 10 Micron 1000HPS. Gus
  13. O wow, Sara! Yes, does that ever help; I had visions of not knowing which way to go. Thank you. I understand the positional tolerance is only about 1 mm. Paul, how do you find the 8300 chip? (Being a Pompey lad you can't be too far from me) Gus
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