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  1. Thank you all so much for your help - I am not sufficiently expert to be able to address such problems by myself. Having reinstalled and re-calibrated PHD2 the guidance stabilised at 0.3"RMS again - suggesting to me that it was a PHD issue and that guidance is not being impacted by the vibration off the 16200. I am in discussions with Atik. Gus
  2. And here it is after a PHD reinstall and re-calibrate. Gus
  3. It's a 10 Micron 1000HPS, routinely guides to 0.5" and regularly does less than 0.3". The new camera is the only change that could have any impact on it. Separate guide scope. Same set up as before, which didn't have any of these issues. The vibration can barely be felt on the Esprit 120 itself but easily felt on its EFW and 16200. However, it is most clearly felt on the guide camera and surely this has to be guidance related because the unguided is essential good? Well, the only problem I can find on guidance is the vibration on the camera, everything else is the same as before the Atik 16200 upgrade. If it is clear again tomorrow I may put the Atik One back on the rig and see if the issue is still present. Gus
  4. On the left, 15 minutes unguided; PixInsight gives it .40 eccentricity. On the right, taken immediately afterwards, 15 minutes guided with its guide data. From a set up that bottomed out at 0.22" RMS last night. Gus
  5. Video of the vibrations Atik Vibrations.MOV
  6. Thank you. Yes, that all makes sense. Comparing short exposures either side of the pier sounds like a good idea. The vibration is instantly detectable through my fingers as soon as I touch either the EFW3, 16200 the or the guide camera so somehow it is being transmitted through about 18kgs of kit. It is also faintly detectable when I touch the Esprit 120 itself. Regardless of what is or is not happening with guidance, surely the camera should not be vibrating to the extent that the vibration is detectable through the filter wheel and into the optics? My plan is to point the rig vertically and put a light class of water on the EFW to see if I can see any vibration on the surface. Any other ideas? Gus
  7. Thank you. The guiding is inconsistent though - it went from that to over 1.0" in half an hour and I cannot understand why. With the above guiding performance I would have expected a perfect image but it wasn't. Can you think of anything else that might cause a poor image with excellent guiding? I am worried that there is something wrong with the camera. Gus
  8. I wonder if there is anybody on here who has experience with the Atik 16200 who might be able to help me. I have just upgraded from an Atik One 9.0 to an Atik 16200 to give me a Large Format capability. The Atik One has been superb with no issues of any kind; a real pleasure to use. The Atik 16200 has a significantly higher cooling capacity (-50c against -38c) achieved by higher capacity fans and heat sink. It is therefore a heavier camera - 1.3kgs against 0.9kgs. Last night I noticed my guide stars were out of shape and when I checked that the guide camera was secure in its scope I could feel significant vibration on it. This vibration was not in evidence in the main imaging optics, the focuser or the flatener but it was in the EFW3 and the camera. It is there when the fans are running regardless of whether the cooler is engaged. I am not sufficiently expert to know but I cannot imagine such vibration is to be expected and I am sure it has been impacting my imaging performance. One night my guiding bottomed out at 0.22" RMS but the corresponding 20 minute image had oval stars in it - which confused me. At the time my thinking was that whilst the guidance may have been spot on and the main optics secure, something else in the imaging train must have been moving and now I have a chief suspect - but I really wouldn't know how to go about proving that or isolating it. Is there anybody here who has any experience of the like, either with a 16200 or any other camera. Do we think this is normal. If not then as the camera is new I can go back to the vendor; if this is normal how does one damp out the vibrations? Many thanks. Gus
  9. They need to be made to fear the consequences, which they don't.
  10. As one who has a role within the judiciary I can tell you you are absolutely spot-on. I see it all the time, theft to support a habit. Were it down to me I would order compensation to the value of your loss because making a thief actually work to pay for what he has stolen/damaged brings home the cost of the error. Very sorry to hear this.
  11. That doesn't sound quite right to me. The distance to the pivot point doesn't change and so surely the "moment" doesn't change? Gus
  12. Absolutely spot-on. On the basis of my experience and everything I have heard you say on here it's a no-brainer - buy the Esprit 120EDPro. Compared to everything else I have seen it is by far the best value for money, even if it might not be quite in the Tak or Tec class; that coupled to the flat field right into the corners and a 44mm imaging circle... Be realistic. Gus
  13. This was the first un-guided test image (30 minutes) just to test the back focus on the Esprit/flattener/Atik combination - it might need a slight tweak; no cooling so hot pixels everywhere. PixInsight Eccentricity puts it at .40 Gus
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