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  1. fantastic image, great to see
  2. What a night/morning my skies are as clear as i have seen them for what seems like ages, as i type this im standing in a field not even 1/2 a mile from my front door, no LP what so ever, fantastic view 360 degrees, have even had a clear look at Antares, Jupiter is stunning, milky way is as clear and full of stars as i have seen again for such a long time, the Eagle, Omega, triffid, and Lagoon are all observable, its the first time i have had the pleasure of viewing Antares through my Evostar, by far the best viewing i have had this year. As i say still out at 4 am im loving this!!! Sorry if it
  3. This in my opinion should be published. fantastic. Scott
  4. Did anyone else see a rather large meteor heading south 00.38am very bright?
  5. Wow that's stunning! just shows you what is actually all there waiting to be teased out in imaging. all the best. Scott
  6. Here is my gear set up for viewing only tonight as its a bit breezy! But fairly clear. May try a wee bit imaging later if it settles. Clear skies folks.
  7. Hi Erik, a warm welcome from a not so sunny Scotland. all the best and clear skies. Scott
  8. Excellent i love this image!
  9. Yes where i am its great, no city glare so altogether pretty good skies. just wish we had more cloud free nights! Scott
  10. Hello and welcome, Now that really is some set up!
  11. Lovely early morning here so just took a few pictures with the iphone, as for creeping around you will get used to that!! Jupiter and the moons are a lovely sight in the scope. Enjoy and all the best!. Scott
  12. Quick photo of theese 2 this morning cant make out Saturn in the photo i did see it however, very low for me but glad i managed a wee look.
  13. Skies are as grey as grey can be here today, great images again tho!
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