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  1. Jeez. It is big. I wonder how you look through such a big eyepiece. I imagine you grab hold of it with both of your hands and put your entire face up against the eye lens. I believe this is the video https://youtu.be/b-N2ksV32pI .
  2. Yup. That's where my brain hurts. It got the AzMaxLoad for its simplicity. No electronics that needs to be powered and get in the way of what I'm actually out there for. I also love the idea and feel of having a fully analog rig that allows me to see things that are so immensely far away. Yet, having the option of adding the DSC makes the AZ100 so compelling. You don't need to, but you can.
  3. If I didn't already have the APM AzMaxLoad I would be all over this mount. It does add encoders and it does add slo mo controls. Still, I cannot justify another purchase at this point. Maybe I'm just battling some kick in of gear acquisition syndrome... in public.
  4. This one was waiting all day at home. It is quite a bit heaver than the Baader 2" mirror diagonal that I have. First light has to be some daytime spotting judging by the weather forecast.
  5. Ahaa! *LOL* I must be tired. I didn't see it.
  6. Oh yes. Report please! It is raining and all miserable here so I'm relegated indoors for some armchair astronomy. £49 is a great price.
  7. 1. When you have the laser in, if you bend it gently from side to side. does it move? Slight movement usually makes the laser go all over the place. 2. Is the secondary centered in the tube? I have a 130mm newtonian that, initially, was impossibe to collimate. When checking the placement of the secondary I discovered that the opening end of the tube wasn't round. After having fixed that the collimation process was quite a bit easier.
  8. Yup, I need to pulled the trigger on one of those. It looks very nice. I'm not drooling.
  9. Nice! Now that my mount was delivered one of these are at the top of the list.
  10. Have you had to do any service to it? Does it still operate as fine as it did when it was new?
  11. I'm happy that they still offer them. AFAIK there is no other non powered mount that has the same payload capacity. Do you still have yours?
  12. I just got it through the door an unboxed. It has been an anxious wait to see how APM would solve my request on getting a hybrid version that can be converted between single and dual mount. It turned out just perfect! It is supersolid but still not at all hard to carry thanks to the integrated handle. Since I'm not that heavy it is likely that I can sit on it and swing around with a scope mounted. Clouds covers most of the sky tonight as usual. I don't care. I still contemplate taking all the gear out and watch the coulds just to get it out for a first spin. Rain would be bad though.
  13. And one would think an eyepiece design from the early 90s would be old and dated technology. If you already have an eyepiece of same focal length that does the job I see no reason why buy another one. If it wasn't for the larger exit pupil needed to compensate for losses by the filters I wouldn't have considered a longer focal length eyepiece at all. I did some research and was about to pull the trigger on the 40mm ES Maxvision. It seems to perform well, but it also seems to be absolutely massive in size. I hesitated and a few weeks passed. As I was shopping around for a new tripod the Pan ended up in the shopping cart just to see where the totals would land. Agony. I reasoned that if it didn't work well for me I could send it back, but if it did it could be a keeper for life. I didn't remove it from the shopping cart.
  14. Reminds me of target practice. I was taught SARA (Swedish military term for Ställning (posture) Andning (breathing) Riktning (aim) Avfyrning (fire).). It just occurred to me that I've used it without thinking about it in situations with high magnification and a wobbly mount.
  15. I had my worries when I ordered the eyepiece. One was the inward focus travel and the other FC given that I do experience some FC with the 31 Nagler in the same scope. Luckily it works great. A different designed scope may give a different result though. I do have an f/5 newt as well. At the next session I hope to get both scopes and both the long focal length eyepices out for a comparison.
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