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  1. Excellent idea! I'll give that a try. Last week, after having spent an hour in -7°C without gloves changing eyepieces started to become somewhat difficult.
  2. McNewt

    What did the postman bring?

    Yeah, the Nagler 31 is a hefty beast. I had planned to order just the adapters plus the dust caps, but ended up with this. I guess part of the theme is finding stuff. The night before I ran out of patience with my tiny finderscope. Porridge and pasta on the menu for a while. First light is expected to be... (checking wheather forecast) in February. Not a single day with clear skies for the next coming 10-days.
  3. McNewt

    What did the postman bring?

    Some unboxing to be done. Dog helps out removing packing material so two-legged-one can take photos. While furry-one plays with the big box on the floor, two-legged-one plays with the smaller boxes. This is what was inside. The round thing with concentric circles on it is a collimation tool for my newt. The piece of electronics down right is a pulser for the Telrad. There are three more 2"/1.25"-adapters to be delivered. Telescope-express were graceful to do a part delivery at no extra cost since they ran out of stock of adapters.
  4. I don't have an over-the-shoulder strap on my bag. Only two straps for hand carry that are just long enough to get over one shoulder. That "Gitzo" looks like a winner.
  5. There are these all terrain strollers that have big wheels and nice suspension and they won't topple over all that easy... and they are foldable. Drawback is that they are expensive and not made to carry telescope equipment in the first place so it would require some modification. After some searching for prams, strollers and trolleys I found this http://www.ukmatchangler.com/match-pages/reviews/boxes/frenzee-fxt-hgv-trolly.php . Made to carry fishing gear.
  6. I like this concept. I guess bigger wheels would be necessary to be able to clear uneven ground a bit easier. Mounting that on a hand truck perhaps.
  7. To be honest... I've used the wife solution a couple of times too. *laugh* Once I've gotten past the negotiation part it usually works better than anything. The trade off can be that those viewing sessions are a bit shorter.
  8. If I've managed to post this in the wrong part of the forum perhaps some kind admin can help out moving it. Anyway. I have a rather large padded carry bag with two compartments that fits both my scope and mount and I can carry it over my shoulder. The battery has a carry handle built in to it. For my eyepieces I've recently acquired Pelican type cases, albeit not branded. For the rest of the gear I have a large transparent Tupperware type of box in which I keep stuff like finder scope, synscan unit, cables, adapters and what not. Everything put together is heavy, but considering just the weight I'm still be able to carry it all some moderate distance, for example from my car out into a field. Today I have to dump a lot of stuff into a regular backback, carry the padded bag over one shoulder, keep the battery in one hand and the box under the other arm. Some stuff I leave at home. It sort of works, but it is far from ideal. For example I have one the place that I regularly visit which is up on a ridge. The ground is not exactly flat and level and I'm always worrying that I will accidentally drop some gear. I'm avoiding walking back and forth several times since it is far too easy for someone to pick something up and just walk away with it. What solutions do you have?
  9. Thank you! I noticed DRT's comment about overlaps and he has similar sets too. Extreme wide field is bliss, but not suitable for all targets. For planetary I tend to prefer the tighter field of view.
  10. Full set of Lunt/APM eyepieces... ...and the Pentax XW gang. I received the 10 and 20 mm today so I will be getting a case for these. In terms of focal lengths there are overlaps, but given that most of my eyepieces are all over the place after a viewing session I apparently tend to switch back and forth between 70º and 100/110º to get the best possible views. Naturally the 3.5mm eyepieces are the least used ones.

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