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  1. Hi Ben the Ignorant, looked everywhere for a spec list like that, I suppose that settles it, thank you for the link.
  2. Hello, quick question, does anyone know if the Sky-Watcher 130M × 900 has got a Spherical or parabolic mirror? also, with a small aperture, does it really matter?
  3. Hi, it did move a little but I shimmed it so it now fits good and tight, and yes I have checked the 2nd mirror it seems to be fine.
  4. Thank you, John, I'll definitely take a look .
  5. Hello! Hope I'm posting this in the right place, this is all new to me, I will try to get to the point as quick as I can. I've recently purchased my first Reflector Telescope a Sky watcher 130M, knowing it would need collimating I purchased a laser collimating tool. Having heard that laser also need to be checked that they are correctly collimated, that's the first thing I checked, and it was spot on. So, having watched endless how-to videos on YouTube, I went through the motions of collimating until everything was perfect on both secondary and primary BUT! When I looked down the focuser it looked like.......... Well, let's just say, AWFUL! Nothing lined up. After several frustrating attempts later I did away with the laser and went back to basics and made myself a collimating cap and re-collimated. Everything now looks perfect though the collimating cap, lined up and central. But when I put the laser in, it's saying it's out, not by a little, a country mile................WHAT! My gut feeling tells me the cap method must be right and lasers lie. If anybody knows what might be going on here or tell me what I may be doing wrong will be much appreciated.
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