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  1. I recorded the missing bit later and you can find it here
  2. Hi Neil, I haven't seen this particular issue before, but there have been issues with the USB2 versions of the 120MC/MM when used for long exposures and in 16 bit mode (dropped frames etc), so it kind of makes sense that the use of longer exposures would be involved in the issue. The USB 3 versions of the camera seem more stable (or at least more resistant to this sort of problem). As to the gain question - it depends on the imaging you are doing - for planetary/lunar where you stack 100s of frames, a high gain is good to freeze the seeing. The max gain of 100 on this camera isn't re
  3. Check out the troubleshooting guide https://www.sharpcap.co.uk/sharpcap/features/polar-alignment/polar-alignment-troubleshooting If that doesn't help then capture a couple of images by using the 'snapshot' button and share them with me and I will have a look to see if I can work out why they are not working. cheers, Robin PS. At the IAS show this weekend, so may be able to look in detail until after the weekend.
  4. Hi Neil, the short answer is yes(*). There is a FAQ on the license purchase page that should answer all your license related questions! cheers, Robin (*) For personal purchases. Business who want to use SharpCap Pro need 1 license per PC
  5. Ah, that's interesting... I suspect that the underlying problem was that Windows update was trying to install updates and this was clashing with the install of the .NET framework. Windows Vista has a bad time with updates these days - there have been so many that the update engine can take an age to work out what it should do. I tried to bring a Windows Vista machine up to date a few months ago (from a fresh install) and left it for 48 hours and it was still trying to work out what updates to install. I gave up in the end. Anyway, good to hear that it worked in the end and that it wa
  6. Hi, I'd say to cancel out of everything, reboot, then download and install the .NET Framework 4.52 manually from https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=42642. Doing that manually will let you see any problems that crop up (if any do) and once it is in place the SharpCap install should just sail past that bit. cheers, Robin
  7. Ok, well check out whether the option for where to save the dark in the 'Capture Dark Frame' window was set to 'capture folder' or 'dark library' - if it was set to 'dark library' and you got no saved file in the darks folder then please send me a log if it happens again. If it was set to 'capture folder' then the dark may have been saved to your normal capture file location (but maybe the darks folder got created anyway). cheers, Robin
  8. Raw quoted throughput on USB2 is 480 megabits/s or 60 megabytes/s. As you say there are overheads to account for - normally these would stop you from getting to the rate required for 30fps, but I believe that there is a trick with using larger than normal data packets that reduces the overheads enough to get 30fps through. cheers, Robin
  9. @Stub Mandrel ToupTek cameras are only supported via the ASCOM or DirectShow drivers. There may be options inside the configuration for those that allow you to tweak the frame rate (USB speed), but I've not used those drivers so can't say for sure. What I do know is that ZWO have worked hard to make their cameras run as fast as possible. The downside of that is that with certain settings on some computers the cameras freeze up (turn up your Turbo USB too high on some USB chipsets...). That can obviously be an issue as to some new users it will look like a faulty camera. Other companies ma
  10. How did you capture your darks? If you use the 'Capture Dark' button then SharpCap captures the individual frames as temporary files and then makes a single master dark from them - the individual frames get deleted. The master dark gets files in a subfolder of the 'Darks' folder - the subfolder name is based on camera, resolution, bit depth, exposure, gain and temperature - the idea being that a 'dark library' slowly builds up of darks taken with different settings and that sometimes settings will be close enough to re-use old darks. cheers, Robin
  11. Hi, sorry to hear that you have lost imaging data. If you have been tinkering with the filename templates then maybe you ended up taking the '{Index}' tag out of the sequence template - if you did that then every file in the sequence would get given the same name, which would lead to the outcome you experienced. The sequence template needs to have either '{Index}' or '{FrameTime}' in it to avoid this problem. The quickest way to get the templates back to something sensible is to untick the 'Edit Filename Templates Manually' option then make some change or other to the filename option
  12. The alignment points will probably only appear on the disk of the planet (or the edge of the disk), so the space around it will not be used. That said, a bit of space around the edge is good as it gives the guiding some room to play with - if the guiding isn't perfect you still shouldn't have the disk going out of frame. cheers, Robin
  13. Ah, glad someone is at least trying it out - I got so little feedback on this during the beta period (ie none) that I couldn't progress the feature in the way I would for other features. The theory is that you press 'Monitor' which adds markers to the image showing the features that are being tracked. Then you press 'Calibrate' which starts moving the mount to let SharpCap work out which way RA/Dec movements move the image (or Alt/Az movements for an Alt/Az mount). This can take a while and you may need to adjust the mount movement speed and initial step size to make this work nicely. Yo
  14. 2.5m height close to a boundary. I think you are allowed more (3m?) further from the boundary. cheers, Robin
  15. Planning permission - Timber garden buildings typically don't need it. Brick built things typically do. cheers, Robin
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