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  1. Hi, is it worth to buy a easy to use DSRL €300 nikon camera as i am a beginner? Can i REALLY see the proms in full glory when i zoom in at camera mode? Can i also see them in the LCD screen of the camera good withoud to do ( mutch) tweaking? Thanks!!! ( for the pst or lunt 50)
  2. Is this mount suitable for the coronado pst alfha -h telescope?
  3. Do the PST also work Well with a cheeper zoom? Then i can save my money to buy the baader hyerion 4 instead.
  4. Hi, do you recommanded to buy a sky watcher 8-24 mm ( hope that iTS not made in China) or for a bit more the celestron zoom ( made in. China?) for my coronado pst alpha H scope? ( if the sky watcher is not made in china, maby iTS better then both the seben and celestron(?!) )
  5. Hi, is the lunt 50 mm 400 BF and lunt 16 mm eyepiece a good choice for visually use? Or do you prefer the fiews of the coronado PST? Thanks!
  6. Thank! When i order the PST, i think i beginning with a cheeper eyepiece or zoom, ( 15 mm made 4000 plossl or /and sky watcher zoom 8-24 mm €84!) instead of going for highe power , if i beleave that i can crank up the power ,espesially to see more proms at the edge - witch i think is amazing -MABY i will take a chance / risk another time.
  7. Hi is a baarder Zoom hyperion 4 and the 2.25x barlow a Nice addition for the PST? ( i have heard Some things aboud zoom and Barlow combinations atamazon.com pst review. And it seems to really works!) but i dond know for sure, thanks!!!
  8. Is the lunt 400 BF is woth it over the now €300 cheeper PST!?
  9. Hi i want to order the lunt 50 mm 400BF and a 25 mm vixen NPT €41 eyepiece to use it with a simple trypod for now. Do you think it is worth the €300 more then the PST?
  10. hi andre from holland. In my hart i want to buy the lunt 50 mm and vixen NPT 25 mm eyepiece and a simple trypot ( for now) . But, when i ask at the solaradvice forum : the PST or lunt 50 400BF? Someone say: " i prefer the fews through the PST". Now i am " Affrait" to go for the lunt!
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