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  1. Love mine. Especially being able to use my own eps. A UHC filter might be better using as a finder filter than OIII, which coold be too dark. Helical focusing is easy.
  2. TS 20mm Erfle with cross hair might suit your need. They also do a 32mm 2 inch crosshair for main scopes.
  3. That is like one of mine. Also 60mm done. Little rich field scope in its own right. The SW 72 ED looks like a good substitute. ST 80s are heavier but also qualify.
  4. Tring sell Altair finders which take 1.25 eye pieces. https://www.tringastro.co.uk/altair-astro-finder-scopes-and-guiders-386-c.asp This is a neat little 10x60 https://www.tringastro.co.uk/altair-10x60mm-right-angled-illuminated-finder-scope-2023-p.asp
  5. 25585

    Star Diagonals.

    Does your Bresser have a rotateable focuser?
  6. Going back to the Berlebach, it has several features which attract me; 1) scope on top 2) goes on a photo tripod 3) height adjustable and good for tall users due to 2) but also it's own side supports 4) counter weighting in 2 halves so smaller weights 5) looks portable unweighted Only cons are the price and whether a Primaluce clamp holes are the correct spacing to fit in place of the OE Vixen.
  7. My euphoria made me skim through too fast I am considering a TV Gibraltar mount but without DSCs.
  8. Mixed green and brown mainly.
  9. What type mirrors do conventional cassegrain scopes use, the ones with just mirrors?
  10. I have compared with the 8 inch SW yes. The big and easily detachable rockers on Bresser's OTA lift-on, lift-off system is unbeatable to me. Beats OO UK too, which is good as well. The Orion US I have not seen physically, but that looks easy too. I would have got one of theirs as second choice. My old Dark Star dob mount, similarly simple & strong, which now holds a SW 300P OTA is what over 30 years proves that type of design is so good. John, your bespoke 12 inch Dob mount looks excellent, like Bresser and the 2 Orions, it is superior to the SW design.
  11. 25585

    What did the postman bring?

    Always this instead
  12. This is the page https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/advanced_search_result.php?XTCsid=subs2ngsueq3kugtb560gbjh27&keywords=Berlebach&suchdas=OK
  13. 25585

    A Sad Find

    Why I bought a SW 12 inch OTA was because to restore my Dark Star 1980s dob 12 inch, mirrors, focuser, cell - it was cheaper to buy a whole new tube. Before the Chinese boom in optics, restoration was the reality. In a way good, in a way sad the easy option...
  14. While mulling over Berlebach tripods, as much to see what wood would compliment my furniture best, I noticed on Teleskop Express site that different adapter plates can be bought for different mounts. So presumably a Uni 28 for example, could have its plate changed from EQ5 to EQ6, or for a Celestron, Astro Physics mount etc. I did not know about the plates being owner buyable & interchangeable before. It makes the tripods a better consideration. Hmm, Nutwood Brown or Camouflage I think
  15. My eyepieces total cost if/when bought new equals or exceeds my expenditure on telescopes. But certain eyepieces for me are what make visual astronomy enjoyable. Unlike camera lenses they are not exclusive to a particular system. They last and outlast Newtonians at least. Probably outlast my eyesight as well. Lowest expenditure has been on mounts. Why Dobsonians are good value. As far as alt az mounts, the choices are limited and limiting (unlike tripods). Prices for simple low tech but heavier weight bearing solid construction mounts above small scope class leaps into high figures, with seemingly no middle ground.

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