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  1. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Now reduced to £15 + p&p
  2. Show me your eyepiece cases

    What mine is. Good construction for the price.
  3. That being so far away, "was" is more accurate than "is". I wonder what the area is like for activity now.
  4. Can you get those, or have them already? Great looking handle!
  5. You do Vixen mounts, so stock a deluxe range already
  6. Gone the Primaluce ring route. An alternative may be 2 Tak clamps, but that may be too long a tunnel for FSQ models to fit in. Would be OK for longer OTAs.
  7. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Any difference in use between your Parks & Ultima 30mm eps? As the same optically, potentially a good bino pair.
  8. How goes the GTI compare with the Star Discovery? The latter looks stronger and has a beefier looking tripod.
  9. I feel that way too. My refractors are like friends, it would be a betrayal to sell one just because the new one is better. Besides less expensive is more grab'n'go, less expense to fear damage etc. Not had much chance for comparison between my 120 and Tak 100 so far. I tend to decide on just a single scope for viewing. Hopefully now the Tak has been made suitably secure on the mount, it will get more outings. Downsizing in aperture will be a strange experience. My 120 Equinox has been very pleasing so far. As both are the same focal length, 900mm, I can use the same ep in both, get the same magnification and TFOV. I like the lighter weight of my Tak for handling, but the heavier 120 feels more secure and is buffeted less by gusts of wind, also it is less affected by vibrations. Being interested in globulars, planetaries and open clusters or small asterisms, I look for different star colours and at multi star groups. The 120 can take an OIII filter and show stars as well as nebulae, M31 is awesome, M13 and Pleiades 3D. The Tak 100 will have a lot to live up to.
  10. I'll get some eps and scopes data sent to them......
  11. Anyone on SGL from astronomy.tools? It needs more eyepieces added, both old favourites and new models ranges. Ditto telescopes. Also instead of "Custom...", can users enter a specific unlisted ep or scope?
  12. Telrads and tubes

    I have some hardwood, give it a go!
  13. Like many I think Telrads are great scope sites. And want to use mine with different scopes. But I don't want to stick a base to a nice looking OTA. All base types seem to be curved so sticking to a flat surface such as an accessory plate is not possible. The only option seems to be using two holes in its base, if they line up with those on a plate. Are there any ideas out there, or aftermarket Telrad bases apart from the company ones?