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  1. Fed up

    Last decent nights for me were in August when Saggitarius was best viewing. I saw some Perseid meteorites, but nothing since. The good nights this summer have neen in Astronomical Twilight. More frustrating than the waiting is knowing things you want to see, at best times, are moving out of viewing until next year, particuarly those which get lost below the horizon. I have my Starry Nights and Red Shift software to play with, but need a full scale planetarium, or a holodeck! Amazing there are as many astro gear sellers in the UK as there are.
  2. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Which of your eps are you using?
  3. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    I can just see they are f7 on the board to right. What is the maker please? Can you change eye pieces?
  4. Final Decision Large Refractor

    Those Moonlite focusers sure are eye candy, John & rwilkey! I am tempted by the Equinox's dark tube. How heavy is the 120?
  5. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Ideal as finder bins too though more for fracs & cass scopes than newts maybe.
  6. Observing Hood

    Got mine too. In time for Halloween
  7. Focal Reducers

    Interesting difference between 8 & 9.25. I always wondered why 2 models with a bit over an inch difference in aperture (price apart). Perhaps to woo Meade 10 inch users/buyers.
  8. Best off the peg shed to convert?

    Might be worth getting insurance for equipment , structures "at risk" if you are not coverd already.
  9. Final Decision Large Refractor

    Reading www.scopeviews.co.uk/SW120ED.htm the Equinox is deluxe. Weight of the above would not bother me for carrying but accidental dropping or knocking would. However need to try a decent Barlow etc with my Genesis first.
  10. Focal Reducers

    As the OP my query is based on getting the widest TFOV from a given ep. So using a long FL ep, could a reducer expand its FOV. 2 ins seems not, but then there are some 31.7mm wide field long FL eps too. Are Celestron Edge & any equivalent models given different optics to standard SCTs? Or are you paying for a package with optics that can be bought independently turning a long FL SCT into an Edge's shorter FL? I presume Edges can be changed to the native Fl if desired.
  11. I want to look at M31, M33, M57, Uranus, & RR Lyrae. You?
  12. My dream ep too. But eye relief not long enough - I would need to have a test view first. B interesting to know I the er is lengthened to around mid-20s mm using a Paracorr.
  13. Focal Reducers

    Thanks. Just bought a 2 inch visual back for my C8 so now unsure if its worth getting a reducer. Both my w/f eps are 2 inch - TV 55 Plossl and 35 Panoptic.
  14. Well I have 4 TVs, including 2 Radians (10 and 5). Would like to try more but, eye relief and kidney bean issues I have experienced or read about have put me off TV as a brand for their eps (but not accessories). However I lust after their refractors......
  15. Focal Reducers

    Not much written on these compared to Barlows. They seem ideal for long fl scopes to get wider fov and lower mags from an ep for Cassegrains and refractors. Are there any that can be recommended for good optics that can take 2 inch eyepieces. For use with SCTs etc, would image quality for optical be much worse, and would an ep's limitations be more apparent?