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  1. Not just the sight, but knowing the whole is a supernova remnant is what I find so fascinating, the ghost of an exploded imploded star. And somewhere is the white dwarf or neutron star, all that remains of its core.
  2. I have an older version - hard cover, light blue jacket - it's good and durable.
  3. Thanks John. The Ercole only needs to hold my 100 and 120 Equinoxes at most so not too extreme. I hope it's metal is harder than a Skytee's puck. For a counterbalance weight shaft, if a dovetail bar could be used with a shaft central and perpendicular, then it would only need to be clamped in, the necessary weight fitted, and no need for removing or adapting a clamp. Obviously a tough clamp such as ADM, and one with 2 or 3 locking plates.
  4. And bada-bing a MEF for Taks appears in classifieds... Can the Ercole be fitted with a Losmany D clamp each side?
  5. +1 "Not a trace of doubt in my mind"
  6. The extender and Barlow only yesterday, in-between clouds and loads of aircraft (RAF 100 coming or going maybe). More time with gear than observing. The Skytee 2 is only good enough for 1x 100mm scope really, it gets top heavy. I put the Equinox one side as heavier and Tak counterweighted on top clamp. Both focusers worked well, the SW has a microfocuser as OE, which was useful. Comparing the two same FL 100mm refractors was interesting. Equinox is heavier, closer to its 120 mate than its DL rival. Deeper dew shield. No trouble with cooling for either. Beyond 130x magnificati
  7. Both being 900mm F9. At lower magnification I could not see any constant difference but at higher say 100 to my max 150 or more, the difference is not so much CA as light transmission and possibly contrast I think, more noticeable across the FOV. For Jupiter, especially it's moons moving and surface shadow transit, the Tak has made it seem high definition, likewise separating moons from the planet's edge. I have given the Tax more use than its Equinox stable mate. Using 10mm XW, 9mm Morpheus, 8mm LVW and 7mm XW for both scopes, I ended up using the parfocal Pentax pair most. T
  8. ENS has a "mint" 120 Equinox for sale. The best SW doublet all round.
  9. 66 Equinox. More portable and lighter than the 80 Equinox. I have all 4 Equinox models now (AFAIK)!
  10. "New telescope arrived today" Baby Equinox brought by Parcelstork this afternoon. (Whole family photos to appear soon.) Bit of worry about its focuser tube being stuck, but all OK now. Like all Equinoxes, baby has a sliding retractable lens hood, rotatable 11:1 scaled Crayford focuser, ED lenses and beautiful black CNC tube with chrome trim. Metal slip over lens lid. Only takes 1.25 inch eyepieces. Fairly heavy but noticably less than my 80 Equinox. The tube feels robust in a Tele Vue way, apart from the focuser, which I may replace with a Baader Steeltrack.
  11. Been attacked on holiday in Rep. Of Ireland. Had to get back into my car then exterminate the bloodsuckers that got in as well. For bites medical alcohol gel stops the itch. Horse flies are another H G Wells type nightmare insect.
  12. 2018 Astro Fair Speakers: Jo Richardson -Diary of an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador. Inspiring a generations with Space. Steve Owen - In Defence of the Night: Dark skies around the World. Prof Alan Fitzsimmons- Intersellar Objects in our Solar System. Dave Eagle- Celebrate Tim Peake's Principia Mission. Good topics, what are the times @Herbigplease?
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