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  1. Thanks all of you, I think I nead to mull it over for a while, I think dark matter is right about not being bothered to use it.
  2. Can anyone tell me how much a skywatcher 300P weighs with rings and finderscope , I am wondering if the weight will give me a hernier if I tried to lug it about.
  3. Yes I think I will give up on Alignmaster
  4. Ive tried to reload the ascom file and Alignmaster but to no avail. Yes, still didnt work. I think I will stick my head in a cupboard and scream may feel better then, lol.
  5. I am trying to get "alignmaster" to operate , and it uses the ascom platform but it wont have it.
  6. When I try to open the ascom related files from the hardrive on my computer I get "failed to load driver EQMOD Telescope" window and" run time error 55 file already open " window. I see it has already been discussed, but unfortunately the link in the answere does not work. Can someone please help I have spent hours trying to sort this but without success. I am useless with windows 10.
  7. I have a skywatcher p200 with a goto mount. The mount is heavy and this will save lugging it in & out and setting up, I am going to wait until the forecast is clear and leave it out for a few days. I have tested it and it stays dry and stands the wind. All I have to do is unpeg the guy ropes and wheel it round, job done.
  8. I have just finished this to put my scope in, no laughing!
  9. Thanks, that's brilliant.

  10. Hello all, from "sunny Lincoln" lol I am a new member with no experience. I have a starwatcher 200P and an eq6 goto mount. I bought some cheap eye pieces at the time because of cash flow. I would be grateful for some pointers i.e. Makes etc, on some decent eyepieces and 2x or 3x Barlows and what magnification to go for. The viewing I currently get is very mediocre.
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