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  1. Astronomik 6nm SHO filters arrived and the clouds departed for a wee while! First light on the 294MM with the filters. This is my first mono camera and first attempt at SHO imaging. It is 3 hours of data in Bortle 6/7 with 20x180sec for each filter., 30x flats, darks, and dark flats.
  2. Got the camera a few weeks ago but was unable to have a proper first light and also had to wait on SHO filters. This is my first mono camera and first attempt at SHO imaging. It is 3 hours of data in Bortle 6/7 with 20x180sec for each filter., 30x flats,darks, and dark flats. Using Astronomik 6nm SHO filters.
  3. No longer need my Baader UFC, consists of the below parts: Filter Chamber #2459110 Filter Slider 2"/ M48 #2459112 M48 Adaptor (thread facing camera) #2459116 T2 Adaptor (thread facing telescope) #2459130 Cost £130 total will accept fixed price of £80 + postage. If interested please check the above parts are what you need for your setup. D.
  4. Bought the Astronomik 6nm SHO filter set. Might arrive this week but no hurry really given the infinite cloud cover as of late.
  5. Ordered the 295MM with the Baader 36mm LRGB set, I cant seem to find the entry-level Baader SHO 2459466 set in stock anywhere. Are the similarly priced Optolong/ZWO SHO sets of the same quality as the Baader set? Or am I better spending more for separate filters? - more being a relative term!
  6. I am using a TS Photoline 80mm f6 triplet scope with matched 0.79 reducer. Is there any benefit going with 2" inch filters and wheel with this setup and a 294MM or is it wasted money? Was also thinking if I upgraded to an APS-C fornat camera in the future then the 2" filters would be better, but I am not so sure now!
  7. Would love to hear/see how you get on with the camera!
  8. As it approaches Xmas I am defo in the market to gift myself either a new OSC such as the ZWO 2600 or go mono with the new 294MM Pro. Currently have the ZWO294Mc Pro (for nearly 2 years). As the array of filter sets for LRGB and HSO vary hugely in price, can anyone recommend a set of each filters that is reasonable priced to go with the 294MM? Ta!
  9. In excellent condition, longer required as selling visual setup. This is the version with the 2" adapter, details here. Selling for £75 delivered. D.
  10. Slowly parting with my visual setup, with the below eyepieces for sale, both come in original boxes and in excellent condition: Explore Scientific 82º Series Eyepiece - 8.8mm - £90 delivered. Explore Scientific 68º Series Eyepiece- 16mm - £75 delivered. Based in Sheffield if prefer pickup. D.
  11. The price difference is £369 for the ZWO variant and £349 for the QHY variant. This is a huge difference in price that I hope would be unpicked by folks far more knowledgeable than me in this space.
  12. Why would their version be substantially cheaper? I don't tend to consider Altair products when in the market for something to be honest.
  13. @ollypenrice, I am stuck in an infinite loop atm between going mono and something like the QHY268C / ZWO 2600MC Pro, the cost for both would be roughly the same i.e. new 294MM / 1600MM with filters etc. I don't know what it will take to bend me into a decision.
  14. The QHY268C looks like a great camera, I would only spend that sort of money from a well established and reputable UK dealer who could help directly if any issues were to arise. I am tempted by it.
  15. I use the OVL flattener. A QHY such as this: https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/cameras/cooled-ccd/qhy-cooled-ccd-cameras/qhy268c-photo/ ?
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