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  1. I don't think it's the USB leads. I have high quality leads, and have tried 2 or 3 different ones, to no avail. Also, if it was the lead(s), why would it then be OK with PHD2? (btw, I used to live in Addlestone
  2. Morning all; hoping for some ideas/guidance please. I'm using Sharpcap Pro to get my PA nailed. Sometimes it's OK, but sometimes, it seems to "lose" my QHY5-IIM guide cam. It starts off fine, typically doing 8 second exposures, then at some random point, the exposure measurement just keeps on going, instead of restarting at 8 seconds. When I look in the camera list, my QHY5-IIM has disappeared from the list. Rescanning cameras does not find it. It suggest to me that it mght be a problem with the camera, but if I close Sharpcap, and start up PHD2, that sees the camera fine. I'm a
  3. Yes Artem, it does. Lets say you've done a goto, and are tracking a target east of the meridian; once it has crossed the meridian, a CGEM will continue to track for a further 15 degrees, then stop. However, a simple push on the Enter button on the handset, at any point during those 15 degrees, and it will do a flip, and then continue tracking the target to the west. I don't know what happens if you press Enter after it has stopped though - might be worth an experiment? My solution has been to switch to computer control, using NINA. Hope this helps, Steve
  4. No losses at all, other than due to cloud. This is a very quick stack and stretch, and zoomed right in; like I said, I was shooting through hazy cloud, so focus is a bit iffy, but I'm happy wih the star shapes:
  5. I think it's this one: PHD2_GuideLog_2021-01-25_150221.txt
  6. Thanks for the comments all. Re the PA, it's all mounted on a pier, and was accurate to 6" (according to Sharpcap), when I set it up in December, but I will check it again. Re the aggressivness, the mount has been hypertuned by Darkframe, and their recommendation was to lower it, rather than increase it, but again, I'll give that a try. As has been said though, the goal is round stars, and I have those, so no big deal really. I'll let you know how it goes. Steve
  7. Morning all. I tried the new MSG option in the Dev3 version of PHD2 last night, and was VERY impressed indeed! About 50% cloud, and 5 minute subs would have sunk an earlier version I suspect, but the MSG option seemed to take it in its stride, with nice round stars in nearly all my subs. Graph was weird though, with the red, Dec plot being displaced by a large amount. With reported RMS Tot figure of 0.28px, 1.24", I'm guessing this can't be genuine, and is possibly a glitch in the Dev3 version? Any thoughts? Cheers, Steve
  8. Hi all. I recently purchased a really big Telegizmo 365 scope cover. The bottom edge was about 3.2m, and had an elasticated drawstring sewn in all around to secure it. Problem was, that no matter how much effeort I put into pulling that drawstring, it simply would not tighten up. Thinking it was me, I got some assistance, but even with two of us, one pulling whilst the other tried to work the drawcord around, it still refused to tighten. Now, I liked everything else about it, so a solution had to be found. After a lot of thinking, I decided to put a row of 10mm brass eyelets around the ed
  9. Thanks all - some interesting food for thought here. I hadn't considered the effect this would have on taking flats for each different target and rotation. My intention was to "simplify" framing over a full night's imaging, but the potential drawbacks re flats is making me rethink this now. Maybe back to basics, set the camera rotation up manually once, and just choose targets for that night that fit that rotation adequately. It's never simple, is it?
  10. Thanks Malcolm, yes that's the sort of thing I was imagining. A stepper motor from something already ASCOM supported would be the easiest option I suppose, though no idea what that might be at the moment. Time for some thinking. Cheers, Steve
  11. Well thanks for the comments guys - seems it was wishful thinking then However, it has got me thinking about a DIY idea. As my scope has a rotating option anyway, I'm thinking that a belt around that part, powered by a stepper motor (something like the way a belt driven focus motor would function) might be a cost effective option? Needs a bit more thought, but it's definately a route to explore I reckon.
  12. Precisely - that's why I'm wondering if such a "basic" rotator exists... if not, then I reckon there's an opening there for a decent engineering company. What's so frustrating for me, is that my scope has a perfectly adequate rotator bult in - loosen a thumbscrew, rotate as required, and re-tighten; simples. But there's no way to control it other than by hand
  13. Hi all. Due to disability following a stroke, I've spent the last 10 months or so establishing a fully remote controlled imaging rig, that I can control from a PC in a spare bedroom; so far, so good. Now, it has become apparent, that if I want to get my target framing right, I'm going to need to fit a remote controlled rotator into the imaging train - nothing fancy, just something with 180 degrees of rotation, that can be controlled from NINA, via USB from the scope mounted NUC. I have looked briefly, but they all seem SO over specified for the job I need to do, and SO expensive
  14. Thanks Lee - that's put my mind at ease a bit . Yes, using the Link and STF does reveal a "proper" coloured image, so I think I'm good to carry on now. Steve
  15. Morning all. I've just upgraded to an Altair Astro 269c OSC, and at the same time, I've downloaded a trial version of Pixinsight. I've watched numerous processing videos, all of which seem to start off with a nice clean integrated RGB image. However, I "think" I've followed the various steps correctly, yet when I open my integrated image, it's bright green. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong re the debayering settings, but as a last ditch effort yesterday, I tried integrating a few subs in each of the debayering option, including "auto". None seemed to work, giving me a variety of co
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