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  1. Hey guys Great thread and some amazing pictures! I have a Celestron nexstar evoulution 8 with it's original mount, any suggestions on a camera to get?
  2. That is why we are asking for advice first
  3. I am interested in getting into imaging, I have a Celestron Evoultion 8, and am thinking of getting a ZWO ASI1600mm camera https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi1600mm-cool-usb-3-mono-camera.html What else would I need to buy to go with the camera? Would these two be a good combination? and what sort of images would I be expecting to get from these together?
  4. Why are you using a reducer? Sorry can't get rid of the quote for some reason.
  5. Would this camera take good pictures with a Celestron Nexstar 8?
  6. Great clear night last night, went to a dark sky spot in Church Stretton, got an amazing view of the Orion Nebula, the first time I had ever seen it
  7. any tips on particular places there to go?
  8. I'm excited to see Jupiter for the first time in the next couple of weeks
  9. I didn't think it needed it, Just read in the instructions that it may need doing, What would the sign's be that it needs doing? When we do get clear sky's I am going to test with the unfocused method.
  10. I'm reading the actual instructions that came with the telescope and am more confused than ever.
  11. This may be a stupid question, I have a Celestron Nexstar evolution 8, does it need collimating?
  12. Has anyone been to this dark site? and what was your experiences? Have made a couple attempts myself, first time was foggy, second time was closed due to ice, I am hoping to be able to actually go stargazing there soon haha
  13. I think that is one of the best views in the sky
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