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  1. Afternoon folks. I have an EOS RA and wish to buy a clip-in light pollution filter for it (my main lens does not have a filter thread). I have seen astronomiks CLS and CLS CCD clip in filters but I'm confused over which one is better suited for the EOS RA? Am I right in that the RA is effectively a modded camera that the CCD version is better suited or does that not matter. I've reached out to the manufacturer but no word. Also if there are alternatives to the Astronomik people have had good experiences with (I wish to shoot the milky way mostly) please let me know too! Any ad
  2. Has anyone else come across this device currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter? For 699$ you get a motorised head that can polar align using GPS,compass and astromaps, can auto level, has goto functionality via phone app, has tracking accuracy of 0.01 and payload 7kg. It also has a heap of other panorama functionality. Comments on kickstarter page says no counterbalance is needed and has internal battery that can last for 8hrs continous use. This looks like a really convenient way to say use dslr/300m ish lens with goto mount? Curious what others think. Just Google Benro Polari
  3. Well the anker 10000 redux turned up last night so in lieu of clear skies I just charged it up then plugged into the star adventurer and let it run in the attic! I ran it on the trickle mode (designed for low power demanding devices that otherwise would time out) and the SA happily chugged along with no timeouts. I think using the anker device is better than batteries as it shows how much charge is left at all times and can be used to also power a small dew heater on the lens at the same time. I'm going to let it run to test it but on the face of it it holds charge alot better than x4
  4. Sorry folks. Can I ask if anyone has come across this trickle power function re. A star adventurer? Thanks so much.
  5. Afternoon folks I've ordered an external powercore (Anker 10000-pd-redux) for star adventurer and was intrigued by the Trickle Charge Mode as I have read on this site and others that power draw of the SA is pretty minimal and some power units will time out consequently. Has anyone used this trickle charge mode successfully with the Star Adventurer? Thanks
  6. Hey Folks I've ordered a ASIair Pro device and Iv'e been told it will arrive shortly. I was wondering how best to mount it on my star adventurer; have others come up with solutions? I do have a redcat51 and was considering attaching to the underside of the dovetail there but I thought it might lead to cabeling tangling/balance issues.
  7. Grand so. Best keep to 5kg then. I've learnt thru experience to not to over tighten the collar on the star adventurer too as too tight seems to lead to jumpy stars as if gears not able to turn properly.
  8. Hi Davey-T can I ask what weight your star adventurer is supporting in your rig? It looks more than 5kg that the mount is supposed to handle?
  9. Looks good but i don't have access to any drill alas.
  10. Hey MarkAR I would definetly be interested in some sort of extension rod for star adventurer counter weight kit. As far as I can tell it has an M8 thread. Something like a 6" or 8" extension I guess. I just posted a query on this very same subject so hopefully good timing!
  11. Title says it all really. I have a Star Adventurer and Counter Weight Kit but I would like to extend the supplied arm a bit; I see iOptron do one for their system but can't find anything for the Star Adventurer. I am reluctant to add more weights unless totally stuck. Anybody got any suggestions? I would happily purchase if someone able to point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance!! Regards
  12. this was orion the other night in between clouds. 8" Evo SCT. 20x10s exposures on canon 550d. no darks,flats etc; wanted to see what stacking simple subs can do and quite pleased with it for fist go
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