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  1. Hey Folks I've ordered a ASIair Pro device and Iv'e been told it will arrive shortly. I was wondering how best to mount it on my star adventurer; have others come up with solutions? I do have a redcat51 and was considering attaching to the underside of the dovetail there but I thought it might lead to cabeling tangling/balance issues.
  2. Grand so. Best keep to 5kg then. I've learnt thru experience to not to over tighten the collar on the star adventurer too as too tight seems to lead to jumpy stars as if gears not able to turn properly.
  3. Hi Davey-T can I ask what weight your star adventurer is supporting in your rig? It looks more than 5kg that the mount is supposed to handle?
  4. Don't suppose you would be able to sell me one
  5. Looks good but i don't have access to any drill alas.
  6. Hey MarkAR I would definetly be interested in some sort of extension rod for star adventurer counter weight kit. As far as I can tell it has an M8 thread. Something like a 6" or 8" extension I guess. I just posted a query on this very same subject so hopefully good timing!
  7. Title says it all really. I have a Star Adventurer and Counter Weight Kit but I would like to extend the supplied arm a bit; I see iOptron do one for their system but can't find anything for the Star Adventurer. I am reluctant to add more weights unless totally stuck. Anybody got any suggestions? I would happily purchase if someone able to point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance!! Regards
  8. this was orion the other night in between clouds. 8" Evo SCT. 20x10s exposures on canon 550d. no darks,flats etc; wanted to see what stacking simple subs can do and quite pleased with it for fist go
  9. Welcome! Cloudy Bray in Wicklow here!
  10. Hi - as a new owner of your telescope I can recommend thread I started about Jupiter being blown out. Not for its author sadly but for all great advice I got on this site re. Collimation for the scope.
  11. Thanks guys. That's really helpful. I know reducer won't help with planetary imaging but getting into shooting at nebula so every extra second sounds good to me
  12. Have been pondering getting a 6.3 Focal Reducer for my Evolution 8" SCT. One thing I've seen references to is that it reduces exposure times for astro imaging? On the FLO site for example it says by a factor of 3 I think. Is this right? I'm currently getting 25-30s imaging no blurring so would the above focal reducer provide the equivilent of 75-90s exposures? Seems to good to be true!
  13. i know the feeling. whilst at work get sun breaks for good run of hours then by time i get home its all clouded up. grrr. could be worse i suppose; those poor souls stuck on venus have 100% cloud cover every day (which lasts for a very long time...)
  14. Ahhrr. Now I want a modded dslr! I think I'm getting a nasty astro bug!
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