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  1. I've just picked up a second hand samyang f2 16mm. Not tried it yet (only got it yesterday) but reviews very good on this site and online. Came across this site Lonelyspeck which is very useful. I also have aps-c camera; canon 760d. Got the above lens for milkyway and star field shots ideally
  2. Hope this is the right thread - just picked up this lens (samyang 16mm F2) : no packaging and a bit scuffed on outside but lens etc looks ok in daytime - I presume this lens is ok for astro photography? hoping to take to dark sky area later in year.
  3. was able to get rigel focussed nicely last night I think finally thanks to all the great advice above and panned over to orion again for another one shot wonder at 30s iso800... think I'm ready to start thinking about this stacking business; if i'm sticking to single images like those below - would I best aim for similar time exposures when stacking or go for a mixture; say some at 30 - 20 and 10 for arguments sake.
  4. nice moon pictures! Still learning the ropes here too. Here's a moon shot took last night for the mix
  5. Thanks everyone. Lots to chew over. I took a few more blob star shots last night as it happens. On some of them was a slight blue tinge. Presumably if this was removed would sharpen them a little. Is this masking or similar technique. All this is a bit ironic really as when I got telescope never really considered photos of nebula and now I'm obsessing about them!!
  6. Thanks for all the advice. Really appreciated. One thing that puzzles me tho is advice is to lock the focus/tighten the focus. How do I do that with telescope? Also is there a better named star than rigel to focus on before panning over?
  7. have a canon 760d dslr and telescope is celestron evolution 8. I might be able to get access to a webcam and see if that makes any difference to the images getting. Is Canon EOS backyard worth getting as well? @ alacant; would a focal reducer help me at all - seen them on the market. my telescope is f10 if i remember correctly @happy-kat; no dew - was using dew shield but checked and was looking good thanks for all the advice folks, really appreciated.
  8. hmmm. so how do i get those nice pin sharp sharp stars though? really confused as i thought even at seeing limits wouldnt i just see dots of light but not blobs if you see what i mean? is my mask image out of whack or are there better stars than rigel to attempt to focus on when trying to get pictures of orion's neb?
  9. heres one. moon was very bright and close by tonight if that makes any difference. also scope was cooled very at least an hour
  10. 0hmmm. can't seem to get tight focus on stars; finally got hold of a bhatinov mask and took shot (see below). unless i'm missing something, this looks ok yet when i take mask off stars look like small indescript blobs. star used was rigel - panned over to orion nebula and well kind of meh sadly. i tethered camera to laptop, zoomed right in 10x and still no better. used canon eos utility. should i upgrade to eos backyard or what else can i try? checked my collimation too and looks grand under high magnification. help!!
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post but my goto mount acting abit strange last night when trying to align using starsense. Kept trying to slew down at alarming angle and had to abort several times. Never had this problem before
  12. Nice pictures there. Wish I had some clear skies to practice on. Seems to be perma cloud in Ireland this year so far
  13. something like this you mean adaptor
  14. Hi, I've come into possession of a Vixen Flip Mirror (Link) however it looks like I need an adaptor of some sort to attach to the back of my telescope, a Celestron Evolution 8 SCT. Can someone point me in the right direction please which one I need. Also, I have a T-ring so presume I just screw this to the other end of the flip mirror once in the mirror and then add canon camera to the t-ring or is there a better way? Many thanks in advance. Incidentallly, I'm compiling a ton of these newbie type questions for a planned FAQ blog of my own one day!
  15. Great advice as always thanks! If I ever get to see some clear skies in my neck of the woods will try all of the above. Out of interest, is tethered shooting useful in this context? Will be in back garden so hooking up laptop etc with bundled canon eos utility would be easy and having larger screen might help show focus asjustments more clearly?