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  1. Andyk93

    Horsehead HA + rgb

    Thanks for those pointers, I’ll give it a go tonight again. I think there is a tool in pixinsight that balances signal in the channels so I’ll see if that helps too
  2. Andyk93

    Horsehead HA + rgb

    I will have a look in the blue data and see what’s happened. I didn’t realise until you pointed it out, and will also try to add the missing red subs with ha ones because I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks very much for the help!
  3. Andyk93

    Horsehead HA + rgb

    It definitely is, although this uk weather doesn’t help anyone
  4. Andyk93

    Horsehead HA + rgb

    Hi, this is my first full image with my setup. Taken with WO star71 II and atik 383L+. It’s 4hr40 of 10 minute HA subs. 3x10minute red, 5x10minute blue, 5x10minute green. I’m pretty sure others would get a much better result out of the data. The peaks of the histogram weren’t equal because I had to throw away a lot of red subs so I’m assuming that’s why it’s more pink than red. Thanks for looking and any feedback/pointers greatly appreciated.
  5. Andyk93

    What is a better choice?

    I would go for the ed80. Having had a 130p-ds I moved onto a refractor because I didn’t like refraction spikes and I had no collimation or messing around to do. It just works
  6. Andyk93

    My first ha, the Horsehead

    Thanks very much
  7. Andyk93

    My first ha, the Horsehead

  8. Andyk93

    My first ha, the Horsehead

    Thanks, I always look at your images and that’s where I’m aiming for.
  9. Hi everyone. this image was taken with a star 71 II, neq6 + atik383l+. 4hr40 total integration time on different nights 28x600s. I have tried my hardest at processing using pixinsight so any criticism is welcomed. I don't think I have done the data justice to be honest but I've tried my best. thanks for looking!
  10. Hi, yes it’s still available
  11. Hi, the 130p-ds has now gone. Sorry
  12. Hi,I have a few bits for sale to clear out as I bought all this when I was using reflectors for imaging/visual. After buying a refractor I’ve never gone back so it’s sitting doing nothing. Baader mk3 coma corrector £70, good condition SOLD Skywatcher coma corrector, never used £80 Turn left at orion, £10, used once SOLD Rigel quickfinder, never used. £20 SOLD Skywatcher 200p-ds, used once to look at the moon for half hour then it’s been sat in a geoptik padded bag ever since. It’s just over a year old, no finder scope. £140 SOLD skywatcher 130p-ds, free. The focuser doesn’t work as the focus tube was cut too short and the mirrors need a clean. But I think it’s a shame to throw it so anyone is welcome to it. GONE thanks, Andy
  13. When I was looking at one that’s what I was told. I was also told that you can’t fit tube rings onto it because the tube is too short
  14. Yeah I would have thought you could mount it there but it needs to be solid as possible so tube rings are usually recommended. I was also told when I looked at one that the mounting shoe will not come off without taking the scope apart as the screws are inside
  15. The skywatcher esprit doesn’t have tube rings so you would need a side by side adapter to guide. This and the fact you don’t need a flattener meant that I went for a WO star 71 II. They are expensive but I don’t think you can get a better refractor for imaging for the price

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