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  1. Give it a go, that's what I found. Too high aggression on my neq6 was making the RA snap backwards and forwards instead of gently correcting it
  2. My is usually around 0.10, when I started guiding I did what you did and put aggression up really high thinking it would correct better. I've now got a lot better results by doing 4 second exposures and the aggression is usually 10 Dec, 20-40 on RA. I only guide in one direction for Dec also.
  3. Kendrick white light solar filter remaining. £30, was £84 brand new and it's been used once.
  4. If your using the canon camera on av mode I have found that paying attention to the histogram is not a good idea because the camera auto stretches the data. This means you get a low ADU. To get an ADU and a flat that looked right I had to put exposure compensation to +2.
  5. I had this problem a month ago, I went for the WO star71 mk2, it has 4 glass elements and doesn't need a flattener, although slightly more expensive you won't be spending money on a field flattener or the adapters to get the correct spacing. It's also f4.9 so fast enough.
  6. Yep, just paid £36 total for a 10mm piece of aluminium with 2 different threads on it. Adapters really are overpriced
  7. I bought the adapter Stu found, reading the description again it must be the right one, thanks for all your help!
  8. Thanks for your help. I can't tell from the picture if it has an external t2 thread, reading from the description I get the impression you need a male t2 adapter as well to screw into the bottom of that adapter half way. The other side of the adapter is the 1.25 thread. I thought this would be a pretty common thing! I'm just trying to get a single filter as close to the sensor as possible
  9. I wouldn't say it's DSS that's the problem, it will help if you can tell us how you are taking flats and what with? I've found that flats are not as easy as putting a light source on your scope and using AV mode on the canon to take them like everywhere seems to recommend
  10. Hi, looking to buy a 1.25" baader 7nm HA filter. Thanks, Andy
  11. Hi, does anybody know where I can buy an adapter that has a t2 thread on the outside and a 1.25 inch internal thread? Can't find one anywhere. I have a nosepiece that is perfect but I would have to chop it in half and I would probably ruin the threads in the process. The adapter would look exactly like that end of the nosepiece. So a thin ring with t2 outside, 1.25 internal. Thanks
  12. I followed this when I first started. It worked first time, I have since changed to using CDC because I find it better than stellarium. the only time I have seen that error is when my eqmod cable was faulty/broken
  13. I seem to remember it gets VERY expensive buying an apo refractor that can fully illuminate a full frame sensor. Some of the takahashi models do
  14. My Baader MPCC doesn't correct coma with either m42 or m48 t rings on a canon 1000d. Even using calipers to get the perfect distance. I'm yet to find a solution. My SW coma corrector worked straight out the box and was replaced by FLO for having bad reflections.
  15. Hi, I have for sale a few bits I don't use anymore. Synscan from an neq6, never used. Perfect condition £70 (SOLD helix) Baader hyperion 5mm and 13mm, no marks on barrel, used very few times so very good condition. £60 each. (SOLD, Scott Brown) Baader Hyperion fine tuning rings 14mm + 28mm. Perfect condition, these screw onto the Hyperion eyepieces £5 each (SOLD, Scott Brown) Kendrick solar filter, fits 157mm-167mm outer diameter of telescope tube. Perfect condition £50. Skywatcher UHC filter 1.25" £20 (left) very good condition Skywatcher LP filter 1.25" £10 (right) very good condition (BOTH SOLD JOC) Astronomik clip in 12nm HA filter £70 was bought 2nd hand but I've never used it. Very good condition (SOLD newbie alert) Skywatcher illuminated reticle 12.5mm eyepiece £25. Very good condition (SOLD newbie alert) Making every photon count £10 a must have book! Very good condition (SOLD, starstuck) Hitec Astro dc focuser £20 works perfectly (SOLD, starstuck) Thanks for looking