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  1. Hi, I am getting better and better at imaging I think and was even successful for the first time plate solving. I am starting to give up on my modified canon 1000d and I feel like I have tried everything apart from cleaning the sensor. I use a round LED light against my 130pds and set the canon to aperture priority mode. the flats were 1/750s and there were 20 of them. the mean ADU in PI is 23k. when they are stacked with DSS the master flat comes out at 19.3k. once combined with my image it completely over corrects the image. I have tried EV compensation +1 and +2 and the +2 gives the best ADU range. I have attached a stacked image and the masterflat
  2. Thanks Dave, really appreciate the help. I'll get it ordered tonight!
  3. Thanks! Is this the same one? It seems there are two types with different focusers and this one looks exactly like your one
  4. That looks great, really happy that it is compatible with everything
  5. Thanks, I've found a 50mm WO guidescope so I think I'm going to go for that one
  6. Do you have a link to the guide scope? I would prefer it to be white to match the star71. It definitely is! There is always something I need
  7. Thanks for the confirmation! looks like the star71 is the best choice. I can then piggyback the st80 easily
  8. This is my biggest problem with it. It looks like such a great bit of kit but it seems like it has major design flaws that means you have to spend more money to work around it. I'm looking seriously at the WO star71 now again. Although the 30mm image circle is pretty small, can't even use a kaf8300
  9. Is the esprit 80s finderscope stable enough to guide? It looks stronger than the evostars. I don't like the FOV with the star 71 unfortunately
  10. Thanks, I might have to look into a different scope then. I didn't think it would be too difficult looking for a good imaging scope around the £1000 mark. They all seem to have their downfalls
  11. Hi, I am going to be buying an esprit 80 and would like to know if I can bolt it on top of a skywatcher st80 guide scope? I have seen It done the other way around so assume it would be exactly the same. The esprit 80 doesn't have tube rings so that's the only way around it other than side by side which I'm not keen on. Any possible problems? Thanks
  12. Hi, was just about to order a skywatcher esprit 80 with all the bits and noticed that if I wanted to bolt an st80 or similar onto it I wouldn't have any tube rings to fix it to? Also I think I need a dovetail and bolts to attach to the bottom of the scope
  13. I also had this problem, interested to find out what it might be
  14. Thanks John. I do have the drawing to make one so depending on how much it will cost to make one out of aluminium at least I have a few options. This is the drawing I'm working off
  15. Hi John, That's really helpful, thanks! Just what I was looking for. I will probably do without 2 top plates then and use an owl hole, looks a lot easier. Did you buy the pier adapter?