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  1. Which filter wheel + focuser

    Thanks, I have only ever heard good things about it
  2. Hi, I have an atik 383l+ with a WO star71 II and I also have a cheap manual filter wheel with 1.25 inch filters. I get light leak if it’s not 100% dark because there is a tiny gap in the filter wheel where you change filters. I’m looking for a motorised filter wheel for my setup but am wondering if any motorised wheel will do the job or if I have to get the specific atik one. I would also like to know what motorised focuser would be best for my scope? I use sgpro for capturing on my laptop. Thanks
  3. Setting up the HEQ5

    I’ve never had a dobsonian, I started with an equatorial. I would first put it all together and get it level. Then I would balance the scope and put it in the Home position. Polar alignment was just point it at Polaris and get it in the polar finder circle and a star alignment for the goto was just point at 1 star, centering it. Goto a 2nd star and center it in the eyepiece and then off you go. Probably 15 minutes worth of effort. The goto was 75% accurate I would say and it would track perfectly for hours. The most awkward part was carrying an neq6 down the stairs and outside to set it up. Thankfully the heq5 is much lighter
  4. I do have ps so will have a go when I get enough data, thanks Olly. So here is 1hour30 9 x 600s of HA on the horsehead. I know it needs more data and I am aiming for 10 hours by the end of the year. This is my first go at processing a HA image.
  5. USB from outdoor to indoor

    Thanks! I’ll try that too, see which is better
  6. USB from outdoor to indoor

    I’m using RealVNC, was the first one that popped up when I typed vnc on my iPhone so that’s what I went with, it’s a good app but I’ll probably do it on an iPad next time for the bigger screen
  7. USB from outdoor to indoor

    Hi, managed to get VNC working last night while imaging and it’s definitely changed how easy it is to set up and monitor the system. Thanks very much for the help
  8. USB from outdoor to indoor

    Hi, my pier is outside about 2m away from my house. What I usually do is sit my laptop outside in a box and let it run while I’m imaging. What I would like to do is keep the laptop indoors and 1 or 2 usb leads inside to the lounge where I can monitor it. Has anybody done this and is there a clean way of doing it without drilling a hole through the house and just threading them through? Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a go and post up the image
  10. I wish I knew how to use it! The images I have seen of yours are what makes me interested in astrophotography
  11. Thanks, what I’m struggling with is the actual workflow of things, I know I should be cropping to the exact same sizes but after that I’m stuck on what is the next process, and the next after that
  12. Thanks very much! It’s taken a lot to get to this point
  13. Hi, does anybody know where I can find good tutorials for pixinsight processing of HA images and LRGB. Light vortex astronomy do good tutorials but there is no workflow to follow through. I am struggling in what order to do things. The images I am processing are from an neq6 + star71 + atik 383l+ at -15c. The focus I think is very slightly off but here is 6 x 600s of m42 nothing done to it apart from calibrated and stretched to show detail. If I can get the images processed I don't think my results will be too bad, I think I’m finally getting reasonably good data Thanks, Andy
  14. Guide for HA, LRGB

    I forgot to add I’m using an atik 383L+ at -15c. Are there no good workflows for pixinsight?