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  1. Hey guys Great thread and some amazing pictures! I have a Celestron nexstar evoulution 8 with it's original mount, any suggestions on a camera to get?
  2. That is why we are asking for advice first
  3. I am interested in getting into imaging, I have a Celestron Evoultion 8, and am thinking of getting a ZWO ASI1600mm camera https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi1600mm-cool-usb-3-mono-camera.html What else would I need to buy to go with the camera? Would these two be a good combination? and what sort of images would I be expecting to get from these together?
  4. Why are you using a reducer? Sorry can't get rid of the quote for some reason.
  5. Would this camera take good pictures with a Celestron Nexstar 8?
  6. Great clear night last night, went to a dark sky spot in Church Stretton, got an amazing view of the Orion Nebula, the first time I had ever seen it
  7. any tips on particular places there to go?
  8. Supposed to be quite clear tomorrow, hopefully not too late
  9. I'm excited to see Jupiter for the first time in the next couple of weeks
  10. I didn't think it needed it, Just read in the instructions that it may need doing, What would the sign's be that it needs doing? When we do get clear sky's I am going to test with the unfocused method.
  11. I'm reading the actual instructions that came with the telescope and am more confused than ever.
  12. This may be a stupid question, I have a Celestron Nexstar evolution 8, does it need collimating?
  13. Has anyone been to this dark site? and what was your experiences? Have made a couple attempts myself, first time was foggy, second time was closed due to ice, I am hoping to be able to actually go stargazing there soon haha
  14. I think that is one of the best views in the sky
  15. Will the starsense fit my Celestron nexstar 8 with the bracket you're selling it with?
  16. Best Christmas present I have received
  17. Not quite, drove to the dark site, but the road was closed due to ice so couldn't get up there.
  18. I'm heading to a dark site near Church Stretton, wonder if I'll get to see this
  19. I know not really on topic, but how do these "name a star" thing's work? Are the star's actually called what you name them, or do you just get a certificate for your own benefit?
  20. I have a dark site about 30 mins away from me, at a place called Church stretton, am looking forward to trying it out for the first time when we finally get a clear evening
  21. Thanks guy's The highlight of this evening so far has been Andromeda, the weathers not the best to be honest so am surprised to have seen it
  22. Bit of a pointless post, complete newbie here and just wanted to share my excitement of finding the Owl cluster the other night Could have spent hours watching it
  23. Just the one's that came with the scope 13mm and 40mm Celstron plossl
  24. How do you see images like that? Do I need to get better eye pieces than the one the scope came with?
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