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  1. I will be joining - just as soon as I get around to coming to a meeting! Do you know what weekend it is? I am a teacher and so that rules when I can commit to long weekends. Was up at Kielder a few weeks back and it was overcast the whole time - it's a long way to go but I might if I could dedicate the time. At least with North Lees, if it is terrible I can be home in 45 mins
  2. I am currently loving Sequence Generator Pro - the automation combined with plate solving is a game changer for me. Forget star alignment - I now polar align with Sharpcap (5 mins) and then plate solve straight onto target (another 2 mins). Auto-focus takes a further 2 mins so I am imaging within 10 mins of starting to polar align which is just brilliant. I also love my new camera - the QHY163m. Just buy one. Seriously. Do it.

    1. RichLD


      Amen to that!

  3. It's not been all bad - this is the result of my first foray into narrowband from the back of Betty Eastwood Park looking east over Wakefield's light bubble! I gathered some S2 and O3 data but it's pretty washed out with it being close to summer equinox and also the full moon to boot but I'm pretty happy overall. 13 x 390 sec Ha lights, 20 darks, 50 flats. On another note, I stayed at North Lees campsite last weekend and although the skies weren't truly dark, they were a lot better than here so I am planning a trip down in October half term if anyone is interested. I'll be renting a pod (£35) which has a heater and power socket. Decent E-W skies from the top field.
  4. I already use an IMX178 OSC so am familiar with the CMOS ethos but I am moving into mono / filters / NB for the first time and so looking for guidance.
  5. Thanks for a detailed and easy to follow explanation Viaiv.
  6. I am about to start using a QHY163m cooled camera (I currently use an Altair IMX178c uncooled camera so not unfamiliar to CMOS) and am busy reading all about gain / offset, noise etc. I understand that guiding is seldom to never perfect in the real world however I always shoot shorter exposures and stack whereas my friend insists that longer exposures will always give better SNR, all things being equal. I should add that he lives in Nevada and so dark skies are an hour's drive away, whereas I live in light polluted West Yorkshire! My real question is this: given perfect guiding, would long exposures at gain 0, offset 0 always be the preferred option, limited only by skyfog or are there instances where using gain and shorter exposures would produce better results?
  7. Same sensor, same spec, one has heated sealed sensor window, one uses dessicant tablets. That's all I really needed to know for me to make my choice in the end. Also, QHY a little cheaper so I could spend more on Baader filters. Either camera is an excellent choice in my opinion.
  8. He has a couple in stock right now
  9. They are like the proverbial rocking horse .... I've PM'd you
  10. Also, if my wife finds out, please send flowers
  11. Well, I've ordered the QHY163m cooled after a lot of thought. I also managed to get a QHY 7x36mm filter wheel so that clinched the deal for me. A little cheaper than ZWO (not that that is an issue) but seems a slightly higher spec too. Baader filters to come, and then a new chapter in "why the heck won't this do what I want it to do?" opens
  12. I'm not bothered about using lenses - it will be purely for astroimaging work on scopes so it makes my decision a little easier
  13. Neither would I! However I would base my choice of filter wheel on advice from existing QHY163 owners. I'm looking at 36mm Baader filters so I just need to make sure that the wheel I choose will fit ok to the camera
  14. Any issues with filter wheel compatibility? I have to say I'm starting to favour it more now
  15. Hmmm - so now you got me pricing it all up and, if I were to go QHY at £1200 then I could get 36mm Baader LRGB and NB filter sets, and a ZWO wheel, and still come in slightly under ZWO package price ...