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  1. WADAS forum 3

    Any other time I'd be there mate - happy hunting
  2. NGC 6995 The Eastern Veil Nebula

    From the album Deep Sky Objects

    3 hours total integration on NGC6995, The Eastern Nebula. 20x180sec Ha and 40x180sec OIII. 25 flats, 25 darks.
  3. Deep Sky Objects

  4. WADAS forum 3

    Last mid-week session before I go back to work next week - 3 hours on the Eastern Veil, NGC 6995. 1 hour Ha, 2 hours O3 and processed in Pixinsight. NGC 6995 Eastern Veil by Jay Bolt, on Flickr Higher resolution on my Astrobin gallery.
  5. WADAS forum 3

    Finished my NGC 7380 last weekend - almost 6 hours in total. False colour SHO palette used (all narrowband is false colour). Processed in PixInsight - not bad for Wakefield in July / August NGC7380_Final_Image by Jay Bolt, on Flickr Integration and equipment details on my Astrobin page All constructive comments and criticisms welcome
  6. WADAS forum 3

    So I finally managed to get out last night - the forecasting accuracy has been pretty bad recently. I am still working on some tweaks on my setup such as coma correction (how hard is that!!) and cable management. I added some O3 data to my NGC 7380 folder - I'm actually going to ditch the Ha data as it has some interference that won't calibrate out with darks or flats. I only had 18 mins of it anyway This is a bicolour process of where I am so far - I think this is pretty good from light polluted Wakefield and I plan to build the total integration time to between 12 and 18 hours if I can get the weather. When is the next meeting as I really want to get my membership application and subs in as the star party in October sounds a possibility
  7. I just use boxes from ASDA. If you are ever going from Wakefield and fancy some company when imaging on a Friday or Saturday night, give me a shout. Jay
  8. WADAS forum 3

    I have the EQ6-R and am really pleased with it. I only image so not bothered about AZ
  9. WADAS forum 3

    Made a start on gathering LRGB data on the Iris Nebula. Hopefully add more tomorrow if things stay good.
  10. Question about astronomik clip in filter

    From memory, no you can't as the lens protrudes into the cavity.
  11. WADAS forum 3

    Thanks - I had to focus manually as my stepper hasn't arrived yet. Also I haven't quite got the spacer properly calibrated on the coma corrector so I had to crop out some of the rugby ball stars near the corners (adjustable spacer ordered!).
  12. Saturn 6th July

    I'd be very pleased with that!
  13. WADAS forum 3

    Here you go then - had a window on Sunday morning so decided to see how narrowband copes with full moon (better than I hoped actually!). Went for Bubble Nebula in Ha and O3 and then tried a bi colour combination (with limited success as there isn't enough data to drive it far enough in processing). It is a great target and I'll come back to it in August once we have longer dark and the moon is not full! Also I'll probably add LRGB data and then combine the narrowband in Pixinsight.
  14. WADAS forum 3

    Thanks - I've only started in January so not had the nerve to post any directly yet!
  15. M27 Bicolour

    Wow! Not seen detail like that before on M27