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  1. Altair 294c Pro TEC camera with adhesive sensor heater (removable). Comes with hard case and AC PSU. £699 (£899 new) Selling as I am moving back into mostly narrowband on my mono camera and want to fund some new filters. Collection (Wakefield, W Yorks) or insured post (additional cost depending on service wanted) Bank transfer preferred (no fees) but will take Paypal (buyer to pay fees if applied)
  2. Finally managed to grab some solar this month in between the seemingly permanent cloud cover. AR 2822 has developed nicely and shows lots of detail. Had a play with my Daystar Quark setting and it was quite off-band. Also an opportunity to test my revamped T430 imaging laptop (these things are awesome for the money second hand now and the ability to upgrade them!). New SSD and 16GB of RAM and I was hitting close to 100FPS on my Altair 174m camera. Seeing was average but being able to reject 80% of frames across 2000+ frame 20 second video grabs was a bonus. Processed using Astra Image wavelets and Topaz DeNoise (my go-to denoising software now!). You can see the sunspot, its magnetic patterns as well as some Earth facing spicules (sharper white crests on otherwise motion blurred waves of plasma). Hoping this is the start of more surface activity for this summer. sunspot01.tif
  3. Looking clear tonight so fingers crossed! My QHY 163m has finally returned so grabbed some narrowband on IC 443, Jellyfish Nebula, last weekend. The O3 was really faint; possibly the moon was still too bright so I'll try and grab some more over the coming weeks. IC 443 Jellyfish Nebula Narrowband by Jay Bolt, on Flickr
  4. No - ASDA has it a while but not for years now.
  5. I occasionally bring back a freezer bag of Cookstown sausages and Vedas
  6. I hit Rosette last Sunday night too - whole scope froze over apart from the mirrors (thank God for heater straps). Sensor hit -10c at 3am!! Higher resolution on Astrobin
  7. We get everywhere, don't we? I'm from Portballintrae originally
  8. Welcome aboard, from a fellow Norn Iron astroimager
  9. Precisely - no difference in outcomes (apart from money). I use an ST80 with an Altair GPCam 2 mono and a 0.5x reducer so the guidescope becomes F/2.5 which is plenty fast enough for alignment.
  10. Drift aligning tends to provide the most accurate because it is working with the actual movement of your mount, in your location, and set up the way you set it up that night. I tend to find that other methods like synscan or polar scopes are approximates that get you close. I use Sharpcap's polar align feature which, again, gets me close but not as good as drift align. That said, I guide using PHD rather than mount driven guiding so 'close' is good enough for PHD to make corrections
  11. Sure - I got it from Bernard at Modern Astronomy and he has taken care of the return. This is after the aftersales team in China had FedExed me a spare part for free (had to pay like £4 import duty) just to see if that would work.
  12. The heated sensor window wasn’t working. Can’t wait to get it back - it’s a great camera
  13. I use Stellarium to plan my targets - you can input your camera / scope details and it helps with framing. Once happy, I copy the coordinates and paste them into Sequence Generator Pro and my targets are ready to go to plate solving.
  14. Been a good week for extended sessions - ran an 8 hour session on Wednesday night / Thursday morning on the Heart Nebula. 120 subs at 240secs each on a DSLR - sub pixel guiding and a perfect unattended meridian flip too! I have an issue with egg shaped stars near the outskirts - the problem is my 0.8x field flattener needs 51mm distance to the pixel but my 100D already takes 44mm from the sensor to the lens flange and my T Adapter is 10mm so it's over by 3mm. I think I have a narrower T Adapter somewhere but I won't get it down to 51mm. Heart Nebula by Jay Bolt, on Flickr
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