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  1. It depends on what you want to do! I love my computerised Celestron Nexstar alt-azimuth mount, it is perfect for visual observing, but if you want to get into astrophotography you are limited to single exposures of less than a minute or so. But I have taken many fine photographs using that mount. For longer exposures you will need an equatorial mount. But getting started, an alt-az mount will keep you happy for a good few years as you learn the ropes. But don't automatically try to follow every piece of advice you read online. Whether you go alt-az or equatorial, the quality of the mount
  2. Wish I'd seen that before, I may have gone for overkill a bit here!
  3. I think so too. One of the things I am struggling with at the moment is that I made my pier with too wide a diameter, 11", now I am having problems with the scope hitting the pier/metalwork when pointing at high altitudes. Don't forget to make your pier tall enough, otherwise you won't be able to see over the walls of your observatory, something else I have been struggling with.
  4. £156 for six round wheels and 4x3m length of matching track, including delivery charge from Southampton. Delivered next Tuesday hopefully.
  5. Thanks Guys. Hehe, I'm kind of a one-man band, don't like the sound of a committee deciding where I go and don't go :-)
  6. Well, gone with the Brundle round profile wheels and track and ordered. See what turns up! Cheers All, Phil.
  7. So V-wheels or round wheels? Can't make up my mind now!
  8. Many thanks Guys, I've emailed them, will report back...
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