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  1. Hi James Attached some pictures of the mount. I've had it just over 4 years, wow where did that go! The belt mod was fitted in 2016 and I also performed a strip down and rebuild. It's had average use in that time although my interest has waned of late so not much use over the last couple of years. Let me know how you wish to proceed, thanks.
  2. I'm at work at the moment, but I will get all the info together as soon as I can. As I said I'll just going through it all so not very prepared, just came across your post and thought I'd make contact. I'm in Salisbury, so the right end of Wiltshire for you! It is an older black model that was upgraded to synscan by the previous owner and I fitted the belt mod. It's a solid mount kept in an observatory. I have this photo from a while back, it's all complete with tripod etc despite how it might look in the picture. Its all got to go so whatever takes your fancy. ?
  3. Hi James I'm in the process of sorting through my imaging kit to sell it all, and I have an HEQ5 synscan with rowan belt mod. £500. Let me know if interested. Thanks.
  4. So we are back to the fact that standard Catseye autocollimators are not suitable for imaging reflectors. My opinion from the start. Why haven't the extended versions always been available? Is it coincidence that they have only become so since this thread?
  5. Thanks, but that looks like a reducer as well. The catseye products are 2".
  6. Hi Jason As far as I can see they aren't available in the UK. I'm sure FLO could get one if I asked them. I just didn't want to shell out for a new improved version. They are quality but they aren't cheap either. Wish I'd sent it back for a refund when I had the chance, then I'd have been in a better position. I'm curious... What made them make an extended version for imaging scopes in the first place?
  7. You forgot to mention the free "evaluation" stock available for those involved in this thread.
  8. Check these out... http://www.sunstore.co.uk/shop/
  9. I used LRGB combination in Pixinsight. I'm not sure I'm making the most out of the process compared to just RGB. I can really see the attraction of a mono set up.
  10. First try at processing L separately and then combining back with RGB.
  11. This might help. Personally, they don't bother me, and everything bothers me! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/34453855
  12. You must be well chuffed, I know I will be if I ever get to the bottom of mine.
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