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  1. Solar panel charger

    Check these out... http://www.sunstore.co.uk/shop/
  2. Imaging with the 130pds

  3. Camera tilt or something else ??

    What he said...
  4. Rosette DSLR Reprocess

    I used LRGB combination in Pixinsight. I'm not sure I'm making the most out of the process compared to just RGB. I can really see the attraction of a mono set up.
  5. Rosette DSLR Reprocess

    First try at processing L separately and then combining back with RGB.
  6. Dead Pixel??

    This might help. Personally, they don't bother me, and everything bothers me! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/34453855
  7. You must be well chuffed, I know I will be if I ever get to the bottom of mine.
  8. Dead Pixel??

    Nothing to worry about.
  9. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Here it is with Rob's Ha data...I like it!
  10. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Thanks. It is modded. Even then I was surprised how faint it was compared to something like the Eastern veil.
  11. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Thanks Rob.
  12. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Thanks. But then it wouldn't be mine I feel a spending spree coming on...
  13. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    I was surprised just how faint it was on each sub. The light pollution is my limiting factor, although not that bad, the 600s subs looked a little washed out so I might have lost some contrast.
  14. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Hi This was not easy to process compared to my usual black sky/dso images and it needs way more data I feel. I started out with 300s subs but my guiding was unusually good so I went for 600s. Definitely a narrowband target. 19x600+8x300
  15. Imaging with the 130pds

    Moving the mirror up the tube, by replacing the mirror cell screws with longer ones and using threaded spacers, is also an option. It's reversible. No hacksaw required, just a bit of nerve to dismantle the mirror cell.