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  1. Its sw 130 had no prob finding andromeda th other month use th binos first thn onto my scope just cudnt locate th whirlpool galaxy lastnite hopefully clear sky's again tonight hav another crack at it
  2. Same here had nice clear sky's last nite and went hunting th whirlpool galaxy spent well over an hour scope' n about just right of th last star in th ploughs handle but no joy was using a 32mm plossl wud ths be th right EP to use for ths galaxy
  3. Hi all just wants to know if th celestron 130 Astro master has a parabolic mirror or a spherical 1 was tryn to look it up but couldn't find any info on it.........
  4. Had to keep my main cap on n just remove th small 1 when viewing Venus th other night it was just to much light comn frm it wen removed th small cap it worked a treat nice crescent shape to it didn't half make a difference
  5. Cheers thnks for ur replies so if I just use th solar filter on its own does this just make th sun tht white colour
  6. Hi all just looking a bit of advice.......was gona buy a badder solar filter for my reflector and was wondering is it worthwhile getn a continuum filter aswel does it make for better seeing of some sort and if so wat would it be...thnks
  7. I think they are th same m8 just think it's th mount head thts different on thm
  8. Could also be a balancing issue tht ur having could try to loosen th tube rings slide th scope up or dwn until everything is evenly balanced giv it a try see if tht helps
  9. Hi all was just wondering about th pds versions are they still suitable for visual use aswel as AP was thinking of getting th 200pds
  10. Looks like your primary just needs a few tweaks we bit at a time keep goin back n lookn through your focuser but you will need tht centre spot sortd just to make it easier for yourself hth
  11. hi im interested in the 32mm plossl for sale if could you do £15 posted
  12. I have one of these scopes myself th skywatcher 130m reflector and am getting great views with it have it a year ni have it well collimated with a chesire wat difference would I see with a parabolic mirror......just reading few threads on here and seen they were different primary mirrors any advice
  13. Hi I'm interested in th 8mm starguider EP if still for sale cheers
  14. If you can get a chesire that will sort ur secondary out with a bit of tinkering should get everything centred Wat u wer on about lookn through without EP in try using ur lazer after that providing ur primary is centred hth
  15. Hi ther Ray just got th same scope last Christmas and have had som great views of Saturn Jupiter Mars etc so you should have np viewn these try downloading Stellarium set it to ur location it lets you know wats out and wer its is hth...... clear sky's.
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