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  1. Yesterday, I tried to update the firmware for my V4 hand controller and the mount controller - these are two separate items on the EQ3 mount. Updates of both failed. Initially, the synscan firmware loader and motor controller firmware loader both recognised the HC and the MC because I was able to get details of the current firmware. I hope I have these in the right order.... Hand controller 04.37.03, Mount controller hardware 4.16, firmware 4.37, database 4.02. I started with MC, clicked the 'update' button and got the message 'Update failed'. Though maybe I should have started with the
  2. After much to-ing and fro-ing, I bought a Skywatcher Equinox ED80 Apo. Purchased second hand from another Kentish Dave. It comes with an electric focused and HitecAstro controller, WO rings and dovetail. It was looking into what the electric focuser did that started to lead me down the path of computer control. As far as weight goes, will be fine on my mount and I can’t wait to pick it up especially as Dave 2 is going to set it up on the night and give me an overview on how to use it all. Will be looking for the first clear night after lockdown ends.
  3. Well I’ve read all through that Mick and it sounds too technical for me so I will run with the Canon for now but it’s good to see that there are solutions out there for Sony cameras.
  4. Lucky you, I’m in Cuxton, junction 2 of the M2, right on the river (literally as I live on a boat) with the M2 road bridge and Eurostar viaduct all lit up, if that wasn't bad enough, have the glow from the leisure park nearby. Will have to travel each time I want to do any photography I think.
  5. Excellent, love to hear how you get on with the A7. Whereabouts in Kent are you Dave? Do you have dark skies in your area?
  6. Mick, can you tell me which chapter in the book refers to that? On another note, I picked up a Canon 450d on eBay today for £105, already astromodded and it comes with a t ring! At least that gives me something to get going with, of course, I still need a the telescope which I will be picking up once lockdown ends.
  7. Stick with it, they are great little cameras but the menu format sucks! I purchased a great book by David Busch. He has written a series of guides for using Sony A series right from out of the box through and set up to working through every menu option. If he does a guide for the A6000, well worth the money. He gives recommendations on which settings to use and explains what they do far better than the Sony provided guide does. I recommend it.
  8. Hi Not an issue for the A6500 as you can turn long exposure NR off fortunately but thanks for raising this, I did find this post previously when I was searching back posts for any commentary on Sony cameras.
  9. Hi Dave. I’ve tested the Sony Imaging Edge suite and it’s capability depends on the camera. For me, it controls the shutter speed up to 30 secs, you can adjust aperture, white balance, auto focus, shooting mode an ISO but the biggest option missing is to be able to programme a shutter time when using Bulb. I can set it up to take multiple exposures with a specified interval between them but if you want to do anything longer than 30 secs you have to use an intervalometer and herein lies the rub, the A6500 has one mini USB port so you can only have one accessory plugged in at a time, so, I ca
  10. Hi Dave https://petapixel.com/2018/06/08/sonys-star-eater-problem-has-been-defeated-in-the-a7-iii/ Update link above. There are quite a few posts about how this issue has been ‘fixed’ so I don’t believe it is as bad as it sounds but it would be interesting to hear from some current Sony users on the forum about this
  11. Is there any way of controlling the Sony with computer software for astro imaging? Interested to learn if others have a a Sony A6500 and how they use it. I am about to take delivery of an ED80 for use on a SW EQ3 Pro mount and am looking at whether my existing camera is up to the job or whether I should get a Canon dslr for astro work. Thanks.
  12. Hoping to get one of these, if you are thinking of wanting to upgrade and sell yours, please let me know. no longer required.
  13. I’m getting frustrated! After taking advice I had decided on a SW Explorer 130PDS to go on my EQ3 Goto mount and get started on my new astrophotography hobby. This scope would also be good for viewing. Problem is, the lack of availability both new and used. OK, I can buy new on eBay for £299 but that’s just ridiculous when the normal price is around £180. So, perhaps a rethink is in order. I’ve found a Primaluce 72 ED (which may or may not still be available) in the SGL for sale forum and a Williams Optics ZS80 EDll on Astrobuysell, both around £330. I know nothing about either.
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