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  1. Was a great night Eric, really enjoyed it, we were very lucky with the conditions. Thought we'd maybe get an hour or so in but the bit of cloud that was there when arrived soon disappeared and 10mins later the sky was really clear. The wind was a real problem, even sheltering the scopes behind our cars didn't help much. You'd have needed guy ropes on your Dob Damian 😀 I managed a few subs but frustrated with the quality. Still getting misshapen stars in the corner of the images. If they were all consistently bad I could put it down to spacing issues or coma but some are elongated pointing towards the centre of the image others are at a tangent to the centre and some are ok. Checked my collimation using the collimation aid on APT and it looks ok. Can only assume is down to a combination of flexure/coma. It's driving me potty. I'll post a few pics later see if you guys can help diagnose the problem. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to try next. cheers Dec
  2. Was camping at Lower Stainforth nr Settle last night, weather wasn't actually too bad. Not perfect but considerably better than the forecast. Brought gear just in case and managed about an hour of decent quality subs before clouds rolled in at 1230. Might try and get out tomorrow night if forecast is good.
  3. Thanks Soupy. At first glance thought my camera lens needed cleaning 😀
  4. Cheers Gain. The deep field pics in your talk blew me away. I saw some at a presentation at kielder last year but thought they were out of reach of amateur equipment. Can't wait to get a proper imaging run at it and try other areas of the sky. Then next step is to get my scale ruler out and try and work out the distances 😀
  5. Thanks Vicky, it is mind blowing. Being a relative newbie to AP I'm still a bit in awe that equipment available to us now enables us to capture images like this.
  6. Cheers Eric, Hopefully get more and better quality subs next clear night. Cheers Mark, yeah it certainly gets you thinking especially considering the distances/scales involved
  7. Hi All, Saw an unexpected clear sky last night so I got out in the garden to do a bit of experimenting with spacing for the coma corrector on my camera. After lots of messing about, and with Gains recent presentation in mind, I took a handful of 5min subs near Coma Berenices (NGC4874 to be precise). Cluster.png?dl=0 Apologies for the quality of image (only a few uncalibrated subs and ive stretched it to death) but as Gain said the amount of galaxies in this small area of sky is simply mind boggling. It is like galaxy soup. Can't wait for some clear dark skies and longer subs of this region. BTW Did anyone see the really bright meteor last night at about 10.05 near Capella heading towards Perseus. It was a beauty. Dec
  8. No probs Gain. I'll bring it to our next meeting or can drop it off if you need it sooner.
  9. Well done on the new addition to WADAS Gain. Looks like a great piece of kit, I got a new 9x50 finderscope with the last scope I bought. I'm not using it so will happily donate if suitable.
  10. Cheers Vicky, Was good to get out. Haven't done much recently so good to blow the cobwebs off. Also picked up a few good ideas from Eric especially his storage box to protect his laptop from the cold/dew. Great detail on your Jupiter images. Can't have been easy getting those on Saturday, Eric had Jupiter in his scope and you could see the seeing conditions making it jump about quite a bit on the screen.
  11. Definitely Eric, we'll get another trip up around the new moon.... it's called Bungdale Head campsite if your searching for it on google
  12. Great images Eric, I knew from the detail you were getting on your laptop on Saturday night they'd be good. Hope your grandson got a few goals yesterday. I've attached an cropped image from the 12 x 300s lum subs I took on Saturday. With conditions as they were no point doing any proper calibration frames, had to crop background as the haze/DLB left some strange banding but managed a bit of detail.
  13. Was good to get out last night, really enjoyed it even with the conditions. Eric had a cracking view of Jupiter on his image capture software. The GRS was really clear. Managed to get my scope collimated although still have a small bit of coma around the edge of my subs. Need to play with the spacing adjustment to the coma corrector. Hopefully get some clear nights around new moon at the end of the month. Good luck for the footy this morning Eric. You've done well to get up and out.
  14. Hi Eric, haha I'm in the same boat. The more practice the better. Was thinking I might stay local due to conditions but don't mind a trip to Sutton bank if you fancy it. It's only an hour up the A1 I could meet you at wetherby services at say 8pm if that suits.
  15. Cheers guys, yeah I think you're right. Conditions will be difficult. I want to do a bit of scope adjustment (collimation and mess about with length of image train) so I'll probably just stay local.