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  1. WADAS forum 4

    Thanks Neil. Most stayed in the house. I stayed in a camper. Was a great trip, didn't look like the cloud was going to lift but we ended up with a reasonably clear sky on Saturday night.
  2. WADAS forum 4

    Haha cheers Ben, don't think I'll be starting a career in stand up comedy anytime soon. Here's a few widefield images taken on Saturday night. I've stacked them and stretched in pixinsight.
  3. WADAS forum 4

    Thanks Soupy. Haven't managed to process the widefield shots yet but thanks for all your help with focus and the loan of your lens. I stick them on here when I do. Definitely going to do a bit more widefield as I really enjoyed. Some good tips on using manual mode for image capture.
  4. WADAS forum 4

    Great photos Ben. Love the Pleiades shot, it was amazing on Saturday night when it rose above the tree line. Had a great view of it through Eric's binos. Was a great weekend, really enjoyed the crack with everyone and to get a few hours of stargazing on Saturday night was a real bonus.
  5. WADAS forum 4

    Cheers Damian, well spotted served me right for posting on SGL when I should be working 😀 Forecast looks promising next week
  6. WADAS forum 4

    Fantastic image Jay. Love the detail. Heres an LRGB image of NGC861 taken about a week and a half ago. Left my kit running to about 4am so managed about 5.5hrs of data, albeit in light polluted Lofthouse. Quite happy with the galaxy but couldn't quite tone down the stars enough when processing. I've since attempted a rowan belt modification to my NEQ6. It went ok but tested it a few days ago and the guiding is all over the place. Hopefully will have it tuned and operational by the weekend otherwise it will be 10sec unguided subs
  7. Thanks kens I'll have a look at that. The Astro baby guide will be a great help.
  8. Thanks r3i that's really good to know. My first reaction when I saw the guiding performance was that I'd done something wrong or maybe hadn't lubricated the components properly. If tightening the belts and checking pulley alignment doesn't work, I will probably strip the parts and start again.
  9. No vlaiv, it wasn't particulary windy when I tested it. Although a good point and one I hadn't considered. I have the scope in an enclosed area and pretty well protected from the wind. Its a 10" Newtonian so a bit susceptible to getting blown about. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Thanks Peter. I'll check the pulley alignment too. You're partly to blame for this as it was a trip to your Astronomy Centre last year that inspired me to take up this wonderful (sometimes frustrating) hobby 😀 To be honest I love every minute of it. Really appreciate your help.
  11. Thanks Vlaiv, I'll tighten up the belts and see if that helps. I thought I had it cracked as the scope pointed perfectly at the target after the plate solve but when I started guiding the Dec and Ra lines were moving wildly on the graph.
  12. Hi, I recently fitted the rowan belt mod to my NEQ6 but the guiding (with PHD2) is worse than pre-modification. The PHD2 graph is all over the place. I've checked my polar alignment and balanced everything. I'm pretty happy with the mod as the mount now moves silently on both axis and there is virtually no backlash in either axis. I think the guiding is down my poor tuning of the RA & DEC axis grub screws but am not sure. Do I need to alter the PHD2 settings? Could the worm gear be too tight on the main cogs? Do I need to tighten/loosen the belt motors? Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. Dec

    Deep Sky Images
  14. WADAS forum 4

    Great images Vicky. Cracking detail in both pics. Glad you and Mark had some clear skies.