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  1. WADAS forum 3

    They've come out really well Mark. Can't believe you got so much detail on the veil with 2min subs. Great work.
  2. WADAS forum 3

    Cheers Vicky, sorry I saw May 14 and assumed it was 2014.
  3. WADAS forum 3

    Cheers Mark, yeah stars were a bit egg shaped (probably flex in the scope/image train) and need a bit more data but looking forward to getting out again and giving it another go.
  4. WADAS forum 3

    Hi all, did a quick process of the data collected on Tuesday and have highlighted the supernova in the Fireworks galaxy. Didn't gather enough RGB data to stack or calibrate the colour so please excuse the quality/noise in the image. Did a quick check on the interweb and its a type II-P supernova (a core collapse event) first observed on May 2014.
  5. WADAS forum 3

    Great image Jay. The detail is incredible.
  6. WADAS forum 3

    Hi Vicky great images of Saturn and M101. With all the issues you had with the inverter you did well to capture them. I've checked the images and the supernovas visible... to be honest didn't even realise there was one in the fireworks galaxy until Ryan mentioned it. I'll post the pics on here when I get a chance to stack them all.
  7. WADAS forum 3

    Was great to get out and catch up with everyone. thanks Damian for letting me have a look through the big dob. What a piece of kit!! The views were incredible, like Vicky said the veil through that scope is out of this world. looking forward to getting plenty of more wadas sessions in the months ahead.
  8. WADAS forum 3

    I'll take a nip up to Winscar too. Didn't get there on Saturday night so be good to get out. see you all in a bit.
  9. Bubble Nebula

    Thanks for the information. I'll have a look at the tutorials and the PI book. I haven't done a lot of processing. To be honest it's taken me a long time tweaking my setup just to gather reasonable quality subs. Really appreciate all your help
  10. Bubble Nebula

    Hi I've used the coloursaturation process. Is there a better method for adjusting colour balance?
  11. Bubble Nebula

    No thanks, I'll run that now. any other tips/feedback are really appreciated.
  12. Bubble Nebula

    Hi filroden, tried it again. Does this look any better for alignment?
  13. Bubble Nebula

    Thanks for feedback I'll check the star alignment. Very new to this so appreciate any help.
  14. Bubble Nebula

    Hi Wim, followed the 'Enhancing Red with Ha' tutorial. Its already made quite a difference. Thanks for the help, will have a bit of fun working through the tutorials.
  15. Bubble Nebula

    Thanks Wim, just had a look at lightvortexastronomy, looks great. I use PI so this tutorial will be perfect. Dec