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  1. What a cracking image, especially given the conditions and time of year. Makes me want to get a few more NB filters.
  2. Thanks Vicky. The processing is very challenging, I find it really difficult. If it wasn't for the online tutorials I'd have no chance. Great images from your camping trip. Like Damian, I love the widefield shot of M101 and M51. Had never thought of capturing both in the same frame. Brilliant!!
  3. Cheers Ben. Glad to get some red, green and blue data just so I could try out some of the processing tutorials.
  4. Managed to gather some RGB data this week to add to my HA image of C27 a few weeks ago. Processed with Pixinsight following the tutorials from Harrysastroshed (which are excellent by the way). First time combining colour with lum or HA so plenty of room for improvement. (Havent figured out how to adjust colour balance yet!) The problems I've had with collimation, focus etc are evident from the star shapes but, to be honest, its better than I had expected. Anyway with the lack of astronomical darkness for the next month or 2, I can hopefully get a bit more image processing practice done.
  5. Excellent Damian, be good to have a look through the new scope. Looks a nice piece of kit Great Mark, hopefully see you later
  6. Hi Mark, I'll check with Eric but I'd say around 9-9.30. We'll have a bit of time to set up and have a coffee. Won't get properly dark until after 11.
  7. Anyone up for a trip to Winscar tonight. Myself and Eric going to give it a go. Forecast looks reasonably good.
  8. Cheers Mark. That would be great. Give me something to do when the weathers crap.
  9. Was a great night Damian. The talk by Robbie was brilliant. Some very interesting ideas. Is there any chance of getting details of the websites and software he mentioned. I'd be really interested in having a look at some of the stuff he discussed.
  10. Thanks Dave, it's a 15mm slim OAG. I couldn't fit the Atik OAG in my setup as I've only 55mm back focus on my coma corrector. With 40mm for the camera and Atik Filterwheel I've only 15mm to play with. I'm new to off axis guiding to good to know that the prism alignment shouldn't affect it. Havent managed to test the guiding yet as the weathers been a bit rubbish this week but I'll let you know how it goes. thanks again Dec
  11. After a lot of experimentation I have just managed to achieve focus on both my oag and Atik 383l. However I am not convinced that the image from the guide camera is orthagonal to that of the Atik even though both are square to the RA axis. I did have to chop about 5mm off the prism turret to achieve focus. Could the prism have moved? If so will it affect my guiding accuracy? How do I check how much it's off by? The prism appears to be square and flush with the turret, will removing and resetting the prism (using the small grub screw) make any difference. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dec
  12. Thanks Mark. Great lunar images. The colours and definition are great.
  13. Thanks Vicky, it's low in the NE very near Deneb.
  14. Thanks Gain. I used an Atik 383L and Atik EFW with ha filter with a 10" SW Quattro on an neq6 mount. I guide using a small Orion SSAG mini guider and scope but have just bought a slim oag so going to give that a go. Ive been using a trial version of CCD inspector to try and improve the flatness of the images but still struggling/experimenting with spacers etc. I use apt as the capture software and phd2 to guide.
  15. Hi Folks, Had my first foray into narrowband imaging last night. Set up at home and took 18 x 600s subs of the crescent nebulae with my Ha filter and stacked them with some darks, flats and bias frames. Still struggling a bit getting rid of coma etc but its work in progress. Quite pleased with the detail (looks eerily like a brain!) No processing apart form a histogram stretch. Will attempt to add a bit of colour when the DLB leaves us at the end of the month.