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  1. Ugh well...it got away. Bidding on another one and if I don't get that one either then I'm just gonna put my big girl pants on and buy a Nagler.
  2. Wait wait...I misread the ad. It's apparently just a 35mm Tele Vue panoptic ep with "Nagler like precision" LOL. I guess that would make sense for the price...it's still half the price of what these ep's go for either way. Still excited...but would eventually like a Nagler. Anyone have any experience with the Tele Vue 2" 35mm Panoptic lens?
  3. Happy to hear that! Yeah I hope I win it too...the price was about half of what they go for.
  4. Well I just now bit on my first expensive-ish 35mm panoptic Televue Nagler eyepiece on Ebay. I've only ever owned 1.25" cheapy Plossl lenses that came with my Dobsonian, but I recently bought a nice little refractor that allows for 2" eyepieces. Seeing as how star party season and warm nights are almost here I decided to spoil myself by getting my first nice eyepiece. Whether I win this one or not I'll eventually be getting one, haha...but for the sake of it wish me luck! I'm sharing this with you all because I don't think my husband or kids really give a Rubbish and I'm pretty excited a
  5. My RA is sticky and crunchy...and when it slews it doesn't make it to where it needs to go because it sticks. We greased it and it is still doing this. I may like to buy a new EQ5 motor...anyone know where I can get one for cheap (500 or less) or have any tips for fixing this sticky mount issue? Warm nights are coming and star party season and I need to get this fixed! Thanks!
  6. Well this is a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a new EQ5 mount at an affordable price. I'm not impressed with what the new out of the box prices are so I'm hoping someone has one they want to sell for decent? I currently have one but the RA is so sticky I cannot use it. The noises it makes scare me...and warm nights of observing will be coming soon so I'm trying to get the old scope ready. And of course I'm also looking to add even just one Nagler to my collection. Thanks!
  7. I'm fairly sure we can use it under the guise of "educational purposes" though we do seek out permission as well. We did a show not long ago called "Rock the Rocks" which was essentially rock music with space visuals. All songs we got permission for, and in case we ever did get a sue happy lawyer we can always claim "education" lol.
  8. *gasp* I am so glad I joined the SGL. You are all so helpful to me. I have a lot of music to listen through now...thank you all for the suggestions!
  9. Hello! I work at the Washington State University planetarium here in Washington state, and over the past few days I've started planning out some shows for Spring. I soon realized that I need some suggestions for new music/particular songs that I can play during my shows because I've been using songs from the "Cosmos" soundtrack...but that's essentially ALL I have used over the past year or so lol. I spend a lot of time on Itunes to no avail...nothing sounds right. I'd like it to be very epic, soft, instrumental, ambient quality with a science/scifi twist. Something you wouldn't mind kicking
  10. Thanks all! I was leaning more towards a solid good quality planishphere yes...but the printouts sounds like a great idea too. I may just hand out printouts along with something else like the little red light I mentioned. The talk will be geared towards VERY amateur astronomers so I was just thinking about something I could gift to the audience after the show that they may find useful towards getting into skygazing.
  11. Yeah printing them off is good idea, but the gift I hand the audience I wanted to be more than just a sheet of paper lol. Maybe I'll contemplate handing out little red flashlights along with a printout... Any leads on some bulk flashlights? lol
  12. Hello! I'm contemplating doing a talk at a local star party next summer called the Table Mountain Star Party. In any case, the workshop will be for beginning astronomers and I wanted to provide everyone with a star chart to take home at the end of the talk. Does anyone by any chance know of somewhere I can get bulk star charts for dirt cheap prices? Everywhere I have been looking I see them for $15 a piece...and that just can't be right lol. There has to be somewhere I can get them for a bulk price? Thanks!
  13. Star Slinger

    My Astrophotos

    My adventures into amateur astrophotograhy.
  14. I wish I could attend a star party with all of you there! Thanks again for the help, well wishes and advice! Haven't had any clear skies in many weeks now but hopefully soon!
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