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  1. Hi, It has been a while since posting - Long story short I started a new job with early starts so haven't been able to do much stargazing, Then I made a mess of my Skywatcher 150p OTA by trying to fit a new focuser on, I did it...........Badly So, as a result I have just purchased a Skywatcher 200p and HEQ5 Heavy duty Mount (With Sysnscan Goto) The idea being, I want to still enjoy viewing but also start my way into Astrophotography. I have all my previous eyepieces etc but am looking for advice on the photography side. 1. Which Camera? (Is the P900 still a viable option?) 2. Autoguiders advice yes or no? Which one costwise? (Keeping budget lower to start with) 3. What Software is needed / recommended? 4. Anything else I should look at ? I am going off what I have read online that I need and may have missed bits, so any advice is welcome. I would prefer to keep budget lower to start with and upgrade as I go along. I do need to keep costs (Fairly) low as the initially outlay for the Telescope setup was a fair whack and I have just been signed off Work thanks to Angina and crappy high blood pressure Hope it makes sense, The meds are making my head a little fuzzy Thanks Carl
  2. Cheers Lee. Hadn't noticed the focuser having only 3 screws!!
  3. Hi Lee, did this Focuser fit out the box or did you have to make any alterations? I am looking to upgrade my SW 150p focuser
  4. Hiya I am new to all this and decided on buying a Skywatcher Star Discovery 150p Goto. I appreciate you are looking at bigger models, but as you asked about the Goto I figured my reply may help. My opinion is a Goto is an excellent device, for me personally one main reason. When I first got the scope, I found it extremely difficult to master the manual locating of Sky Objects, this then 'spoiled' the experience a little. However, that is why I bought the Goto. Because, after initial set up, I could tell the Goto where to Go and it did and I enjoyed the Viewing, Seeing Jupiter for the first time was simply amazing for me. Once my Goto was set up, I would split using the Goto with manouvering the Scope manually to locate Sky Objects. So, I would track Jupiter with the Goto and then swing the scope round to Regulus or Arcturus etc. Using Stellarium (an App - Free on Windows devices but costs £1.56 on Andriod) to guide me. I feel this helped keep the interest up, whilst I learn to master the art of manually moving a scope to seek Sky Objects. This meant whilst enjoying the easiness of the Goto system, if all went wrong with my Manual movements, I could tell the Goto to look back at Jupiter and it did etc. The downside to the Goto is you have to have it flat level, slight unevenness results in problems with the Goto locking in correctly. At the moment I am using three cake tins filled with sand to help with this !!!! (Works a treat by the way!)
  5. sorry,. I have the skywatcher star discovery 150p goto. Nothing wrong with the GSO 6 and 9 mm I just wanted moreadvice in the different types of eps and which are better for clarity etc I also only have 4 eps and want ti build up on this. Only a beginner with the telescope / astronomy. 5x Barlow doesn't work too well with less than 10 mm eps, but boy the moon comes to life with a 5x and 10mm. The wide angled 25 mm and 5x is good too for the moon. The focused is a stock 1.25 factory fitted. After much use, I feel it is stiff and clumsy, so would like to swap for something smoother and lighter to adjust. hope I made sense, using my phone and at work so lots of interruptions
  6. Hi all, Was hoping to get some advice, regarding a new Focuser and Eyepieces. The focuser is straightforward, I want one which has smooth easy action and at a decent price (under £200) Eyepieces is a little different, I am not sure which brand etc, I bought two GSO Plossl Eyepieces, 6mm and 9mm and a GSO 5x Barlow already and are OK, but which brands are good? I have read that Meade 4000 are good and have seen a nice EP and filter kit for £199. Any advice and recommendations are very much appreciated especially on the different types of ep's ? thanks in advance Carl.
  7. A friend of mine through the TR Drivers club has said that seeing Saturn will change my life I cannot wait
  8. Just a quick thank you again for the warm welcome, I have this week enjoyed my first viewing with the telescope. I have written a little about it here: Probably not the best write up but I am new at this and once I get to grips, hope to be able to make more informative observations etc.
  9. On Monday (7th March) night, being a clear and somewhat chilly night, I grabbed the opportunity to set up and have a first look with my new Star Discovery 150p. Being a complete Astronomy virgin, I will say honestly, I had the greatest time ever! The Skywatcher was extremely easy to use in freedom find, I managed with the use of Stellarium, to locate Jupiter and with a little faff and cussing spent a good Hour / Hour and a half watching Jupiter ascend from behind my House into the night sky. First using the provided 25mm Eyepiece, I studied and (attempted to) track Jupiter Manually, then feeling more confident swapped over to the provided 10mm Eyepiece, somewhat harder to track but a well deserved view. With the 10mm ep I could just make out the cloud stripes and more amazingly (for me anyway) I could see all four of Jupiters moons, my Son was vey excited too, though the cold night got the better of him and we hadn't really prepared ourselves for that (I was still in my Slippers!!) Light pollution will always be a problem for me where I live, so I have to make the best of what I can get. I live in a small built up area and have other houses and streetlights and a person who has one of those 'Security Lights' that are brighter than the Sun I have this evening while still light, played with the Laser / Red Dot Finder as I was slightly off target on Monday, I think I have pretty much got it lined up now. All in all, for me, I think I had a very successful first attempt and more importantly, I had a lot of fun and a big smile on my face alongside the excitement of seeing Jupiter for the first time without it being a picture I do have some questions and will be posting them in the appropriate forums as I go along
  10. Got a Warm Hat, I think pinching my Wifes red nail polish might be asking for it at the moment lol........She is still sore at the Invoice she found, thanks to the delivery guy ignoring the "Deliver next door" request and waking her up from her nightshift Just seen tomorrows weather forecast, Clear night, fingers crossed
  11. Thank you - Downloading this now
  12. Thank you for that, I have just finished watching with my Son - Very informative and a positive review
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome. My Telescope arrived and we had a quick set up and play. It was cloudy so nothing to see last night, but with the help of the manual we got to grips with the goto unit. I am impressed with the look, feel and quality of the Telescope and cannot wait to report on our first nights viewings. ?
  14. Hello all, I have been browsing through the site and thought I should take a moment to greet you all. I have just purchased a Skywatcher Star Discovery 150p Goto Telescope, it is arriving tomorrow (Weather looks grim as well for the next few nights!!! ) from 365astronomy. I have wanted to adventure into Astronomy for two main reasons, One being that my 11 year old Son has begun to show a fairly keen interest in the night Skies (Thanks to Prof. Brian Cox and his wonderful TV programmes) He is starting to pick up on constellations and thanks to his love of history, I have been researching and teaching / helping him learn why / how these constellations got their names. The other reason, albeit a rather lazy one, is I wanted something fun and interesting to do on our Camping trips at night, when there is little else to do but admire the night sky. I have spent many a clear night gazing at the sheer beauty of the night skies (my best experience was in Bude - The milky Way was just spectacular, made me feel so small and humble ) Hence the Goto Telesccope. We camp with my Wifes friend and her family, so we have two youngsters with us who I am sure will enjoy this, but I wanted something 'quick' to point at the Skies (if that makes sense) to keep the excitement at a maximum for them. For me personally, I have since childhood, stared above with awe. With a twist of coincidence, I also remember sitting outside our Tent with my Parents looking at the millions of Stars visible from our Campsite near Keswick in the Lake District, where we would holiday every year (That was 37 years ago!!!!!!!!!) On a more amusing note, I also recall sitting in a very, very cold Greenhouse with my Older Brother, armed with Binoculars at some crazy time of the morning (I think it was around 4am) watching Hale Bopp So, here is to a new adventure which I hope to share with you all and learn from you all Carl. P.S If I don't post for a few weeks, its because my Wife found the invoice............
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