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  1. Better start posting some more then to get me past 50 . Given that it was Peter's images that drew me to the AG8....I wonder why he's selling it (if it is him of course)
  2. AG8 PackageThats not to say of course that it will still be up to the job once a camera is attached. I'll search the other threads for what other people are using. The G11 looks popular.
  3. If you need iPad coverage then count me in (posted from my iPad while on the train home)
  4. Was concerned regarding reports of the electronics in the newer Meade scopes but given I'm likely to go for an OTA this would not be an issue (not thinking of an RCX). Also may have an remote focused lying around somewhere that might still be compatible...so the ACF is an option just not so flexible as the EdgeHD.Good to hear you say that 20 years of manufacturing improvements would make a noticeable improvements and yes I would like to take wide field images of DSO's. Some of the photos on this site, such as Peter Shah's Orion Nebula, are truly enspiring.....unlike my first efforts on BW film in 1985 with the University of York's Astronomy Society's 8" SCT Celestron
  5. Yes, forgot about the hyperstar option and thanks for pointing out the VAT:eek:Given my scope is a 20 year old vintage I am expecting noticably better optics to the offerings today....suggestions are this may not be the case:icon_scratch:
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I'll do some more investigation there. I was thinking of using my NEQ6 Pro SynScan given that Orion Optics actually sell the AG8 packaged with either the smaller EQ5 or my mount (the EQ6). They also offer a package with the Losmandy G11 as well.
  7. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, still in the planning stage of my observatory, but there's no harm in planning ahead.... To make the most of the new scope home I am looking to upgrade. I currently have one of the first 10" LX-200, now called a Classic, purchased from the old Farringdon shop of BC&F back in 1991...I think (it was a long time ago anyway). Still working I might add. Given the confines of a dome (it's looking like being a dome at the moment) I'm looking at the Celestron Edge HD 11" (£2.5k) or an Orion Optics AG8 8" (£3.4k). Taking into account that the AG8 is faster than the Celestron F3.8 v F10 but smaller aperture which one would you prefer for DSO's? Ultimately the endgame is to use it remotely for Deep Sky imaging ..... in the warmth of the house, not for me of course but for my wife (she has MS) and I'm sticking by that story . I'm not ontop of Mauna Kea but 8 miles north of Brighton and even though the village has no street lights the quality of the AG8 optics may not quite be shown in their best light. So any views on the above or even other suggestions would be gratefully received.
  8. Fortunately the permanent part is only a few feet high. I'm sure there are more knowledgable people on here but the minimum height I think is 6-8ft before planning comes into it. My wife has already contacted one of the 2 neighbours whose fence it will be close to (more like up against) and they are looking forward to looking through the scope! The other neighbour will probably be the same, but we'll check anyway. Having good neighbours is so important in life.
  9. Interesting regarding the decking route. I was thinking the same to limit the permanent impact of the site. If I moved the dome I would only have to put a large plant pot on the pier base. Not sure I could get away with a 2.7m dome. It a shame the side pods for the Pulsar are way more expensive than the SkyShedPOD.
  10. Given that I've just (in the last 2 mins) posted a similar question regarding Dome companies, inparticular Pulsar, I'd also like to hear the outcome. Talk about coincidence lol.
  11. Well I've been given permission to trash one end of the garden as long as I leave enough space for an extension my wife is hankering after. Problem is I'd be hard pressed to get a 8'x8' Roll'On roof in the space (would require 16'x8') . So I've been looking at observatory domes....SkyShedPod, Pulsar. Has anyone had any recent dealings with these firms? I sent an enquiry to SkyShedPOD (Altair) over a week ago and yet to have a response. My searches of Pulsar turned up email chains from 2009 that didn't instill confidence not helped by confusion as to which Pulsar company I would be dealing with.
  12. RobB

    Sussex Newbloke

    Welcome from another Sussex member
  13. Hi Rob of Sussex from another Rob of Sussex
  14. According to the BBC weather site, it's not looking too clever for the next 5 days. 4 out of 5 are forecasting 'heavy rain'. If it looks like it might be clear myself and my son will be along.
  15. I'd be interested, it's only 13 miles from me. Although working in London it would have to be the weekend (or I can arrive late on a Friday).
  16. Hope to be there Saturday. Havn't been since I was man'ing the FAS stand back in 2000 (job change and 1st son arrived that year!). Said son is showing some interest so I'll be dragging him away from the Xbox for the day
  17. I'm also looking for probably an EQ6 Pro mount to replace my Vixen GP. Any idea who may have these in stock right now?
  18. RobB

    Hello from Mid Sussex

    Cheers everyone Thanks to your warm welcomes I had to go out and buy another scope over the weekend... a Revelation 100mm Apochromatic Refractor.:) Now trying to decide if the Vixen GP mount I had is up to the job or do I go back and get the EQ6 PRO Skyscan mount I saw
  19. Bought my first telescope from them in 1990 (an 10" LX-200). Nothing but praise for them and as a company they have been around a few hundred years! I popped into their Tunbridge Well shop last week with an itching credit card but to their credit convinced me not to spend anything! I was looking at a Dobsonian but they recommended sticking with my old LX-200 for the moment (I'm looking at a 12" LX-200ACF at some point)
  20. Hi, I've been away from Astronomy since 2000 (change of job, house and new son!). The tall Trees to the south have now died so I'm looking at dusting off the 10" LX200 Classic and permanently mounting it. Back last century I was the editor for the Worthing Astronomical society WASNews newsletter. Also did a stint as the FAS newsletter editor. Looking for a more local group to join and help distract my 9 year old from the dreaded XBox!
  21. Sorry to resurect this thread but is there a Society around the Burgess Hill/Haywards Heath Area now? Cheers Rob
  22. Having been away from Astronomy for 8 years (change of job etc. etc.) I picked up a few magazines from the news agents last week. First thing that struck me was the fall from grace of S&T. It used to be THE magazine for anyone who aspired to moving off the first step of Amateur Astronomy. Now its thin on paper and thin on detail. I was however impressed by S@N. Definately come on by leaps and bounds. AN seems to have kept the same level of quality and format but my vote now would be for SkyAtNight which is really depressing as Sky&Telescope was the Ferrari amongst Fiesta's.
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