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  1. Hi Neil, Thanks for the tips - the mount I have is the one you've linked to on ebay. Ref collimation I guess that's all I can do is to put the dot in the centre as close as I can gauge it...
  2. Well finally I've had a non-cloudy/rainy night (albeit with nearly full moon) to give a good long test drive of my new (well 2nd hand bargain) Astromaster 130EQ out and I had fun with it and managed to get reasonable views of the Moon, Betelguese (didn't blow up), Pleides, M42 (practically compulsory I bet everyone goes for this 1st time out!) and Venus (bright but boring - not unexpectedably). Overall I'm reasonably pleased given the price I paid. I loved the view I got of the southern highlands on the moon and crater rims just peaking over the leading limb! I had the expected issues wit
  3. Is it just me or does the angle of the eyepiece look slightly skewed on the first picture of the scope above? Does the eyepiece slide smoothly into the eyepiece holder? Could be just the lens cap being wonky I suppose...
  4. Thanks everybody for the replies so far! The BSTs certainly seem to be getting a lot of love so far. I'll probably go for the 25mm, but should I replace the Celestron supplied 10mm with something for high mag? or split the difference for something medium power, say a 15mm, and put up with the existing 10mm (that's to say if I can only get the one for now)
  5. I should be so lucky, some made up Chinese brand worth all of £8.99 when I looked it up ... Now here's the real question, what astronomical accessory can I buy with the 4 quid I might get for it on fleabay?
  6. Hi, been pointed in your direction from over here. Would you be open to offers? I'm after a set of EP for my starter scope. Happy to pay via transfer
  7. Thanks, I did wonder about the size on the telrad, any suggestions for a lightweight budget alternative?
  8. For the last few weeks I'd been mulling over getting a starter scope and had narrowed it down to a few choices (Astromaster 130EQ or the SkyWatcher 130P being two of the main contenders). Over the weekend an Astromaster 130EQ came up on Facebook marketplace at £75 which looked to be a good bargain. I went to take a look and was in pretty good condition (almost new and practically unused I suspect), the only downside being it only had the original 10mm EP and the orginal 25mm had been lost. I ended up going for it, at which point my wife announced she would buy me it for my Birthday!
  9. Hi Steve, thanks, I have come across you guys and was thinking I might pop along to the next meet
  10. Nr Helston, just a gnat's whisker away from the proposed new dark sky area
  11. Hello All, I've decided to ease back into my childhood love of astronomy and stargazing. I sorely miss a 6" home made Newtonian that was passed down through the family but at some point over the all too many decades since has been lost to history. I plan to ease myself back into stargazing, starting with relearning the constellations by naked eye and binoculars, and then, when the time is right to maybe treat myself to a telescope. This is the plan anyway (seen plenty of advice ref not rushing in). My sole purchase so far has been a binocular tripod adapter (I already have the b
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