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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (NATO name: "Careless") * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukulele * yo-yo * frisbee * kite flying *
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  1. I have done the same with my 're-modded' Meade ETX105. It opens up a whole new world!
  2. Philip R

    Meade etx parts

    Just an update to my previous post... Reason my ETX105 has an aluminium backplate instead of the usual plastic one is because the OTA suffered a fall from one of my mounts and damaged two mounting points. Meade and their agents/resellers did/do not keep spares. My insurers, (at the time), were offering me a lot less than the estimated value and I did not want to see my ETX end up in a Thames Valley land-fill site. Below are links to what was done to resurrect it... (warning: picture heavy). You may find this dovetail bar ---> https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/astro-essentials-dovetail-bars.html ...is better styled/suited for your ETX125 if you do not like my method of attaching the dovetail.
  3. Philip R

    Meade etx parts

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I would be inclined remove the OTA from the forks, (i.e. de-fork it), and invest in a dovetail bar and an EQ mount. The drives of the ETX90/105/125 series are/were the weakest link. The images above and below showing my 're-modded' ETX105. The dovetail bar is attached with a pair of neoprene & felt lined Jubilee hose rings and mounted on my Vixen GP.
  4. Hi! ...are there any letters before the numbers on your eyepieces...? (see below) - assuming your 'scope focal length is 800mm, using the e/p with the highest number, (low magnification), working down to the lowest number, (high magnification)... i.e. 25mm (32x) ---> 12.5mm (64x) ---> 4mm (200x) PL = Plossl [1] OR = Orthoscopic or Ortho [1] WA = wide angle [1] UWA = ultra wide angle [1] K = Kellner [2] H= Huygens [2] SR = Symetrical Ramsden [2] RKE = a modifed type of Kellner [3] - used to come supplied with the Edmund Scientific 'AstroScan' telescope. some older types, not shown, no longer produced [4] - occasionally come up for sale secondhand or auction. the exotic names of some eyepiece types, not shown, given by some brands [4], often have wider fields of view, more glass elements, coatings, etc. [1] ...Plossl's and Ortho's are the most popular and affordable types available - good to average eye relief. [2] ...available, but you would be better off buying a Plossl or Ortho. [3] ...still available, [apparently], via Edmund Scientific - good to average eye relief too. [4] ...to many to list/name here. The Edmund Scientific 'AstroScan' telescope --->
  5. Hi Ade. Forgive my ignorance... quote: "Phone is Huawei P20 Android Pie v9.0" - the text I have placed in italic font, is that the version of Android OS or the model number? If "No!" is the Android OS up to date. Sorry but I forget which version it is now!
  6. My budget e/p's for grab & go... I use this 7-21mm zoom and this 18mm via AstroBoot. Also this 28mm via UKAB&S. The 7-21mm and 18mm are OK for terrestrial and white-light solar viewing too... with the exception of the 28mm for solar as it is a 2" and my Herschel wedge is 1.25".
  7. Philip R

    Help please!

    Hi @HMC and welcome to SGL and congratulations from me too. Here's another for the SkyWatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian. If you can afford a bit more, then there is the bigger brother/sister... SkyWatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian.
  8. The TeleVue Nagler 3-6mm zoom is perfect in my TeleVue Ranger, (480mm/70mm @f6.8 BTW).
  9. Hi @Sky-searcher and welcome to SGL. Very impressive! Out of interest the 'Vixen' type dovetail does fit some photo/video tripod ballhead saddle plates.
  10. Are you 'prime focus' or 'afocal' ? 'prime focus'... means using the telescope as the camera lens so you will need a T-ring and/or 1.25" or 2" nosepiece if the focusser tube is not threaded. 'afocal'... means using a telescope eyepiece, eyepiece projection unit [epu], and T-ring, therefore magnifying the subject. possibly a Barlow lens or PowerMate for lunar, planetary or solar (see below) imaging. red light/torch. spare battery/batteries for camera & torch, (if not powered via powerbank/external power source). patience. Above is an afocal image of Montes Apenninus using a Meade ETX105, 20mm Plossl in the eyepiece projection unit, (as shown in the first image), and an Olympus C2040 digital compact camera. ================================================================================================ SOLAR IMAGING/VIEWING Never image/view the Sun unless you have the necessary equipment checked for all defects and all safety precautions have been read and understood before each and every use. ================================================================================================
  11. Here's my contribution... my Tele-Optic Giro mkll. I used to have it on a Manfrotto 190 & 055PROB tripods when I first got the Giro... "You're gonna need a bigger boat tripod!" When I got the ETX & C6... I got a 'bigger' tripod.
  12. Hi @NicolaTerry and welcome to SGL.
  13. Hi Gus. May I purchase the Opticstar RDF if it is still for sale? tnx in adv
  14. As per @Gina. The ones I tend to avoid are those where English is not the sellers first language on other sites. Soon as I mention that I am on SGL and they will either reply... or get sucked into some gigantic blackhole if they are not.
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