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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (NATO name: "Careless") * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukulele * yo-yo * frisbee * kite flying *
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    somewhere between... 51.43N, -0.93W
  1. Philip R

    Looking for quality USB cables

    I have a few Lindy USB cables from light years back and they are still performing.
  2. Philip R

    Show us your Frac

    And my Ranger has the green tube rather than the brass or white. Otherwise identical... (as per @John)
  3. Hi. Glad you are asking the questions before buying your accessories. Some just buy... then have no use or what to do with some of their kit. Another tip too! Don't bother wasting your money an eyepiece set. Buy individual e/p's then you can build up a nice selection of glass for different scenarios. I have a few Plossl's, Naglers, Ortho's and a few bizzare. Barlows & Powermates... Typically they multiply the magnification by the amount shown, eg 20mm with a 2x Barlow will make it a 10mm. (I use a 2.8x Barlow, so a 20mm becomes a 7.14mm e/p). Also note that more magnifcation the view becomes a bit of mess. This link ---> http://televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=53&Tab=_back ...will go into it in more detail than I can explain. Extension Pieces/Tubes... If my memory serves me correctly, I think they make up the focus length where the diagonal goes if you do not use one. My TeleVue Ranger's focal length, including the diagonal is situ is 480mm. Not sure whether you can use your TV Pronto with or without though. I think the are used mainly for acheiving focus when doing astrophotography. Filters... Used to tease out various surface planetary disk features or enhance or attenuate the various wavelengths of the colour spectrum. The human eye is/was not designed for low light/nocturnal viewing. Polarising filters are ok for attenuating certain features of the Moon/Lunar surface. I use mine when it is getting close to 'full' or sometimes on a 'bright' Venus or Jupiter too. My 'swiss army knife' filter is a Baader Neodymium. No doubt other SGL'ers will offer their thoughts and corrections if I am correct or incorrect on anything I have said. BTW - I forgot to congratulate you on the purchase of your TV Pronto in an earlier post today. Nice 'scope. Clear skies.
  4. Philip R

    My first telescope, a Pronto.

    Hi again. The TeleVue Pronto is the same spec as my TeleVue Ranger, albeit the focusser. The Pronto has Rack & Pinion focusser or a dual-speed micro-focusser, (I think 2"), whereas the Ranger has a Helical focusser (1.25"). With regards to eyepices, TeleVue Radian's can be found on the secondhand market at respectable prices. Though they are no longer made, they do give a nice sixty degree fov and good eye-relief, (they have been superseded by the Delite's), whereas Plossl's are about fifty degrees. If you want to be 'blown away' then the Nagler 3-6mm zoom is a must have. To view the Sun in white light and see sunspots or a transit of the ISS, Mercury or Venus, then you will need a full aperture solar filter, either glass which gives the solar disk an orange colour or one made from Baader solar safety film which gives the solar disk a pale blue/white colour and some form/type of solar finder to locate it... DO NOT USE A FINDER SCOPE or RDF. Depending on your budget a stable camera tripod & head, or an EQ3 or alt-az 'Giro type' mount as the minimum. Photos above of my TeleVue Ranger with an ETX105 & C6 mounted on a TeleOptic Giro.
  5. Philip R

    Celestron refracting telescope

    FWIW - I have this 1916 sighting 'scope ---> <--- and I am tempted to get the brass cleaner on it, repaint it to restore it to its original condition, but it would loose character and loose value, (estimated £80-£100 GBP as it is). The only thing I may do and that is to find some suitable tube rings to attach a dovetail bar or something so as I can attach it to a camera/astro/surveyor tripod mount/head.
  6. Philip R

    Celestron refracting telescope

    Hi @anotheroldbeardy and welcome to SGL. They make niice home decor/showpiece, but that is it in my opinion. If you are after a serious brass telescope then you will need to spend a few thousand pounds (GBP). You may find this article useful ---> https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/157286-televue-brass-telescopes/ What do you intend to observe? and more importantly what is your budget? then we can advise you better.
  7. I had a peek at Mars on late Wednesday night [18th]/early Thursday morning [19th] with my ETX105. All I saw was a 'plain' orange sphere/disc. Even using my neodymium filter in the optical path failed to produce any surface detail. I stayed up for Saturn to come into view, but it was to low, as it had just cleared the garage roof of the house over the road and rising thermals everywhere.
  8. Philip R

    Advice about telescope

    They are also a PITA to collimate. Go with FLO and get the one mentioned by @paul mc c. They're base is in your area.
  9. Philip R


    Flak! ...Oop's ,err! had Ron Goodwin's intro of 633 Sqaudron come to mind. Seriously... I had an injection against malaria (plus a few others) and packed some anti-mosquito/insect repellant when I went to BG in 1999.
  10. I had a loose retaining ring/collar that moves the primary mirror up/down the baffle tube on my ETX105 after a fall and Jupiter looked like the photo below. This guy... link here --->http://sctelescopes.com/contact/ put it right and collimated it within two hours. He is ex-BC&F/Telescope House.
  11. Philip R

    a nagging Nagler dilemma

    first paragraph/first line/second half... Mine is the 6mm... not 10mm. second paragraph/second sentence... That was my thoughts too.
  12. Having purchased a TeleVue 13mm Nagler/Type 1 from @25585 a few months ago, I have a nagging Nagler dilemma... Do I go for the 13mm/Type 6 as FLO have 10% off the SRP. I admit this is a tempting offer and certainly would suit my TeleVue Ranger and 're-modded' Meade ETX105. What are your thoughts?
  13. Philip R

    What did the postman bring?

    Polystyrene chips, air... plus whatever it was you have been waiting for during the past +/- 1ly.
  14. Philip R

    Absolute newbie from Doncaster, UK

    Hi Matt and welcome to SGL. If you do get a green laser pen finder, just keep an eye, or have someone keep watch, for aircraft to/from Doncaster/Sheffield - 'Robin Hood' [DSA] airport.
  15. My TeleVue Ranger... sometime during late June/early July 1998.

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