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Philip R

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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (aka NATO name: "Careless") * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukelele * kite flying *
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    somewhere between... 51.43N, -0.93W
  1. Unsure about filters

    Just an update to my previous post...
  2. Hallo from Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi Lanties and welcome to SGL.
  3. TeleVue Plossl's

    PM sent.
  4. TeleVue Plossl's

    Hi Mike. I am interested in the 13mm. It will make an interesting comparison companion to my 13mm Nagler [type 1] I brought from @25585 a few months ago. Also a nice 'filler' between my TV 15mm & 8mm Plossl's.
  5. Unsure about filters

    Hi Jas and welcome to SGL. For the moon filter, I would invest in variable polarising filter. This is the one I use ---> note: only available in 1.25" in this configuration. For planetary viewing I use either a Baader neodymium or Baader contrast filters. They cost about £50.00 GBP each. @Uplooker has suggested above... a UHC. These are not cheap either. #82A's [light blue] are quite good performers for planetary viewing if you are on a very tight budget. They cost about £12.00 GBP.
  6. 75-300mm focus problem

    This may appear stupid, but have you tried manual focus?
  7. As above. The C6/SCT is an awesome 'scope for ease of use, weight, transportation etc. Below is a photo of my C6 xlt alongside my ETX 105 If you have enough pennies left over, than you may wish to consider a focal reducer which will turn the f/10 of the C6 into an f/6.3 'scope which is a bonus if you want to get some photos. Another optional accessory to consider would be a Crayford focusser. I use a single speed on both 'scopes, though in hindsight, a dual speed may have been a better option.
  8. Micro/mini computers

    I still use one! ...and i have even seen an 8"/160kb floppy drive. I was told at the time NASA were/are running out of them.
  9. Make a 'V' block. Dion on Astronomy Shed makes one form 3/4" plastic pipe and explains how to use it. You can also make one from a block of wood and 4x long nails too.
  10. Hi Meia and welcome to SGL. Also with an SCT or Maksutov telescope, the image in the eyepiece will be the 'right way up'.
  11. Am I on the right track?

    Hi Dave and welcome to SGL. South is where celestial objects will and reach their max elevation from the northern hemisphere. I think you can get a threaded SCT adaptor ring, (see www.scopestuff.com), and you maybe able to add an SCT f6.3* focal reducer/field flattener (aka FR/FF). They turn up quite often in the classified section for about £60.00GBP s/h. * not sure of what the focal ratio is for the SW127, but on my ETX 105 I think it is about F9 or a bit less with it attached and F14 without it.
  12. Greetings from Denmark

    Hi Georg[e] and welcome to SGL. Seeing as you come from Denmark and reading your intro, I had visions of you owning a telescope made from Lego. No offence I hope, and to other Danes that maybe reading this. Wishing you clear skies. Phil
  13. For portability the C6 is 'just' portable, but if you need something for travelling on an aircraft as a carry-on then forget it, (unless you own your own aircraft). My ETX 105 just about fits in a large aluminium camera case, but doubtful whether airline check-in/handling agent/staff would let me allow it as carry-on. I refused to let my Ranger go in the hold of an aircraft in 1999 when I went to Varna, BG for the solar eclipse, and the case, 'scope, etc., weighed less than it does now, but I still insist it is carry-on. Check-in staff at VAR did not query it. BTW - tripod & mount were in the suitcase.
  14. +1 for the Celestron C6 xlt. The 102 & 127 Mak's have a good reputation too. Just for comparison here is my C6 & ETX 105...
  15. Zero Budget Astrophotography

    Wow! Very impressive Rory.