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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (NATO name: "Careless") * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukulele * yo-yo * frisbee * kite flying *
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    somewhere between... 51.43N, -0.93W
  1. Philip R

    102 Mak focuser

    If it still still under warranty, then I would return it to the vendor. If he/she refuses to play ball, then may I suggest an appointment with SCTelescopes if out of warranty. My ETX105 primary started slipping a few years ago and found out that the primary mirror locking ring/collar needed tightening up. It may have come loose following a fall a few years earlier. A visit to SCTelescopes was done and the ETX105 collimated.
  2. Philip R

    M45, our Seven Sisters 🙂

    Nice images. The nine hour image is just "wow!"
  3. Philip R

    Hello world

    Здравo @ZijadSarajevo and welcome to SGL.
  4. Philip R

    Heads up on a Nagler 9mm

    Damn expensive @ £200GBP in my opinion - my s/h 13mm/T1 cost me £130GBP inc. p&p
  5. Philip R

    Which Telescope?

    Hi @Portech7 and welcome to SGL. Good advice given already. Most 'scopes are not 'all-rounder' and many SGL'ers, (if you look at the signatures... mine included ), often have more than one or one type. The beauty of the Dobsonian is that it is a cinch to setup, place it on any near level surface and you are done. With a tripod it needs to be sturdy. If it has an equatorial mount, it will need to be polar aligned, plus the eyepiece can end up at all angles, though none if it has an alt-az mount. Best advice at the moment is to visit your local astro club/society or star-party and see what others are using, have a look through them, then decide.
  6. Philip R

    iPhone Apps

    I have Clear Outside, SkySafari (basic), SkyWeek+, Jupiter Moons, Saturn Moons, Moon Globe, Tri-Atlas (goes under the name of Sky atlas in the app store).
  7. Philip R

    Cape Town Star Party

    Hi @strayring and welcome to SGL and wishing you clear skies for the star-party from the northern hemisphere.
  8. Philip R


    Здравей @MetroiD and welcome to SGL.
  9. Philip R

    Telescope vs Airport security

    I have taken my TeleVue Ranger to Bulgaria, Germany & Netherlands as 'carry on' in a aluminium camera case. Despite various verbal warnings from handling agents/check-in staff at LHR & LGW "...it will have to go in the hold." VAR, SOF, FRA & AMS no questions. Through the X-ray at LHR & LGW, airport security staff wanted to have a physical look at the contents... VAR, SOF, FRA & AMS knew it was a 'scope and a few e/p's and let it pass through without physically looking at the contents.
  10. Don't let it get you down. 'Vixen' type EQ mounts have not changed that much in the years I have been doing this hobby. I am sure you will find a GEM/EQ3-2 or better soon.
  11. Might be ok for Lunar/Moon and possibly Jupiter & Saturn at a squeeze. For dedicated deep space imaging though you are going to need a DSLR, some patience, and a very understanding partner. Check out SGL'er @rorymultistorey or his youtube channel 'AstroBiscuit'.
  12. Same here, too. Then if you want to add an eyepiece for 'afocal' imaging at a later date, then you will need an eyepiece projection unit (epu). My epu, made by Beacon Hill Telescopes, (other brands are available elsewhere), is behind the eyepiece with the brass top and in front of my ETX105.
  13. I'll add my 2p's worth. Go for a 6" or 8" Dob. find a level surface. place base of Dob on level surface. no polar alignment. enjoy the view. Mak's are great for Lunar/Moon and the planets, but for your second 'scope, it maybe a tad intimidating. Below are a few downsides... they require 30-40 minutes cool down time. you need to buy of make a dew-shield. they do have a narrow field of view, which can be a headache if mounted on an alt-az mount. <--- my ETX105 on a EQ mount. Unfortunately no 'scope does all, so that is why many of us SGL'ers have more than one. <--- and with my TeleVue Ranger on a alt-az mount.
  14. Hi Pierre. Apart from the cost, it all boils to colour too. The glass ones do give a nice orange/yellow disc and from what I have seen from the solar safety film in the past, it gives a very pale blue to white disc. Both types do require you i.e. the end user, to ensure that the filter does not have any pin-pricks, holes, tears etc., before each and every use. If you see anything, no matter how small it is... DO NOT USE IT. I have now joined the 'solar wedge club' and that gives me a green disc, depending on whether I use the solar continuum filter or not. Without the solar continum filter it is a white disc. The only downside to using a solar wedge is that you do need a refractor telescope.
  15. Philip R

    Hi new member from malaysia

    Hi @Jun ping and welcome to SGL.

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