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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (NATO name: 'Careless') * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukulele * yo-yo * frisbee * kite flying *
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    somewhere between... 51.43N, -0.93W
  1. My iOS & Android OS of Star Safari (basic) do! - just click 'Search' ->'Brightest Comets'
  2. One other thing! - metal tripods will get extremely cold during the winter months. To protect your fingers/hand from being frozen to the legs, you could add some pipe insulating foam on the top leg sections. Alternatively, you could go wood... i.e. https://www.berlebach.de/en/ - OK they are expensive, but wood has good vibration damping/elimination properties.
  3. Hi @Frankiej90 and welcome to SGL. Below is an image of a small part of my 'grab & go' setup...
  4. Hi Siouxsie. Personally I think if it was me I would choose the TeleVue Delos's & DeLite's as you mentioned. For the focal lengths, I think it is a personal preference. I only have the TeleVue 6mm Radian; (which was the predecessor); and I do like it. Radian's occasionally come up for sale secondhand. Now for the zoom. Having borrowed the Baader mkIV at the end of February this year [2020], from a fellow member of my local astro-society/club for an hour, I was very pleased with it. I may consider purchasing one. I do not think I would go for any other brand. That said; I do have a cheap zoom I purchased from AstroBoot a few years ago; that I use for public outreach, star parties or when travelling light, i.e. on an aircraft or public transport, etc., with my 're-modded' ETX105 and a few 'cheap' prime e/ps. For the Barlow I would stick with TeleVue if using with TeleVue e/p's. If I was using Explore Scientific, I would say, stick with Explore Scientific. I would like to mention that I have no business interests, dealings or financial rewards, etc., from TeleVue or any of the other company buisnesses listed here or elsewhere and/or their affiliated dealers/re-sellers, etc.
  5. Don't believe that hype @Karan05. Why 'scope manufacturers include absurd magnifications in the specs and advertising is beyond me. You will be lucky at 200x which is the theoretical maximum under a perfect sky. The late Sir Patrick Moore is often quoted to saying: "...50x per inch..." and that was for a refractor many moons ago. If you live in or near a town/city, then there is very little or no chance. Apologies in advance if that is not what you wanted to read/hear.
  6. Pun not intended... but this is a 'riveting' good read!
  7. Hi @Karan05 and welcome to SGL. What are you viewing? - Using the 10mm e/p and a 3x Barlow is way to much magnification for your 'scope. At the time of writing, Jupiter, Saturn & Mars are low down for northern latitudes, so getting a clear view of the planet surface/disc is not going to be easy.
  8. Hi @2scopes and welcome to SGL. Unfortunately no 'scope does all in this hobby. For lunar and planetary, then a Maksutov; (a.k.a. Mak/MCT); or SCT. For DSO then a 'Dobsonian' assuming you are visual and not bothered about polar alignment, etc. Are you planning on astro-imaging? - if "Yes!" then a wide-field refractor, i.e. ST80 or clone and a sturdy mount. Other SGL'ers will be able to advise, as I am purely visual at time of writing.
  9. There is a very similar thread/posting here... As it is eleven years old, some of the links may no longer be available.
  10. I thought it was me... but comets do appear much better in binoculars.
  11. Out of the supplied eyepieces, the 10mm is not so good from what I have read from other SkyWatcher users here... and other astro-forums. Once your eyes have been 'dark adpated', (it can take up to half an hour), some finer details should start to appear. I remove my specs when at the e/p too.
  12. You only need one small squirt (on the cloth) as a little goes a long way... I purchased a bottle and cloth several years ago and I reckon I have used one-eighth (1/8) of the liquid. I have used it on cleaning my 'scopes, e/p's., filters, binoculars, camera lenses, camera display, specs, tablet, phone, laptop display screen, and interior mirror of vehicle. etc. Don't use the same cloth on different articles. For cleaning e/p's and filters, I use one squirt in a plastic milk bottle lid and a 'Q-tip'. There are plenty of YouTube, etc., showing you how to clean delicate optics.
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