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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (NATO name: 'Careless') * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukulele * yo-yo * frisbee * kite flying *
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    somewhere between... 51.43N, -0.93W
  1. Very nice @astroavani. Mars is going to be well placed for northern hemisphere planet observers this year [2020] during the summer months.
  2. I think you would have to place it at the focal plane of the eyepice, (assuming you can dismantle it and/or have experience of optics). The crosshairs are made from a very fine wire or spider-web, (though not sure of what species). I did once try make or repair one myself with some fine wire, cheap e/p, cyanoacrylate adhesive [superglue]... it did not work! I believe TAL used to do a threaded crosshair adaptor that screwed into their eyepices. Personally, I would invest in a ready made finderscope and/or RDF, (even a rilfescope can be used) - either option will be a lot less hassle.
  3. What type of streetlight is it ? - sodium streetlights could be filtered reasonably well with a Baader Neodymium, though not so sure about the other brands you have listed, (I have Bortle 6 skies), but not so good with LED streetlights.
  4. Hi @Sheffield Col and welcome to SGL. I would be inclined to remove the OTA from the fork assembly and invest in a 'vixen' dovetail bar and mount. Image above is my 're-modded' ETX105.
  5. I too have the Explore Scientific, (1.25") ...I don't know if I even have noticed it.
  6. I have an Orion 12.5mm Plossl - says 'AG10' and it takes three of them. I think this list is the compatible codes: LR54, CR1130, AG10, 1130, GP189, V10GA, 10L/122, 189, 389A, A05, A120, G10, G10A, GP89A, L1131, LR1130, RW49, WL10 note: '+' is face up / nearest the eyepiece on mine.
  7. 1mm... Seriously, about the same eye relief. Pentax has 70deg / TeleVue has 72deg AFOV - Weight: Pentax 390g / TeleVue 454g. The Delos is apparently is in the same parfocal group as the Nagler/Type 6 - the Delos has the 'Instajust' feature which I like.
  8. Returning home with my lady friend, after visiting her son yesterday evening at LGW, Venus was looking brilliant. I was tempted to get some images when I got home, as I had been at work at LHR since 0400 and my brain was in 'sleep' mode.
  9. Q1. What is your budget ? - If you can afford it go for the 6” or bigger and an EQ3/2 or better mount wise. Q2. Portable or permenant setup ? Q3. Do you plan on astrophotography now or later ? - If “yes” then the mount is the foundation. Be prepared for a steep learning curve. So get something that will last you a few years if you decide to upgrade the OTA in the future. The EQ3/2 is ok for basic stuff i.e. lunar/solar/planetary, but not so good for deep-sky stuff.
  10. Hi Wes. As others have said, try before it gets to dark and watch out for the Sun. Also, I find a variable polarising filter or a #47 (violet) filter work.
  11. Mr. Postman delvered me an Explore Scientific 1.25" CLS [city light supression] filter, whilst I was at work today, via @FLO I have the Baader Planetarium 1.25" Contrast Booster & 1.25" Neodymium filters too, I purchased years ago before I joined SGL, so it will make an interesting comparison as to how they compare... if/when I get a clear sky.
  12. I went to take my lady-friend's son to LGW lastnight, (12th Jan 2020), as he has six weeks of cabin-crew training with an airline that has its base/hub there. When I dropped my lady-friend back to her home in Hounslow, there was a clear patch of sky around Orion and I did notice that Betelgeuse was brightness was dimmer of about one magnitude to what it usually is. When I arrived at my home, I had planned to take some photo images as part of the OU/FutureLearn [Orion] course / week 1 assignment, it was cloudy.
  13. Clear skies, full Moon, etc., what are they? Seriously, I have had so much cloud during the past few months; I have forgotten what the night sky looks like!
  14. I have just noticed that the removable padded insert has a zip for removing the cover for when it gets a bit dirty & grimey and you want to toss it in with your 'smalls' when you do your laundry/wash. No washing instructions/guidelines though!
  15. They are great images @Aramcheck / Ivor. What I used to use was an Olymus C2040, CLA-1 adaptor tube/ring or a Nikon CoolPix900, 28mm to T-ring adaptor tube/ring and an eyepiece projection unit (made by Beacon Hill Telescopes). They occasionally come out of hibernation. The best images I have was of the transit of Venus during 2004 and they are on a 'mislaid' CD-ROM. Now I have two Nikon DSLR's, a T-ring, the eyepiece projection unit, ...and lots of cloud.
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