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  1. Binocular rubber eyepiece cup replacements

    I cannot help with your answer, but I am looking for replacement end caps for the objectives & eyepieces for my 7x50's to no avail. Hopefully someone will have the answer for both of us! - apologies @Telescope40 I do not mean to hijack your post.
  2. Hi Soliel and welcome to SGL. The EQ mount maybe a bit intimidating for a 10 year old. I too would be inclined to go for the 150 'dob' that @Peter Drewmentioned above, or look for a 130 Heritage. The last one I mentioned can be used on a camping/patio table top or upturned bucket if you want to gain some extra height. There are other smaller aperture table top 'dob' 'scopes available too!
  3. I find that using a digital compact camera does limit how you can attach it to telescope if using prime or afocal projection at the eyepiece end of the 'scope. I have an Olympus C2040 to attach to my 'scopes I have to use what is called a CLA-1* adaptor (see photo below) which is the short tube to the left of the camera. This screws onto the camera body allow the lens to 'zoom' in/out when I power it on/off. Then I screw my eyepiece projection unit with an eyepiece inserted for afocal projection and place it into the eyepiece holder of my 'scope. It is not the most elegant of setups, but it does work! ...I just need more practice! * the CLA-1 adaptor is/was made specifically for the Olympus C20xx series. Other camera brands may or may not do an adaptor for a particular or specific model.
  4. Beginner astrophotography

    Hi Yildun and welcome to SGL. See the reply I posted here... Hope this helps.
  5. Hi Xcris9y and welcome to SGL. You are going to need one of these ---> http://scopestuff.com/ss_smsa.htm and one of these ---> http://www.scopestuff.com/ss_frs2.htm ...I think it is on par with the Celestron branded one after reading a review somewhere. Not sure about the Meade ones though! I am not sure whether there is a reseller for 'Scopestuff' in the UK/GB as I order any 3rd party accessories that cannot be found elsewhere direct from them.
  6. Off my trolley

    I got mine from Asda. I think they were about £10.00GBP each.
  7. Unbranded Refractors on ebay

    I notice that the 'scope being sold by AST says the 'useful' magnification is 80x ...my TeleVue Ranger's 'useful' magnification is 140x, and is a 480/70mm @ f/6.8 To sum up... my Ranger is 20mm shorter in length, 10mm smaller in aperture, and a bit slower by nearly two 'f' stops. I sometimes push to 160x ...and that is pushing it! ...sometimes attach a digital compact camera and eyepiece projection unit to it.
  8. Unbranded Refractors on ebay

    It is a bit of a gamble. Buying something from on the other side of planet Earth there is a risk it getting damaged. Then you have the hassle and headache of shipping it back at your expense. There is no mention of a guarantee/warranty. So if something goes wrong who are you going to call? ...apart from the seller. If I was going to Schenzhen on a holiday/vacation, then it maybe worth contacting the seller and seeing it in the flesh and try before you buy ...assuming the seller speaks English. Personally I would purchase from a UK/GB reseller.
  9. Off my trolley

    I have two camping/gig/festival trollies. I find the bungee's are a let down. Apart from that the trollies are ok.
  10. is it possible

    Hi again Darren, Just noticed that Celestron also do a wedge - link here --->https://www.firstlightoptics.com/se-series/celestron-wedge-for-nexstar-evolution-and-se-68-mounts.html - no need a GEM/EQ - still needs to be polar aligned though.
  11. is it possible

    Hi Darren, Question 1: afocal or prime focus ? - You will need a T-ring for your camera and if doing afocal photography, an eyepiece projection unit to insert your eyepiece - link here --->https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/tele-camera-adaptor-for-eyepiece-projection-astrophotography.html - for prime focus there are dedicated SCT adaptors (Celestron do one) - link here --->https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/celestron-sct-t-adapter.html - you just need to unscrew the visual back and screw the adaptor in place - it does not hold an eyepiece - if using the Eyepiece Projection Unit it simply fits into the visual back. Question 2: what do you intend to photograph? - as it is a goto alt-az mount you should be for Lunar and brighter planets as they require 'short' exposures - not to sure on fainter planets and other celestial objects though, as you will encounter field-rotation and/or star trails, unless you have it mounted a GEM/EQ mount and then it will need to be polar aligned. I am not into astro-photography at present, but hopefully this helps. I have tried prime focus photography with a digital compact camera and a CLA adaptor. As the lens is not removable, I get a nice view of the secondary mirror when used with my ETX105 & C6 at prime focus. I not tried with my TeleVue Ranger, except afocal of the Moon a few years ago and these were a bit of a let down. I will try again at some point. Other SGL'ers will be along and offer their thoughts and ideas. <--- photo of my ETX105 before the backplate was 're-modded' - my eyepiece projection unit is in front of the 'scope
  12. Very nice @Doc. Just don't be tempted to play skittles or ten-pin bowling with that TeleVue glass on cloudy nights.
  13. Hi Zoe and welcome to SGL. Question: are you purely visual or do you intend astro-photography now or later? - If visual and with most of the UK/GB switching to LED street lighting light pollution filters may not be ideal. The Baader neodymium or Baader contrast filters are worth a go. They are broadband filters. The UHC & Olll tend to be more narrowband filters.
  14. FLO... Very safe! A few years ago, I ordered an 8inch dovetail plate and a set of tube rings suitable for a 120mm OTA for my ETX105 before the 'mod' & 're-mod' thinking they would be a nice snug fit. I returned them as they were to small. So I ordered a set for a 130mm tube. I had paid for 120mm and was told not to worry about the price difference between them and the 130mm until I was satisfied they would fit. As the 130mm required a lot of packing to make a snug fit... I returned these too... and promptly refunded. The 8inch dovetail plate is secured to my ETX105 by two Jubilee hose rings ---> BTW - the tube diameter of the ETX105 is 124mm (+/- 1mm).
  15. Hi Bridget and welcome to SGL. Are you thinking of a solid tube or truss tube?